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first three chapter of human Filth

first three chapter of human Filth

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Published by Ian Woodhead

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Published by: Ian Woodhead on Dec 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Human Filth
By Ian Woodhead
Chapter One
Three of its desiccated fingers fell into the accumulated mix of dead leaves andancient litter. Ernest Belmont screamed in rage and terror before he smashed the steel bar down once more. This time, he succeeded in stopping the foul thing in its tracks as theweapon demolished the top of the creature’s skull and pulverised its brain. The corpsedropped to its knees and toppled forward.Ernest jumped over the abomination. ran over to the gates and tugged on the padlock,he breather a huge sigh of relief when he found it still locked. The deserted view showedno more of them anywhere near the building.He still had to get back inside, oh fuck, what the hell was he playing at? The windwould carry his scream for miles. Christ knows how many more of those bastard thingswere still in the area.“Come on, you daft old man. Calm the fuck down, it’s not like that they can get inhere now, is it.”Ernest wiped the black gunk off the end of the bar and hurried back towards the plasticcurtains that separated the delivery yard from the rest of the warehouse.“Oh yeah? So how’d you figure he got in? What, he squeezed through the gaps in thefence or maybe the fucker leaped over the wall.”He gazed around the yard, making sure no more of them were in here with him. Ernestshook his head, no, apart from behind the skip; there were no other hiding places. Hesighed then turned back towards the curtains, he could see the blurred outline of Darren behind the thick, clear plastic flaps. That cocky little twat must have thought all thishighly amusing, watching his dad rushing around like a manic sparrow.“Darren, I don’t have a clue how it got in here.”“Maybe it fell out of a passing plane?”“I swear, Darren, one more sarcastic comment and I’ll knock you out of that trolley.”Crimson clouds across the dusk sky, Ernest blinked, trying to remember the last timehe saw clouds. He just couldn’t work it out. The metal shutters across the supermarketwindows and main doors blocked most of the light out. It transformed Ernest’s world intoa permanent state of dark twilight.“God, how I missed looking at the sky.”The offices above the shop would have windows, but there was no way he intended togo up there. They’d also have comfy chairs, carpeting and maybe even some bottledwater. Ernest had emptied the shelf of bottled water a while back and he was getting sick of fizzy drinks.He wasn’t alone in his choice of hideaways. He shared the supermarket with one of those dead things. Thankfully, a locked door separated him from the dead thing he’dheard moving about above his head.“I thought you wanted to get back inside.”Ernest pushed through the plastic curtains and placed his iron bar on top of a pallet of toilet paper. He wrinkled his nose at the stale atmosphere; he’d forgotten just how good
fresh air smelled. There was so many things from his past life that he missed, fresh fruit,a hot meal, having a bath. Christ, the list was endless.“How about having sex? Don’t forget that one.”He glared at the shopping trolley. “Trust you to think of sex.”Ernest certainly hadn’t forgotten what it felt like to have a naked female body lyingnext to his, Christ, he so missed his beautiful wife.“It’s hard to believe that such a caring and sweet woman could spawn a hooligan likeyou.”He punched Darren’s left arm and sighed when it fell into the shopping trolley. Ernesttutted, retrieved the empty tube of kitchen foil and inspected the end.“I told you that blue-tack wouldn’t hold it, Darren. You wouldn’t believe me wouldyou?” Ernest tenderly brushed the bright green hair away the football. He also noticedthat his right eye was a little wonky. “You always think you know best, lad. You’re justlike your old mum, god rest her soul.”He pushed the trolley away from the loading bay towards the entrance into the shop.That thing outside couldn’t stay there, he’d have to find a way to lift the body over thefence. The deadies were an annoyance but even if they had heard the scream, he didn’tthink they hang around for more than a few days. He was more concerned with whether the kids or the hunters had heard his scream. If they came to investigate and found him,he may as well kiss his life goodbye. Living a fresh kill in the yard was one sure way of them knowing that this building had an occupant. Once they knew that, those fuckerswould tear this place apart looking for poor Ernest and Darren. He guessed that after afull year of this bastard nightmare will have pretty much dried up their food source. Therewas a strong possibility that he was the last living human in this shitty city. He hadn’tseen another friendly face for months.“Darren, I may have to re-check all the traps. Now come on, lad, don’t start whining atme. You were safe in your trolley. I bet you’d have shit your pants if it had been you outthere.”Christ on a bike, he almost had a bastard heart attack when that dried up corpsestumbled out from behind that stack of pallets. He still couldn’t work out just where ithad come from. He had checked the yard only a few weeks ago, he’d even climbed intothe skip. There were no deadies in the yard until today. This mystery was going to plaguehim for days to come.Ernest paused by the locked door and gazed through the wire reinforced rectangular window. As per usual, his upstairs neighbour was nowhere in sight. He turned away fromhis view of the stairs and padded back to the trolley.“Yes, Darren. I know what you’re saying. I’ve killed one deadie today, why not do theother one while you’re at it? You’re only saying that because you want to see if this placehas a pool table.”Ernest laughed. “What? You think you’re old man is an idiot?”The hand drawn face on the old football didn’t reply.Come on, let’s get your arm fixed and this time we’re using gaffer tape.”Despite his son’s selfish needs, he did have a damn good point. There was nothingstopping him from retrieving his bar, going up those stairs and smashing that deadie’srotten brains out.“But the door’s locked.”
He scoffed. As if a locked door had ever stopped him before, he was a retired burglar for crying out loud. Hell, he’d broken into this supermarket easily enough.“Tell you what, Darren. Once I’ve shifted that thing out of the yard and we’ve had our tea, I’ll toss a coin. If it’s heads then I’ll go fuck up that deadie upstairs. Now, I can’t sayfairer than that, son.”He gave the wig a friendly tap then pushed the trolley through the double doors. If hewas honest with himself, he rather enjoyed his five-minute slice of deadie bashing. Theadrenalin surging through his system had been such a rush. It certainly beat his usualmundane activities.“I’m sixty-forty in favour already.” He muttered.The anticipation of feeling carpet under his feet and having the option of gazingthrough a window again put a spring into his step. Ernest pushed his trolley past thehousehold section.“Now don’t you give me that look, Darren. I’ll sort out your arm in a minute. We’ll just take a trip down the wines and spirits aisle first. I think that killing that deadie givesme a perfect excuse to have a beer. If you can keep your smart mouth shut for more thana minute, I might even let you have a beer too.”
Chapter Two
That bastard had seen her take the packet. She just knew it. His dark brown eyes were just full of mischief, no doubt cooking up another thousand ways of landing her introuble.Aliza Gray Brushed her long braided hair back with both her hands, she took greatcare in exaggerating her movements. She twisted her body round, looked the group sub-leader up and down, allowing her eyes to pause by his groin; then she winked. Alizaturned back and put on a bit of speed to catch up with the rest of the group.That ought to place Tim’s mind working on a double-shift. She didn’t think he’d sayanything to the group leader about the beef jerky she lifted. Not now, she mightaccidentally pinch his arse when they got back to the tower block.If Aliza could keep that tosser’s dirty thoughts focussed on her, then he may look theother way the next time they took her the warehouse, not that he had a chance in gettinginto her bad, at least she hoped he didn’t have a chance. Her future regarding a potentialmate had yet to be decided by the committee.There had been more many times when she’d wished she could have refused their  proposal but would else could she have done? Aliza had a kid to look after and feed andthey’d it clear that they would have turned her away if she hadn’t agreed, no matter howfucking inhuman.Andy Willis was waiting for her, doing his best to look cool and calm and failingmiserably at both.“What was all that about then?”She gazed into his concerned eyes, forgetting that the lad had been next to her. Of allthe people she’d met inside the bunker, Andy had to be the nicest. It was obvious that theyoung lad fancied her, that was as plain as day but even so, he still made time for her,helped out with her son, which is more than could be said for her fellow neighbours. If 

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