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the feast of sukkot - day 2

the feast of sukkot - day 2



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Published by Philip
Celebration of teh Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles - Day 2 - Isaac
Celebration of teh Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles - Day 2 - Isaac

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Published by: Philip on Oct 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Meaning of Sukkot \u2013 Forty years in the wilderness.
Isaac\u2019s life Gen 22:2-13
Isaac\u2019s character\ue000

Why do we need to stay in tents during the feast of
Sukkot? The Sukkah or tent reminds us of Israel who
wandered through the wilderness on their way to the
Promised Land. They had been set free from Egypt
(bondage) and came out under the authority of
Pharaoh (Satan) and had to learn to submit under
their new Mater, YHVH. This was not and easy road
and there were no short cut to the Promised Land,
they had to face the Wilderness and this was the
place where they were cleansed from their Egyptian


The number four represents the work of the Messiah and where you see the number four,
forty four hundred est, you know that there is a connection to the Messiah doing His work.
Y\u2019shua existed with YHVH right at the beginning and everything was created through Him. He
was also present at the time of the Exodus and this is why this connection is valid. He is also
known as the Word that cleanses and the wandering through the Wilderness was to cleanse
His people from their pagan ways and to teach them His Ways. Y\u2019shua is the Son (bar) of

YHVH and
\ue000\ue001 \u201cbar\u201d means: son, purity, cleanness, pureness. it is He that cleanses us

from the inside from our \u201cEgyptian\u201d (pagan) ways so that we can be prepared and ready and
acceptable to live with Him in a permanent dwelling place (Sukkah), the New Jerusalem. This
life in which we live now is the Wilderness. This is the place where we are challenged and
where our characters are changed according to His word.

In the Wilderness they received many things from YHVH:
Divine Protection \u2013 Cloud and Coulomb of Fire
Supernatural food and water \u2013 Manna & Water from a Rock
The Ten Commandments \u2013 Instructions on relationships
The Torah \u2013 Instructions on Set-apartness
The Tabernacle \u2013 Presence of YHVH
1.1 They received Divine Protection\ue006
\ue000YHVH gave the Israelites divine protection during those

difficult years in their Wilderness experience. Why were these
years difficult? Because they were still saturated with Egypt
and that caused them to long back to the luxuries of Egypt and
caused them to murmur and complain. They needed to be
cleansed from their \u201cold habits\u201d that pulled them down and
needed to adapt to YHVH\u2019s way of living before they could
enter into the land of rest.

YHVH knew that they would face difficulties and He knew that
they need protection and guidance. He gave them a cloud by
day and a pillar of fire by night to lead them through the


\ue01c\ue01d\ue00d\ue015\ue003\ue019\ue01e\ue01f\ue01e\ue003\ue00a\ue016\ue012\ue003!\ue00f\ue00c\ue00d!\ue003\ue00e\ue001\ue013\ue00f\ue014\ue001\ue003\ue010\ue011\ue001"\ue003\ue00c\ue00d\ue003\ue016\ue003#\ue00c\ue00b\ue00b\ue016\ue014\ue003\ue00f\ue013\ue003$\ue00b\ue00f%\ue015\ue003\ue00e\ue017\ue003\ue015\ue016\ue017\ue003\ue010\ue00f\ue003 \ue00b\ue001\ue016\ue015\ue003\ue010\ue011\ue001"\ue003\ue00f\ue00d\ue003\ue010\ue011\ue001\ue003\ue00a\ue016\ue017&\ue003\ue016\ue00d\ue015\ue003\ue00c\ue00d\ue003\ue016\ue003#\ue00c\ue00b\ue00b\ue016\ue014\ue003\ue00f\ue013\ue003\ue013\ue00c\ue014\ue001\ue003\ue00e\ue017\ue003\ue00d\ue00c!\ue011\ue010\ue003\ue010\ue00f\ue003!\ue00c\ue002\ue001\ue003\ue010\ue011\ue001"\ue003 \ue00b\ue00c!\ue011\ue010\ue002\ue000\ue009\ue00a\ue00b\ue009\ue000\ue009\ue00a\ue010\ue00c\ue000\ue016\ue012\ue00f\ue00a\ue009\ue000\ue009\ue00e\ue00b%\ue010\ue019\ue000\ue01e\ue00c\ue000\ue017\ue00b\ue00c\ue000\ue00b\ue011\ue017\ue000\ue01e\ue00c\ue000\ue011\ue012\ue00f\ue00a\ue009&\ue000


The cloud that led them during the day represented the Spirit. The Spirit is linked to water as seen in Gen 1:2 where the Spirit of YHVH moved over the face of the water. Later on we see water coming from a rock when Moses hit it. The water (Spirit \u2013 Living water) came out of the Rock (Ab-ben \u2013 Ab - Father & Ben -Son).

Word picture
Water is the word \u201cmayim\u201d\u2013\ue002\ue003\ue004\u2013 (mem-yod-mem). The Father is the

origin of the Word (closedme m on the right) and the Son is the Revealed
Word (openme m on the left). It staes in Isa 45:15 that YHVH hid Himself
from us and He can only be found through the revelation of His Son. The
Spirit (yod) right in the heart or centre of the two \u201cmems\u201d and holds
everything together. These Three are One and through Them come the
basis of life and the power to sustain life. We all consists of water and need
water to live. We come from YHVH and need YHVH to exist and live.

Water \u2013 Word (Torah) &
Fire \u2013 Spirit

We need Water and Fire in
our lives to live. We need
Torah and the Spirit to live

effectively for YHVH.

\u2018Anan\u201d is the word that is mostly translated as 'cloud'. This word was first used where YHVH
made a covenant with man after the flood. He promised that the world would never be
destroyed (cleansed) by water again. The bow in the 'anan (clouds) in Gen 9:13-17 is the
token or sign of that covenant.

Clouds represent YHVH\u2019s presence and were also found within the Tabernacle. The next
Hebrew word translated as cloud puts the crown, so to speak, on the Messiah.
Cloud - \u201cnasiy\u201d. This word is translated as - \u201ccloud, prince and
ruler\u201d and it's verbal root means \u201cto rise up or to lift up\u201d.

Y\u2019shua is our Prince of Peace that is lifted up and exalted above all
principalities and He wears the crown as the King of kings and Ruler
over all and He established the covenant between YHVH and man and
will come on the clouds and this will be the sign of His coming.

Now we look at a \u201ccloud\u201d with different eyes because it was a sign of

His Presence and a sign of His covenant where He led and protect His people through the
wilderness. Clouds are formed out of water and water is used
for cleansing. Water is also part of one of the Names of

YHVH, \u201cHaShem\u201d\ue002\ue005. (Shin-mem), where theme m

represents the water for cleansing and theshi n represents
\u2018fire\u2019 for purification. These two letters also represent the two
judgments of YHVH, the first judgment by water (Noah) and
the Second judgment will be by fire (still to come).\ue000




Comparing these two mediums we see that water is not as
destructive as fire, it is used for washing, cleansing and is a life-
giving source and we cannot live without water. Fire is on the other
hand destructive, not very compatible with humans as seen with
water, but it is used to prepare food on, gives heat in winter, melt
metals, purify and construct things. It is something that makes your
life more comfortable and is possible to live without. In the same
way, the Israelites lived without the Spirit (only Moses had the Spirit),
and they only had the Word (Torah \u2013 water) which enable them to
live. We on the other hand have the Spirit (fire) and it is easier for us
to follow YHVH and live for Him BUT WE DO NEED THE WATER
(Torah) because you will die without it.

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