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A Wavering Dream (Finished)

A Wavering Dream (Finished)



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Published by Angel Deavall
This is *excluding the previuos title at the top of the document which i will delete* my actually finished story lol so yeah cool.
This is *excluding the previuos title at the top of the document which i will delete* my actually finished story lol so yeah cool.

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Published by: Angel Deavall on Oct 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Gathering DarknessLooking to the Day
The Beginning To Whom It May Concern, My name is Amber Flames, at the start of this story I will befifteen years old and I’ll live in England. This is the story of my life starting fromyesterday, please read and enjoy.When your one of us you tend to know when you meet the person you're meant to bewith because, well, you just know. Soul mates exist. Of course, you date before thembut no matter what, they're whom you were meant for. Our God Rondolph decided this.He basically made up our world. Everything we feel, we see, we love, him. My soul mate (I think anyway) as we call them was a boy called David Shandon. A name like hiswas very basic for our kind, unlike my older sister and youngest of our kind Krad Luos(confusing I know!). Yes, we have noticed that her name is Dark Soul backwards, very cool. As I mentioned earlier, my name is Amber Flames, also an awesome name! I havea best friend called William Logan. William has rather long brown hair. We both havebasically the same taste in.well... everything really he likes rock, I like rock. I am one of the more, rocker...ish? Of our kind as is he. We are not all rockers.I really do need to explain what we are. I thought I’d get to that bit last becauseeveryone of you…human…types always assume the worst of us. We are what thelegends call, vampires.You always assume we are blood crazed maniacs but may I ask you how many times aday you need a drink of water? Three or four? In a month we drink a smaller ratio of blood than you do with water. For every drink you have in a day we have half of that in amonth. If you drink four glasses in a day we feed twice in a month.When I feed I knock my victim unconscious with a strong poison (but none lethal) fromdeep in my stomach. Then I drink from the wrist. The wrist has the warmest blood in it.However, I only drink enough to sate my thirst, never the lethal amount or the amount that it is noticeable when the person awakes. Vampires like me have this incredible power to heal four hundred times faster than humans so I risk half of my speed to heal my victim before they awake.
Doesn’t my method of dealing with my thirst sound flawless? It’s not. I slipped up, once.It was an accident. She lost her life... Not literally, sorry, she lost her life, as in her human life.
Chapter 2
Her name was Sophie-Olivia Reynolds. One day I dropped through someone’s sky light with just the average prospect on my mind I had to do unfortunately. It was that timeagain, time to feed. My timing was beautiful, my landing perfectly executed, breathing stopped for maximum agility (vampires don’t necessarily have to breathe). Something went wrong though. I heard her coming; she was coming upstairs, why? She washaving a meal, this was completely against fate (vampires can also see fate’s path) and yet here she was. I desperately tried to break the skylight. Sophie walked into thebathroom and stopped dead. Just as she went to scream I was there. Right arm around her neck left covering her mouth. “I swear to your God if you scream it will be the last noise you will ever make ok?” 
She nodded. “Now you’re going to listen to me and meonly never mind what they’re doing down stairs, still with me?” Again she nodded.“Good, right what you are going to do is stand very still, when I let you go you will doexactly as I say. You are going to flush the toilet. Next you will walk down stairs whileneatening your shirt. You will sigh when you get to the bottom and say ‘right where werewe’ and laugh I removed my hand from her mouth and whispered “what do you say?” “Ok?” She whispered, I nodded. “I wasn’t going to scream but are you going to kill me? I mean you are a vampire and everything, just don’t let it hurt, please?” “I…What?” 
I questioned, bewildered.
“Drinking my blood.” She stated quite simply. It was as if she came across our kind all the time and knew us well.“How…I…mean…how did you…know?” 
I stammered.
“The skin, the cold, dead, eyes, the amazing agility. The key signs of a vampire.” Sheshrugged.“You’ve been reading up.” I sighed and took another step forwards towards her. “But you’re wrong I’ll not kill you, nor drain your blood, it’s not what I do.” I smiled.“You don’t drink blood? You weren’t here to…” She trailed off, rolling her hand as if tosay ‘go on…’ “Well I do and yes I was here to…you know. But I didn’t know you’d be here, not now I mean.” “By that you mean you would have done had I not known you were here, is that it?” She interrogated.
“Um...yeah but listen.” As I proceeded to explain myself she began to give meincreasing looks of ‘yeah I’ve heard it all before’ in the end I stopped and asked her what was so damn obvious.“My mother was…one of you. I know, startling. Recently I read up on it and…I want tobecome one of you.” She said suddenly child-like and pleading.“I…can’t. I’ve never…I only ever changed my sister and it killed me. I love her and I never wanted to do that to her.” I apologized.“I don’t care, please, for my mother.” She begged and I sighed when I failed to find anything in her face that even suggested insincerity.“I understand, a vampire killed my mother. I chose to avenge her. This is your decisionnot mine and yes I will do it.” I did understand I knew what it was like. The lateChristianio Ménage killed my mother. “But not yet. Before you shout listen to me. You have a surprise coming. It will fit in wonderfully with your turning so go down and enjoy your meal.” Before she could object I flew up through the skylight like a reversed jumpthrough it. When I landed it was dark and the moon was bigger and more platinum thanever before. There it was, the eerie blood red cloud circling the moon. Symbolizing either impending doom or… the prophesized forthcoming of the great. One vampire toend all vampires. I knew it wouldn’t be her, she didn’t have it but the impending doomcould have been the suicide I had just committed by agreeing to turn a teenager. It didn’t see why William should be mad though. I was turned when I was a teenager. I was fourteen. Much younger than her, it was her sixteenth birthday, what a gift.
Chapter 3
“I’m not mad” William said calmly as I strolled into his room.“So you shouldn’t. Who the hell do you think you are?” He laughed at my poor attempt at disguising how pleased I was to see him. “I missed you!” I said swinging my armsaround his neck.“Someone’s excitable.” He smiled. As fell onto his bed. “I don’t think so.” “What?” I cried “No, you are not sleeping over and I don’t mean to have made that sound like aninnuendo by all means not.” He said disgusted as if I had even gestured at that.“Anyway, someone wants to see you.” “Who?” I questioned suspiciously. He rolled his eyes as I ran from his room panicking.Who had I upset? Had it been about Sophie-Olivia? Why wasn’t it coming to me yet? Why were my visions being blocked? Unless…“Hi Amber.” He stood very quietly, very still, frozen.“Hello David. What is it?” 

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