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Kristin Markham Text Essay-4 PDF

Kristin Markham Text Essay-4 PDF

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Published by Kristin Markham

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Published by: Kristin Markham on Dec 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kristin MarkhamMs. CarusoENGL 110120 September 2011What is music? “Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions insignificant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color,” (Music 1). Yes,music can be defined in a dictionary but is that was music really is to everyone? Music may besomeones job, a hobby, a way of self expression, a way of motivation or music could be just purely a form of entertainment and fun. People listen to music when they are happy, sad,depressed, grieving, in love, or maybe even when they are broken hearted. Music does not justhave one meaning for one person, if so, there would be one song and it would have the samemeaning for everyone.For some there may be one song that means more to them than any other. People likesongs for different reasons, there are so many elements to music that make every song unique.Every song has a singer or artist, next come lyrics, then there are instruments, a beat, bandmembers, etc.. Songs may be liked because they are fun to dance to or the lyrics are reallymeaningful and if you’re really lucky a song has both. Having good lyrics and a fun beatseparates good music from great music.One song that has a great beat and excellent lyrics is the song “Stereo Hearts” by TheGym Class Heroes. There are many categories that this song could be put into because it canappeal to many different audiences. This song is definitely a love song but it is different thanMarkham 1
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:09AMWhere is your title?
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:10AMTry combining the ideas inthis paragraph with your intro. Go ahead and get intothe song you’re using here.
most. Most love songs are slow or have a softer melody but this song is upbeat, it is a song thatmakes people want to get up and dance. The genre of this song is hip hop which is why it canappeal to many different types of people. Most men do not really enjoy love songs like girls do but to like this song you don’t have to just listen to the lyrics.When a song first starts to play the first thing you hear is the beat and melody, then thesinger comes in and starts sings the lyrics to the song. Everyone has an opinion on what they findmore important in a song but the lyrics make a song a story. Lyrics are the most important featureto a song. A good beat may make a person’s hips sway side to side but good lyrics make a personsing along to the words and fulling understand what the artist is singing about. What happenswhen you take away the instruments, singer, beat, etc.? Well, what happens is you get lyrics, theheart and soul of the song. The lyrics of a song tell a story and make a song go from just being a beat to being a story. People always compare music to poetry, even though most people wouldagree that music is more entertaining. Most good music is poetry on steroids. To determine if asong is really good you have to take away the music and everything else about the song and justlook at the lyrics, that will tell you if a song is good or not.In “Stereo Hearts” the lyrics are what really make the song unique and different fromothers songs. The lyrics compare the artist/singer’s heart to a stereo which is really creative and ithas never been done before. The first reason this song is really good is how catchy the lyrics are.The chorus of the song is, “My heart's a stereo it beats for you, so listen close hear my thoughtsin every note, oh oh. Make me your radio, turn me up when you feel low. This melody wasmeant for you, just sing along to my stereo,” (Gym 1). This song is unique because the artist/Markham 2
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:12AMTake this out, since theremay be a more obscure songout there that has done this.It’s also abit wordy.
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:10AMShow your reader this, rather than telling them.
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:12AMThis paragraph reads asmusings on the ideas of beatand melody. Give somethingconcrete from the song todemonstrate your point. Bespecific about what you say.
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:13AMWhat types of attributesmake this so clear? Bespecific.
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:13AMInformal. Use moredescriptive language.
singer’s feelings and thoughts are made so clear, there is no questioning how the singer feelsabout who they are singing for.This song can be compared to other love songs or just other songs in general but this onestands out among them all. For example, if you take the lyrics from a rap song there is not asmuch meaning from it. It is so hard to understand what the rapper is rapping about so all youhave is the beat. The only way you would know what the lyrics are would be to look them up andthat defeats the purpose of having them in the first place. In the song “Look At Me Now” byChris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes, there are only a few lines in the song that you canunderstand. When you look up the meaning of the song the lyrics do not even make sense andthey do not seem to have a meaning. In todays rap music the most important part of the song isthe beat and if its fun to dance to, or maybe people just think they are cool if they listen to it.In“Stereo Hearts” all of the lyrics make sense, as if there is a story being told. The main topic of the song is about love and relationships but the entire song is one big metaphor. The comparisonto a heart being a stereo makes perfect sense and the two things go together so perfectly.When “Stereo Hearts” is compared to another love song there is a huge tone difference between the two. Many love songs can come across as being depressing or winey. Love songscan also seem too sappy and it makes them come across as being untrue or unrealistic. The lyricsin “Stereo Hearts” are not overdone, they get the point across without having to be cheesy or cliche. One really good line in the song is, “If I was just another dusty record on the shelf wouldyou blow me off and play me like everybody else?” (Gym 1). This line is really clever because itrelates to people in relationships being played but it also goes along with the theme of the song being about how the singer’s heart is a stereo. Another up to date loves song that many peopleMarkham 3
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:18AMUse more descriptivelanguage.
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:14AM Not in every one. Avoidover-generalizations and uselanguage that shows that
are like this.
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:17AMWhy does this matter? Besure you state your pointearly on in your paper so notonly can your reader understand why you say thishere, but also so you candemonstrate it morecompletely here.
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:18AMHow? Be specific.
Beth Caruso
10/11/11 9:16AMKeep in mind that all songsare not straightforward.Many times, artists like towrite their music so thelistener has to dig deeper tofigure out even the mainidea. Be specific about howyou are positioning thesesongs and be clear aboutwhat you are saying aboutthem.

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