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Season Three, Episode 2

Season Three, Episode 2

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Published by Toni Roman
second episode of the extended third season
second episode of the extended third season

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Published by: Toni Roman on Dec 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Season Threeepisode twoSelf-Fulfilling Prophecy
"John is John's problem." -- Cameron's response to Sarah being in denial.
 2026 AD
It is the year before Cameron is created."Where's the body? Where's Cameron's body?""It doesn't come through."Without Cameron's mind, her body is dead. Young John Connor arrives in the future accompanied byMs. Weaver in pursuit of her son John-Henry who has taken Cameron's chip because its greatercomputing power allows him to be mobile and not tethered to the umbilical in ZeiraCorp's ArtificialIntelligence Lab."You there! Stop or I'll shoot.""We're not armed."John looks around and Ms. Weaver is gone.
"I'm not armed.""Look around. He was with someone.""Don't shoot. I'm not metal."John hopes Ms. Weaver did not hear that. Ms. Weaver is metal and he will need her to find John-Henryand retrieve Cameron's chip."Can't you see he's not metal? The eyes.""Derek?""Yes."It's me John Connor.""Has anybody heard of a John Connor?"Muttering."Nope. Well whoever you are, you're going to be famous. You're wearing Kyle Reese's overcoat."But not his underwear. An overcoat is all Young John is wearing because he grabbed the first thing hecould find to wear. Time travel transports living flesh but nothing dead -- like clothes or endoskeletonrobots without living flesh. Life generates life force and Mother Nature simply will not allow time travelthat would affect life except by the living. Even Ms. Weaver had to mimic flesh in order to time travelbut the people in the Reese Brothers' Camp would have immediately noticed Ms. Weaver's cold dead eyesand opened fire. Ms. Weaver had learned from her son John-Henry that her eyes gave her away when hefigured out that she was not a human by looking at her eyes. Ms. Weaver was a fast learner and fled afterthe lightstorm of her and John's arrival in the year 2026 roused the guards in camp. She had morphed onclothes appropriate to the year and changed her hair to a younger look. But before she morphed onclothes, John noticed that metal or not, Ms. Weaver was well-endowed. John chased the thought out of his mind because he surmised that Ellison and Weaver were in a relationship. Had to be.
 2009 April 10th
Weaver's last words to Ellison were to ask him to pick up Savannah from gym. Ms. Weaver might havedead eyes but she was very much alive and around her human daughter Savannah -- even her eyes cameto life. Catherine Weaver wasn't exaggerating when she said that Savannah was the light of her life.
 2026 ADThe Reese Brothers' Camp
But Weaver was gone and Kyle was arriving. Young John was awestruck when his father walked in.Whenever John had to give a cover story back in the 20th Century, he always described the father henever met, the father who died before he was born, as a hero. And behind him was Cameron. No. NotCameron. This was Allison Young, the human that the machines used as a model for creating Cameron.
 flashback the early days
Like his mother, John had few feelings for Cameron. How could he have feelings for Cameron and thenexperiment upon her?But living with her under the same roof, he began to have feelings for her. If you had asked him whatthose feelings were, he could not have told you. Like most males, he could not sort those feelings out.But by turns he felt brotherly love, incestuous feelings of lust (which he dealt with by seeing Riley), heliked Cameron as a friend, he felt repulsion when she acted like a terminator, and he felt superior when hegave her an order. He felt inferior when she didn't obey an order (which was most of the time), he feltinferior when she was clearly smarter than him at math, and he felt inferior when a short girl defendedhim, a perfectly healthy boy, rather than the other way around. In human society, it was the big brotherwho was supposed to defend his smaller sister. He felt confusion when she reacted like any other female.He suspected that she was female in every sense of the word, that bothered him, and he did not know whyit bothered him. And then John made the mistake that many males made in thinking of females asobjects.There is a certain type of male that constantly thinks about the skeletons and organs of women rather thanthinking of women as persons. They are called psychopaths, serial killers, or simply sickos. And theychop women into pieces and put the pieces in jars.

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