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Final Reflection

Final Reflection

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Published by Frankie Erin Ciampi

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Published by: Frankie Erin Ciampi on Dec 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Francesca CiampiFinal ReflectionEnglish 1101 has been amazing for me mostly because I have never progressed this fastin my writing in an English course before. When the semester began my writing was full of fluff,had no elaboration and I had no idea how to productively peer review a paper. Now that it is theend of the semester, I am confident in the previously listed skills and I am ready to move on toEnglish 1102 to see what more I can learn.
The most important skill I’ve practiced and perfected this semester is writing with
apurpose. The word purpose became a theme of our class, especially when we began writing theRhetorical Analysis paper because we had to explain the purpose of any text. Writing with apurpose was also practiced while writing the Genre Recreation Paper. Learning this skill wasvery important to me and I
hadn’t even realized it. Anyone can write a paper, but if there is no
final conclusion or point to the paper it means nothing.In my mid term reflection letter I wrote that I needed to put more effort into the peerreviews. I actually did not have the chance to fully achieve this goal because the two papers thatI peer reviewed only consisted of one page of work each. This was disappointing because I waswilling to spend a good portion of time giving honest advice and opinions. Despite this set back,
I ended up peer reviewing my roommates’ paper and
receiving the same perks because I found acouple grammar mistak 
es I had repeated in my paper. If it weren’t
for reviewing a friends
paperI would have never caught these mistakes.In my Literacy Memoir P
aper I wrote that my biggest problem was that I didn’t review
my papers well enough to catch obvious errors in grammar and spelling. I believe this problemwas addressed correctly just from realizing I am a college student now. In high school I never
took the teachers seriously, much less the classes. I understand that sounds bad, but now that Iam in college, my grades directly relate to my future career and it also helps that I have matureda lot since high school. All the
 papers I’ve turned in this semester had been
read multiple times,read aloud at least once, and many people have reviewed for me. The genre recreation paper wasthe most intense revision I had to do because I wrote it a different way. I tried ignoring thespelling, grammar, flow and transitions all together just to get my thoughts out. I took thisapproach because there was an article you made us read that says there was an author who wroteon a typewriter and completely ignored these things. The paper turned out great in substance butI was probably the only one who would have understood it. This is no longer a problem for mebecause now I plan enough time to review at my own pace before the assignment is due.This semester I believe that I took a few risks and played it safe a couple times as well.For example, when faced with the option of choosing a text, I chose a photograph I knew a lotabout. This time I played it safe because I knew that this choice was going to determine twopapers for me. I took a big risk later in the semester by choosing to write a poem for the genrerecreation. I chose this difficult task because
I’ve alwa
ys wanted to write a poem. I believe thisrisk was definitely worth it because I love the way the poem turned out and it
didn’t cost
anything to make unlike some other projects. I have learned that in all classes, weighing theoptions between playing it safe and taking a risk is a very important step to being successful incollege and life.I have recognized many of strengths and weaknesses this semester through the three mainwriting assignments we were given. I noticed a strength of mine is the ability to make a readerstay intrigued. I believe this is a strength of mine because during peer reviewing I tend to makepeople laugh and they usually stay entertained. I believe this strength has recently occurred
because I am now learning to enjoy writing and I think the more the writer enjoys it the more thereader will enjoy it as well. Another strength of mine is learning not to procrastinate. This helpsmy writing because the sooner I write the paper; the longer I have to perfect it through editing.Despite my great strides in writing this semester, I still have a few faults I need to work.A weakness of mine is still not using transitions between paragraphs. I suppose if I worked hard
enough I could transition my sentences better but sometimes I feel like the paragraphs shouldn’t
be connected. However, this is not always the case and I do realize it hinders the flow of thepaper. I also have trouble when it comes to vocabulary. I do not have a very extensive list of vocabulary and I usually rely mostly on the thesaurus. This hinders my writing by using wordsthat
don’t say what I
meant and I feel I can make my point better with my own words. I plan tofix this problem by trying to think of words on my own before directly turning to the thesaurusevery time a word seems to be to informal.Compared to the beginning of the semester and now, I have a completely altered view of writing. Now I feel comfortable about writing a new paper, opposed to before when I had lowconfidence with my writing. For example, at the beginning of the semester you gave us theLiteracy Assignment and gave us a week to write four pages. I was honestly terrified. I provedmyself I could do it and my confidence about writing has grown a little bit each class since then.While polishing my drafts I did a substantial amount revising to my papers. The mostcommon new revision in the Rhetorical Analysis Paper is word choice. I also changed theintroductory paragraph quite a bit to accommodate the change of direction in the rest of thepaper. I learned that the introductory paragraph usually needs to be reviewed after the paper iswritten because the main points sometimes change or are not as important in the paper anymore.The most valuable advice you gave me was to add more elaboration to the paragraph about how

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