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Draft Paper 2

Draft Paper 2

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Published by krmurphy6

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Published by: krmurphy6 on Dec 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Murphy 11
Cassidy MurphyENG 110-119Marion BurnerSeptember 20, 2011Revised Draft Paper #2The Lone DancerI stand behind the red curtain on the side of the stage, waiting for them to call my numberand the title of my dance. Time seems to slowly creep by as my nerves increase. I had beenwaiting for this moment for months now. I had been practicing day after day; no thanks to thedirector all she did was hold me back. Just wait till she sees me take the stage and show theworld my soul. Finally they call my name. I take my place on the stage, my back toward theaudience. Suddenly I feel my heart beat throughout my whole body, and my legs begin toslightly shake. Doubt
 begins to fill my body and all I can think is “not now Cassidy you’veworked so hard”.
I take a deep breath, and the music begins to play. Instantly I regain control of my body and mind. I count to myself five, six, seven, eight, then my body moves through thespace with what seems like very little effort, the music has taken over. There is no need to eventhink about the movement, my body and soul know what to do. I leap and bound across thestage, my long blonde hair whirling around me. My sea foam green top flows with my body andthe curves of my movement. It was pure bliss, heavenly in a way. I could feel that I was dancinglike I had never danced before, this was my time to shine and show all that had doubted me tothis point that I
didn’t need th
em to reassure me of my inner strength. I could do it alone foronce. I could set my mind to something and accomplish it without someone pushing me.
Murphy 22
I strike my final pose as the music comes to a stop. For a moment all I can hear is thequickness of my breath and all I can feel is the sweat on my face that I have just now realizedwas even there. It almost seems like time stops, then a rush of applause fills my ears and a smilecomes to my face. I bow my head and gracefully glide off the stage. Once I reach my family all
they have are words of praise for me. “Sweet heart that was amazing
, you were so beautiful
” my
Mother says to me with tears in her eyes. All these words excite me, and I am very appreciativebut still in the back of my head I wonder what the judges will think of my performance. Theywere the true deciders of my accomplishment over the passing months.
I get my results and it’sthe best score I’ve ever received.
A platinum level award; the highest you can get. I walk to thefront of the stage and receive my plaque. All I can feel is a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.Instantly all I can think of is how far I have come. How I had been put down andprevented from reaching this point as well as the physical challenges I had overcome. Thedirector of my studio refused to help me, and almost prevented me from even competing at alldue to the fact that I had left her company, I mean who has time to practice every day and stillhave time for school work? I glance in her direction and smile slightly. I can tell she regrets thisnow, but
at the same time I can see in her eyes that she’s proud
of me. As if maybe she knew Icould do it all along. I spent hours working my body to its full extent, many nights soaking mysore muscles so that I would be able to walk up and down the stairs at school the next day. It wasall worth it now. I had shown myself that I could do it. All I needed to do was set my mind to itand put everything I had into my dancing. I accomplished my goal.Achieving this goal changed me as a person. I walked into that auditorium with nothingin my mind, but doubt and the thought of what others wanted but, I walked out of the auditorium

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