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Celebrating Two Years on Scribd

Celebrating Two Years on Scribd



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Published by Phantomimic
What works on Scribd to have your documents read?
What works on Scribd to have your documents read?

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Published by: Phantomimic on Dec 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What works on Scribd to have yourdocuments read?
by Phantomimic
 Now that I have been two years on Scribd I will share with you my thoughtsabout what works on Scribd to have your documents read.Before I begin I want to state that I would rather be writing about comments,not reads. A "read" on Scribd is indistinguishable from a "click" on adocument. Somebody may click on your document and not read it, but thisevent will be recorded as a "read". A comment, especially a thoughtful one,seems to me to be much more valuable than a "read." Unfortunately, Scribddoes not record that metric.So, what works on Scribd to get your documents read? This topic is relevant because, apart from the artistic experience and the interaction with others,many writers here have the goal of having their documents read as much as possible. At first sight Scribd seems like a good place to publish and getyour documents read as it boasts millions of readers. I think it is, but I havelearned that things are not as easy as they seem.I published my first Scribd document on October 24 2009. It was an articleentitled:Happy New Anus or The Perils of Ignoring the Squiggle. This wasa humorous essay on some of the pitfalls English speakers face when tryingout their Spanish. The story received 27 reads on October 25th and 13 morereads on the 26th, and from there the number of reads per day on this storyhas seldom gone over 10 per day with many days of 0 reads. It was onlywith my seventh published document, The Rover the Pale Blue Dot and theLonely Poet, that for the first time my total reads briefly blipped past the 100reads per day mark (102), more than 2 months after beginning to publish on
Scribd (see the left side of the image on the cover of this document). Wherewere all those millions of readers?The truth is that for most authors, gathering reads on Scribd will be a slow process (as it was for me). Unless your documents are somehow visible tothe readers, they will not get read much. So how do you make them visible?That is the question. Here I will review various strategies based on myexperience.
Give and take
Scribd is not only about you, it is also about others. I have observed that,unless you are a celebrity, or are carrying over a following from another  place, authors who are not interested in or have no time to read the work of others, do not get many reads. You have to care for what others write. If youhelp others they will help you. This is not to say I am admonishing you to bea hypocrite. If you find that you don't care for the work of another personthen don't pretend otherwise. However, I have found that the work of someauthors is an acquired taste. The first time I read it my reaction was notfavorable. However, as I read more of their documents I understood the howand why of what they were writing and I became more interested in their work.Taking an interest in someone's work means not just reading but also leavinga comment, rating the document, and readcasting it. I also go a step further and sometimes I contact the author with a message about a typo or asuggestion about their story. This is part of building a relationship with your 

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Aniruddha Sastikar added this note
An up-to the mark, interesting, thorough, & valuable advices, Phanto! Lot of learning in it, it has answered all of my questions I had, especially to a recent inconvenience I’d cause to a respected friend. Many thanks for posting this.
Rose added this note
Lots of great advice! Thanks for sharing!
Inge Meldgaard added this note
This was an interesting read, and your observations very useful...well written too! :D The sociology and psychology of popularity, eh? I find one the main problems the fact that there are only so many hours in the day!
Bill Bolmeier added this note
Excellent read for folks getting acquainted with Scribd.
Gabrielle Rose added this note
Generous tips and insights - thank you for this essay!

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