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Adapting the Slot Offense to Your Personnel

Adapting the Slot Offense to Your Personnel

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Published by Joby Turner

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Published by: Joby Turner on Dec 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I appreciate the opportunity tovisit with you. I am from Poca, WestVirginia. I am not sure if many ofyou know where Poca is located. Weare in the center of the state be-tween Huntington and Charleston. Ourteam logo is the Poca Dots. Our num-ber one claim to fame is the factthat in the middle 90’s, ESPN votedus the number one team nickname inthe country. We beat out the ArgyleSox’s.You may have heard about anotherevent that recently happened in WestVirginia. A gentleman by the name ofJack Whittaker lives about six orseven miles from Poca High School. Afew days ago he won 315 million dol-lars in the Powerball lottery. Ihave been trying to become his bestfriend but I can’t find him. I don’tknow where he disappeared to, but Iam still looking for him.What I wanted to do today is talkabout our Double Slot Offense. Let’ssee a show of hands if you run thedouble slot? A few of you run theoffense and that’s good. When Ifirst took over in the 1990-1991season, we were 0-10 the first yearand 2-8 the second year. So we wontwo games in two years. I was look-ing for an offense that was flexibleand something we could win with. Igot this offense from a book writtenby a guy out on the west coast. Itis not my offense, but we have usedit and it has worked very well forus the last ten years. We are 93 and39 since we have been running thisoffense. We have won three StateChampionships, and we have been run-ner-up once. We are 18-5 in playoffgames. So this offense has workedfor us. I am not bragging but it’sworked for us. You can pass and runequally well from this offense. Itdepends on your personnel.First of all we are an AA school.Each year we want to feature ourbest player in this offense. Itcould be the tailback, quarterback,splint end, or fullback. You cantake this offense and adapt it toyour personnel. That is what I’m go-ing to try to get across to you to-day. At the end of this presentationCoach Reed has a video of our of-fense. He will go over some of theplays we run. We have a couple oftrick plays at the end of the tapef we have time.i
My philosophy is to have a lot ofbullets in your gun. Some coacheshave four or five plays they run,and they run them exceptionallywell. And that’s great, but when youcome up against somebody that canstop you, what are you going to do?That’s happened to us a few times inthe playoff games. Two years ago inthe state finals we were playing amuch stronger team and they were fa-vored to win the game. We held onthe first half and were down 7-0. Wecame back the second half to beatthem 21-7. The reason we were ableto win the game was because we wereable to stop them with what they didbest, and that was running the foot-ball. They couldn’t throw the foot-ball on us. They were forced tothrow and we came up with the inter-ceptions.This past year in the state final,1
the game was 7-7 going into thefourth quarter. We stopped them run-ning the ball and forced them tothrow the ball. We picked off a cou-ple of passes and ended up winningby a score of 35-7. After we stoppedthem, our offense was good enough toget the ball into the end zone.I feel this offense is very good forhigh school. I am sold on it. Wehave experienced using this offenseand we have done very well using it.So what I want to do is to show youour basic look. It is not that dif-ferent from a lot of the offensesthat you might see today.We line up our fullback at 3 yardsfrom the quarterbacks heels. If heis your best player you can runtraps, belly plays, and you can runfullback pitch out plays. Also, wehave our screen plays and we canthrow to him in the flat.
We usually put our best running backin the left slot. We put our bestreceiver on the right side split outwide. If the left slot man is lefthanded we will line him up on theright side and have him run back tohis left side.We put the fastest player at thesplit end position. We take thefastest end and make him our splitend and we put our big end on theright side. Teams generally run tothe right hand side and we do thesame. We run to the right most ofthe time. But he may be your bestblocker and he may be your best re-ceiver as well. You must think aboutthat.The quarterback is your most impor-tant position. You must find aplayer that is a leader and a guywho can get the job done. We havebeen fortunate in that we have had agood leader at quarterback for thelast two or three years. We workedwith him and he did a really goodjob for us. The quarterback must beable throw the ball short withtouch, and to throw the long ball.He must be able to hand off, and hemust also be a good running back. Ifyou have a good option play thisplayer can be a good option typequarterback and you can run him onthe different options. We have sev-eral option plays that we run quitea bit. We also can run counters go-ing in either direction. Also, werun the scissors play going bothways and we run the trap plays bothways. We run reverses with our splitends. If we have a player that isfast we have plays to take advantageof his speed.Our basic formation is our 10 forma-tion. “Ten” is our basic formation.And if you notice, it’s a Zero-Ten(0-10) formation, Zero means run. Weare going to run the ball. This isour base set up. The slot back isback one yard off the line and helines up two to three yards deep de-pending on how fast he is. The sloton the opposite side lines up in thesame alignment. This is our base of-fensive formation when we call our“Ten” formation.We like to run a lot of differentformations. This is what I like todo because it is fun to coach. Ilike to cause the defense as manyproblems as possible. I want theteam we are going to play to workhard in preparing for us each week.Each week we show a lot of differentformations. We show a lot of differ-ent formations because the next teamwill have to cover them in practice,even if we don’t run them in the2
game.This is our (20) twenty formation.We put the left halfback in the sloton the left and we put the righthalfback in the right slot.
Another reason that I like this of-fense is because you can overloadthe offense and you don’t have to doit with the linemen. You can over-load the offensive set with yourbacks.
This is our sixty (60) formation.This is an overload to the rightside. The fullback lines up behindthe guard to the right side. It islike having a guard at fullback.This is a good running formation ifyou have two big backs and they arepretty good blockers. We can putthem both in the slot. We have a se-ries of plays that we run from thisformation.In our (30) thirty formation we haveall the backs to the left side.
In the (40) forty formation we haveall the backs to the right side ofthe formation.
If we go to our (70) seventy serieswe overload it to the left side.
Our (50) fifty formation is just theopposite of our twenty formation.Our tailback is generally the manthat is in the backfield. We movethe slot back to one side or theother. That determines the differ-ence in the formation.
We put both slot men over to theleft side and off set the fullback3

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