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A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey

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Published by Timothy Noonan

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Published by: Timothy Noonan on Dec 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"A Taste of Honey"WrittenByTim NoonanTimNoonan10@gmail.com 
FADE IN:INT. APARTMENT -- PRE-DAWNPitch dark until lights are flicked on to reveal 8 year oldDAVEY swaddled in blankets asleep on his bed.MALE VOICE (O.S.)10 minutes.Davey opens an eye and looks to see theEMPTY DOORWAY, as heavy work boots are heard SHUFFLING downthe hallway.He dutifully tosses the covers back and puts a leg to thefloor.EXT. CITY STREETS -- DAWNA PICKUP TRUCK makes it way through the various early morningactivities, driving past a garbage truck collecting trash, astore owner hosing down the walkway in front of his shop,etc.Davey has his face pressed against the passenger side window.INT. PICKUP TRUCK -- CONTINUOUS -- MOVINGDAVEY takes in the city.MALE VOICE (O.S.)I’m sorry you gotta come in with meagain, Davey...hell of a way for akid to spend vacation.PULL BACKMan staring at the road in front, Davey out the window to theside.MALE VOICE (CONT’D)I’m sorry we can’t afford no babysitter... and I don’t know how longChuck’llbe cool with you hangingaround the site...He turns to look at Davey.
MALE VOICE (CONT’D)You sure you ain’t got any friendsfrom school you could be playin’ with?Davey turns a plaintive face to the man.DAVEYSorry, Dad.Dad smiles sadly as well, returns attention to the road.EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE -- LATERThe truck pulls in.INT. TRAILER -- LATERDad leads Davey into the trailer.CHUCK, looks up from the computer on his small, littereddesk, not too happy to see the child again.DADHe won’t make a sound, Chuck, just watch TV like he did yesterday.Chuck nods and shuffles some papers around.Davey has taken up his station on the old, ratty couch. Hisdad ruffles his hair.DAD (CONT’D)Be good.The boy nods as his dad leaves. He leans over to turn on thelittle black and white portable TV on the end table, andsends a few soda cans crashing to the floor.Chuck looks up reproachfully. Dave sheepishly puts the cansback and watches the TV with muted volume.He steals a glance at Chuck, who has also looked over, thetwo of them being only a few feet apart...CHUCKYou hungry or something? We gotsome biscuits with jam and honey...He ruffles through the pile of crapon his desk, holding up a white fast food bag. He looks in it.

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