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Crowdfunding with digital Art, a new experiment in France.

Crowdfunding with digital Art, a new experiment in France.

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Dec 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL TAKE PART IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS TRIPLE EVENT:Dates: Residency from 1 to 21 March 2012Mixed MusicSitan Adele K: stained glass painting on windshieldTad: Laptop (Pure data)CONCERTS: 16/17/18 March 2012Duration: 3 hours in two sessions.First session: Rock-art2noise (mixed music)Second Session: Japan#s¥ndrome (Laptop / noise)Location: Kunstamt Tübingen Germany- ORIGIN OF THE PROJECT -The strong room, the vault, our auditorium, our encounter, the darkness, its acousticalqualities, its silence, mislay us in a psychical space near the cave, or the cavern (platon?). We meet in the basements of a present past, we ask us by the sensitiveapproach about mystery that this material send to our humanity, in fusion under the soilof Fukushima, in its cavern.The "China Syndrome", an autonomous material, unclassified (a rumor speaks about corium, without deepening), contemporary creation of our civilizations, by accident, of which we know nothing or very little...Japan#s¥ndrome as such, probe and confronts rumors, proposes a sensitive, symbolicand musical overview. Far from the meant, at the drama of a people, at the threshold of the first year, Fukushima sign our common heritage, the pyramid of our twenty-first century, with its human sacrifices and its icons...But who will dare to take fatherhood of our great work?One year afterwards soon, to the great drama of the Japanese, this enigma remains.- SOURCES -Spring 2012, Fukushima, an year now / Rock Art, graffiti, writings, logarithms, signs,symbols, drawn expressions, so many messages of which we do not perceive the deepsense... Is there really a second meaning, a message to ... Or are we simply in front of adedicated signaletic to the users, a little like our current rules of the road with itssymbols and its signs everywhere? The pictorial material of Rock-art2noise explores thesigns and symbols of the ancients (parietal) up to our epoch (street art and graffiti). Themusical material of Japan#s¥ndrome probe the abstractions of the nuclear physics, ourcontemporary mysteries.- AN ARTISTIC EXPERIMENT -We invite our audience to live a singular experience of noises and rumours, without visual landmarks others than the windshield for the first session (Rock-art2noise) andthe Laptop screen light for the second session.The experience is intended physical and sensory. The sounds come from the outside of the strong room (vault). The obscure surrounding wall becomes our cave, our cavern orthe belly within which we shall receive only the filtered echo from an imaginary world,an uncontrolled fusion, an irradiating magma. I use Pure Data for the digital processingand sound synthesis in real time. By focusing, for my digital instrument, to soundsgenerators and "filters" based on Audience (spatialization extension for Pure data).Approached and designed as a tool, pure data allows me to act in real time in a dialogue
with the acoustic response and sound characteristics of this area so special that containsthe vault of Kunstamt. For convenience and to facilitate the renewal of air, we restrict every concert to 10 persons. People who would be subject to any claustrophobia formare strongly advised to avoid the experience.- ACTIVE PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE -In addition to our original meeting, subscribe to our artistic proposal (painting, digitalmusic) is a full act of co-production. As such, to thank you and invite you to continue topromote the diversity of proposals in the field of Arts in all disciplines, we will compileall the residency on an FTP server daily updated during the residency and will publishthe concerts in an USB support. Every subscriber will have access to the FTP server fromthe first march and will receive during the first half of April, 2012 an individual key USBinserting the expanse of his own lived concert, the trace of a shared experience.In situ, during all our residence, we shall record and film the evolution of our works. Thethree concerts will be recorded and filmed too. This collected material as well as thedocuments source of our researches will constitute the contents of the FTP server, our "documentary wakefulness ".My artistic event always dominate the areas of the ephemeral, the unique experience,the experimentation of the present moment, the impossible repetition of all livingphenomenon. At the end of the concert, the resonance of our emotions remainstherefore only memories.Has art, today, another legitimacy to produce works others than works of life, unique,solitary and shared instants, where accomplishment would be to stimulate us toundertake and to formulate our life as an art work?Wink, USB will support the design of a key, what else for a "treasure box"? ..TRESORRAUM DESCRIPTION:Volume: 162 m³ Mass of the door 500 Kgwall thickness> 50 cm reinforced concreteLength: 8.75 m / Width: 5.85 m / Height: 2.80 melectrical equipment 240 1400 Volt 16 amps.In this link, various artistic uses of the strong room: http://www.kunst-stoff.fr/tresorraum/SOME LINKSrelated to Sitan and Tad:/ Pure Data Conv 2011 Weimar http://www. uni-weimar.de/medien/wiki/PDCON:Concerts/ Tübingen 2011 http://www.plattform-nobudget.de(Other sensitive worlds) http://vimeo.com/channels/219766(A resource blog) http://www.digitalarti.com/fr/blog/tad_bisaha(some noise, not for portable reader) http://rock-art2noise.bandcamp.com/track/churchhttp://sitan-adele-k.blogspot.com /LINKS SOURCES:ROCK ARTLa dimension sonore des grottes ornées / étude de Iégor Reznikoff et Michel Dauvois. In:Bulletin de la Société préhistorique française. 1988, tome 85, N. 8. pp. 238-246

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