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George Arm Strong, Rothschild Money Trust-1940

George Arm Strong, Rothschild Money Trust-1940

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Published by: Keremcl on Dec 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschildfortune, at the time of his death in 1812, created a trust of hisestate, by will, for the elevation of the Jewish race and the estab-lishment of a Jewish World Empire. The cardinal principles of the trust were secrecy, that the estate should be kept intact as aunit, that the heirs and their heirs should have only a communalinterest in it, and that the estate as a whole should be governedby the eldest son of the eldest son unless a majority of the heirsdetermined otherwise.
The estate has been preserved and managed since his deathas a unit in pursuance of the provisions of his will. There arenow several hundred heirs, for the family is a prolific one, butthe estate is communal and still under the management of onehead. So far as known, the provisions of the wills of the mem-bers of the family still contain in substance the directions of the founder of the fortune.
History affords but meager information regarding the rulersof this fortune and the extent of it, because of their secretivemethods. No inventory has ever been filed and no division hasever been sought by any heir.
Most of the histories of the Rothschild family are eitherJewish or strongly pro-Jewish. While they are extravagantin praise of the virtues of the different members of the Roths-child family, they are rather meager in facts. The facts hereinrelated have been gleaned from many sources and are based oninformation believed to be reliable.
We do not know the extent of the founder's fortune at thetime of his death in 1812, nor do we know the present magnitudeof it, but apparently it represents about one-half of the wealthof the world.
This huge fortune has been devoted with great shrewdnessand energy to the purpose of exploiting the Gentiles in all thecountries of the globe. The methods employed are the manipu-lation of currencies, speculations on the exchanges, and wars.The Rothschilds by these operations profit enormously becausethey have the power by virtue of their immense wealth and po-
litical power, to put prices up or down at pleasure. It is for thesereasons that we have had most of our wars and depressions.
The protocols and the communists code, which are identi-cal in purpose and intent, represent their plan for the conquestof the world. Both of these codes were published subsequent toMayer Amschel's death, but some of the protocols appear tohave been in existence prior thereto. They, however, representhis principles as shown by all that we know of him.
This book is not written in a spirit of anti-Semitism, for Ihave Jewish friends that I do not wish to injure. It is writtenin the hope that it may be helpful in solving our Jewish prob-lem peaceably and by appropriate legislation. To the extent thatthe remedies herein suggested may contribute to that end theywill be helpful to the Jews as well as to the balance of us, for itis certain that the people of this country will never meekly sub-mit to slavery.
In writing and publishing this book I am inspired by noother motive than to render a service to my country. I realizethat I am taking some risk in doing so—at least that of perse-cution. Adequate provision has been made for the publicationand distribution of this book regardless of the author.
September 12, 1940.
George Armstrong

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