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Stories From CHOICE Humanitarian

Stories From CHOICE Humanitarian

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Published by FeelGood World

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Published by: FeelGood World on Dec 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ending Hunger
Bolivia: Sum
Women are literally weaving their way to economic stability in theBolivian villages of Muramaya, Irpa Chacoma Grande, and Hichuraya.The women have organized a group called
Sum Q'hora
. CHOICE isworking with Sum
to enhance their products with appealingstyles, models, colors, sizes, and other features, and helping with thedocumentation necessary for women to legally export their products.The big news is that the efforts are starting to pay off. Sum
isnow exporting goods to Italy and will soon be selling products inother European countries and the U.S.Many of the women in the organization are single, have children, andare devoted to agriculture and to the care of their livestock. Oftentheir husbands have migrated to cities and even abroad to improvetheir lives. Some have never returned. In many cases fathers andhusbands have completely abandoned their families.Through Sum
women are gaining hope for the future bycreating an ongoing source of income for their families and for theircommunities.
“We are c
onstantly improving…and soon we
will be a large organization with many womenwho, like me, want to work hard to support their children...
-Daysi Condori, President, Sum Q'hora
Mexico: Alejandro & Lupita
Alejandro and Lupita
a young couple living in Mexico with two smallchildren
had a dream: to start a plant and animal nursery, even thoughthey are both blind.CHOICE Humanitarian partnered with Alejandro and Lupita to help realizetheir dream, providing unique training and access to the startup capital theyneeded. Today they have 28 goats (20 adults and 8 kids), 6 rabbits, 10 sheep,25 chickens, and plenty of plants, flowers and trees.Their plan is to repay the loan for these animals and plants within the nextyear. The goats provide 4 liters of milk a day, which they can sell, and theycan also sell the kids for 400 pesos each (about $34). The other animals canalso be sold for a profit.Another project of focus for the family is raising plants, which are perfect for
“Square Foot Gardening” —
a method for growing a lot of fruits andvegetables in a small raised bed. Perfect for areas with poor soil and limitedspace.Alejandro and Lupita have a viable business which, for them, is literallyproducing a way out of poverty.
 Alejandro feeling the leaves todetermine if the plant needs water.

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