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Published by Nebojša

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Published by: Nebojša on Dec 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ljubodrag Duci Simonović
In contemporary capitalism, movements are created of growing numbers of homosexuals, which would, according to Marx's "humanism-naturalism", fall underthe classification of degenerated sociability and, consequently, degeneratednaturalness. Homosexuality does not have to do with the "deranged" biologicalnature of man (man is a heterosexual being and has an organic predisposition forpederasty), but rather with the ruling social relations and the corresponding valuechallenges. It is not about the "sick man", but a sick society. We should, therefore,not treat people, but create a "healthy society" (Fromm), in which healthy peoplecould develop. Homosexuality is a concrete social (historical) phenomenon which isconditioned by the nature of the ruling order. It is a form in which a certain valuesystem manifests itself, which governs relations between the sexes and as such is aconcrete type of social functioning. The ancient homosexual Eros has had asignificantly different nature from the capitalistically conditioned homosexuality. Thehomosexual community of today is one of the forms in which capitalisticallydegenerated sociability manifests itself. The development of homosexual relationscorresponds to the disintegration of the family as a humanized natural communityand conversion of marriage into an economic community. Homosexual communitiesreceive the legitimacy of "sociability" not in relation to family as a humanized naturalcommunity, but in relation to the desperate loneliness created by capitalism.Homosexual community is the ultimate form of capitalistically degenerated family,whereas the development of pederasty contributes to removing the possibility of making the family a humanized natural community. At the same time, by destroyingman as a natural and human being, capitalism destroys authentic sociability,sterilizing Eros and, thereby, destroying the society’s capacity for biologicalreproduction. "Reproduction of society" has become a segment of destructivecapitalist reproduction, which is, like all other areas of life, based on the principle of "Money does not stink!". Artificial insemination, the sale of semen materials, therental of uteruses, the sale of children - these are all legal and legitimate forms of capitalist reproduction. Capitalism draws into its existential and value orbit theincreasingly pernicious consequences that it produces, assigning them aninstitutional status and turning them into a means for its own development.In light of the fact that capitalism destroys man as a natural and human being, thegoal of marriage should be the survival of humanity as a humanized and naturalcommunity. Marriage is an institutionalized community of woman and man thatprovides an opportunity for a stable biological reproduction of society and for raising
children. When marriage is devoid of the life-creating (fecund)
dimension, it loses itsprimary reason for existence. At the same time, without the life-creating dimension,marriage becomes a shell in which it is possible to insert the most diverse content. If we accept homosexuality as a basis for establishing a marital community, then whynot permit marriage between brothers, between sisters, between mothers and theirdaughters, fathers and sons, grandmothers and granddaughters, grandfathers andgrandsons...? The importance of family-relationships lies above all in its prospects forbiological survival, i.e., it is grounded in the fact that incest leads to the physical andmental degeneration of offspring. In homosexual relationships, which do not havethe life-creating character, this problem does not exist. By having homosexualityserve as a fundamental principle of marriage, all boundaries fall and, with them, thetraditional notion of family ties that are based on heterosexual relationships.Furthermore, the historical dimension of man is being abolished, as is, in thatcontext, the humanist and existential vision of the future of mankind. The question isnot only what the society will look like, but how its
very survival will be possible if itis converted into a population of gays and lesbians? To this question capitalismcannot find a humanistic answer, but only a technological one: the artificialinsemination, meaning a mechanical production of children. In the contemporaryworld, homosexuality has become an anti-existential principle. It is one of the meansfor destroying mankind’s reproductive capability and for
sterilizing society.Homosexuality appears today as a phenomenon befitting a world that is collapsingbiologically and destroying man as a natural, social and historical being.The true nature of "gay rights" can be seen in their relation to the rights of children.What is "humane" about contesting the basic needs and rights of children? In placeof the struggle to preserve family and, in that context, the right of children to haveboth parents and their love and care, it is insisted that “homosexuals have the rightto adopt children.” At the same time, the community of children and single-sex"parents" becomes a model for "the family of the future". Finally, why shouldchildren have parents at all? Why not establish farms for producing and raising
of children - as suggested by Plato and as practiced by the Nazis? Adoption of childrenis not only a way of "solving the problem" of children without parents, but hasbecome the fundamental justification for homosexual marriage. The adoptionsolution is built upon the consequences created by capitalism as the epitome of aninhumane order, namely, based up on children‘s basic human needs goingunaddressed. Adoption implies that children are without their natural parents, that is,they have been denied the right to live with their biological fathers and mothers. Inthe identity documents of western countries, instead of referring to a "father" and"mother", increasingly, reference is being made to "the first and second parent." Oneset of people "produces" and abandons children, while another adopts them.Adoption of children has become a commodity-exchange and a mechanical operation.Children are bought and sold as things. There is a "warranty period" like for anyother commodity. Together with the rejection of the rights of children to have
parents, humanist pedagogy is rejected, that is, the pedagogical system based on aneffort to humanize the natural human being by means of family as a humanizednatural community. At the same time, depriving children of parental love and respectis the cause of the most serious mental illnesses and the worst forms of socialpathology.The fundamental right of children is their right to a future, which means their right toa humane world and a healthy environment. Meeting the needs of children as humanand natural beings has become a matter of mankind’s survival. The efforts of themost reactionary capitalist groups to reduce the planet’s population to fewer thanone billion people include sterilization and the extermination of "surplus people". Inthis context, children are no longer viewed as "the greatest treasure", but, rather, asthe greatest threat to the survival of mankind. The future is not perceived as beingdetermined by the creative potential of man and the humanist vision of the world,but is premised on the "fact" that natural resources are limited and that the numberof people on the planet should be adjusted to that. Instead of striving to eradicatethe consumer frenzy that dominates the most developed capitalist countries of theWest and is the main cause of the increasingly dramatic deterioration of the planet,ever-louder are becoming the demands for the extermination of billions of "surpluspeople", which predominantly means children. By destroying children, capitalismdestroys the life force of humanity and transforms human society into a world of physically and mentally degenerate Methuselahs.In the homosexual relationship, the human body loses its genuine erotic dimensionand is instrumentalized in an unnatural and inhuman way. It becomes an object of sexual exhibitionism in which the most important role is given to body parts that areunrelated to any genuine erotic nature, and especially alien to the life-creatingnature of man. It is no longer a humanized natural relation, but a denaturalized andtherefore dehumanized relation in which the body of the "partner" is reduced to ameans for achieving an orgasm. Penetration of the penis into the anus is a painfuland injurious violence against the "partner’s" organism and (as with "oral sex") adegrading form of "sexual intercourse". The psychological basis of homosexuality isnot the emancipated human beings’ need for love, but the fear of loneliness, of rejection, of uncertainty... Instead of relations of equality between the "partners",subjugation and submission are established, which means a sado-masochisticrelationship that is a direct expression of the position of man in capitalism as a classorder based on the principle of "Trample or be trampled!". The need for dominationand subjugation becomes a basis for the dialectic of "sex play". "Inherited" is themodel of social relations that is the basis for the ruling relation between women andmen, in which women are reduced to an object of sexual humiliation.

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