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the big o plan

the big o plan

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Published by Fenton Crackshell

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Published by: Fenton Crackshell on Dec 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alone in the kingdom of life, the human stands at an interesting zenithof crossroads, a living bridge between the mundane physical world and thehigher mystery realms of the causes and sources of life. She has her body,as a vehicle of inhabiting and acting within the physical world, but is thatreally all of which she is made? As evidenced by many a beepingmachine, the body by itself can live, but cannot act or think or dream as ahuman.A second component is needed in order to loco mote the vehicle andplan it’s actions, herein referred to as the mind. A captain to plot the body’scourse. In the understandings of university science, the human body ismade up of “cells”. On every cell are receptors from which it takescommand. These receptors are on the
of each cell. Ergo the bodydoes not take instruction from itself. In the words of Bruce Lipton “Where inyour body are
?” The mind is what guides certain cells to make signaltransmitters for other cells in order to keep the trillions of cells harmonizingto create a cohesive whole. In recent times minds in the form of computershave been created by the millions which have a body, but are lacking in agreat many of the abilities a human commands. In particular her ability toseemingly self-operate. For this, another component is needed, and thishas often been called simply the spirit.The body is clearly a personal thing. Each woman or man has onlyone, and each is a unique physical expression residing in one uniquephysical location. The mind, however stands at one remove from that. Themind is not confined merely to the personal. The thoughts of a humanrange far and wide, to other people, other lands, other times. Postulationand imagination abound in the mind.The spirit is even one step farther from the body of a woman, and isso far impersonal that it is not necessarily attached to any given humanbeing at all. The spiritual realm resembles more of a signal to which themind must attune itself.In a human’s orgasm, the mind is able to disattach itself from it’shabitual commonplace leanings and more perfectly align with the spirit. Inthe words of famed Tantra author Barbera Carrellas:“The orgasmic energy starts in the very center of your being, thenflows out to the limits of the body and beyond. You may feel boundaryless,as if you can’t tell where you end and everything else begins. You may feel
as if you are in a sort of alternate universe where everything is beautiful,quiet, and peacefully connected. Your orgasm is happening everywhereand nowhere, and it may go on and on.” In this type of orgasm, the humancan fulfill her role as Bifrost, the rainbow bridge which links the heavens toEarth. This is the crux upon which a human’s existence stands, betweenthe masculine, yang physical world, and the divine feminine, yin energywhich lies “betwixt and between.” Orgasm is the shortcut, if you will, upJacob’s Ladder, or as I like to call it: The Eject Button.In our common everyday sexual experience we usually fall far shortof this Nirvanic apex of experience, but this need not be so. Education anddedication, combined with a sense of joy and playfulness can help anyoneachieve this height more and more regularly. The cosmic light connected toby this type of orgasm is a natural part of every person’s inner life, and hasbeen written about at all times throughout history. It has been calledHeaven, Tao, or simply Bliss. Joy and unconditional is the natural order cradling the universe. In the words of William Bloom “It is a well-being thatis wise, accepting, tolerant, open and very benevolent.” It is my sincerebelief that if orgasm could but be embraced by a man or by a culture as itsguiding light, a paradise would bloom in their every aspect and footprint.Orgasm is the path to world peace.In the foregoing lines of text I hope to be able to show you how toachieve more and stronger orgasms and maybe even some new types youhaven't experienced before. The aim of this is to help you find and greetyour true spirit so that you can have a happier, more fulfilling ride on thistiny old dust ball we call Earth. In acting as the bridge which leads a manout of the personal and into the universal, orgasm is a powerful tool for thedissolution of the ego, which is the prime barrier to realizing happiness onEarth.To thine own Self be true.Namaste,- Don
Table of Contents:
Chapter the First –
Free Testosterone-
Chapter the Second –
Dopamine/Serotonin Balance-
Chapter the Third –
Genital Circulation-
Chapter the Fourth –
PC Muscle Toning-
Chapter the Fifth –
Addendum 1 –
The “Food Chain”-
Addendum 2 –
Types of Orgasms
The bulk of this document is based from notes I took while reading
The Orgasmic Diet 
by Marenna Lindburg. Personal information andcommentary though, will be supplied throughout. Bear in mind that much of this work will pertain exclusively to women. For men, generally the sameinformation will apply, but this will not in all cases be true. The section onaphrodisiacs for instance, would have… discouraging results if applied to aman's diet. (So don't try this on your hubbies, ladies.) Men's sexuality willbe covered at a later time, or in another document.To discuss the matter of the tone and phrasing of this document I’llmake use of a quote by John Taylor Gatto: “Teaching a person to think andspeak in academese reduces their effectiveness to their associates.” I wantevery person in the world to be able to benefit from this document whompossibly can, so I’ll be using plain and common speech throughout, withseriousness and playfulness running in parallel as is my personal habit atnearly all times.There are 4 main sets of factors, physiologically speaking, which willbe covered here concerning themselves with a woman's ability to orgasm.These are:- She must have sufficient free testosterone- She must have her dopamine and serotonin in the proper natural balance- She must have at least some development of her pubococcygeus (PC)muscles- And she must have proper genital circulationIn chapters 1 through 4, I’ll cover each of these matters in turn, andthe fifth chapter will be devoted to a short discussion on desensitization, anissue which will truthfully affect most women at some point in their lives.
Chapter the First
Testosterone was described by Ms. Lindburg as the “tiger in your tank.” It controls the raw animal libido. As opposed to other chemicalswhich correlate to the tuning of the mind toward various signals, to

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