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What the Bleep Do We Know - Study Guide

What the Bleep Do We Know - Study Guide

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Published by: Ursula Yvonne Sandner on Dec 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What the Bleep Do We Know!?
And Manual for Navigating Rabbit Holes
Presented by
The Institute of Noetic SciencesandCaptured Light Industries
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Institute of Noetic Sciences Captured Light Industries
to the
What the Bleep Do We Know!?
Study Guide and Manual forNavigating Rabbit Holes. Congratulations on your decision to continue the adventure youbegan by watching the film.
A few words about entering rabbit holes . . .
The questions that have drawn you into this adventure are as deep as questions get.Philosophers, scientists, and mystics have been asking these questions for thousands of years, and after all this time, what is known is still dwarfed by the vastness of what is notknown. What we have gained from all our studies is the capacity to ask more precisequestions and a greater appreciation for the depth of the mystery. We offer this studyguide with the intent not to satisfy your curiosity about existence but to enrich yourcapacity to explore and participate in those mysteries with an open mind and spaciousheart.At the core of this film are provocative questions about the way we participate,consciously or not, in an unfolding, dynamic reality.
What the Bleep Do We Know!?
proposes that there is no solid, static universe “out there,” waiting to be comprehended byour probing minds, but that reality is so mutable, it is affected by our very perception of it. At the same time, it does not argue that reality is entirely relative or simply constructedout of thin air. No matter what your theory of reality, real Mack trucks can and do runover real people. There are consistent dynamics at play in the universe, some things thatare “truer” than other things.This is why when it comes to navigating rabbit holes, it is important to know thedifference among what can be known through sensory empiricism (the contribution of science), what is known intuitively, what comes to us as mystical vision, and whatremains unknowable. This is not to favor one form of knowing over another but todiscern when we have crossed the line of science into imagination, instinct, or intuition.Many claims made and research cited
in What the Bleep!?
are considered marginal by themainstream scientific community. In many instances this means the claims have not beendemonstrated to everyone’s satisfaction or they challenge prevailing scientific theories.Still we may decide to believe them because they feel right to us. In this guide we hope toshed some light on when these claims are more useful as subjective opinons andmetaphors that spark the imagination rather than as facts on which to base solid theories.The journey to explore the nature of things is served equally by the rigors of science andthe protean powers of the imagination, and as much by mystical vision as by embodiedwisdom. It is our intention that this exploration down the rabbit hole will lead you intoyour own deepest ways of knowing and that it will invite your imagination into a largerrealm of possibilities that you can explore for yourself. In that realm a channeled warriorspeaks in concert with physicists, mind and matter wake up in each other’s arms, and a10-year-old basketball sage shoots hoops into the future. Welcome to the rabbit hole!
“As the bonfires of knowledge grow brighter, the more the darkness is revealed to our startled eyes.”
—Terrence McKenna
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