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Jessica Hendley Relationship

Jessica Hendley Relationship

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Published by jhendle4

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Published by: jhendle4 on Dec 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jessica HendleyHendley1
Rieman,1103September 13, 2011TO RIGHT A WRONG,TO RIGHT A WRITEDear Writing,How time flown since I was five years old, do you remember the first time I wrotemy name and my address? Time changes so quickly from when I was practicing myaddress to when I was writing five and six page papers. I have this notebook of scribblesand pictures from when I was smaller; I see I was trying to form letters and words butyou had not unveiled yourself to me in full yet. When I got to kindergarten and earlyelementary I could hear you so much more clearly. Something changed and you changed-Writing, no longer could I write for fun and no longer could I just write whenever Iwanted to. I remember it was so hard to understand you, like you lost your voice and myteacher was your translator. Writing, I wish you would speak to me again. I am tired of hearing from others about how you speak to them and help them. Without your voice,Writing,
I don’t know how I will make it in the next few years.
Writing at first you wereso wonderful, beautiful, and young. You were kind and understanding, and you gave mebuilding blocks for success. But something changed in sixth grade when you started toage and mature and became really good friends with Dictionary . Our conversationswhere not personal anymore, I could not share my intimate thoughts because someonewas always reading our conversation and, even worse, judging what we discussed. Ireally needed you in high school since so much was changing and progressing. Ourrelationship really took a test when it came to the tenth grade writing assessment, but
without me realizing it all those skills you taught me earlier really came in handy. Junioryear came along and I realized we both needed each other more than ever. You neededme to be the voice of important issues for my school and I needed you to help mearticulate what I was trying to say. We were connected on another level, both of usmaturing in our thinking process and writing skills. Even though we were functioning onan
academic level, I still don’t feel as if we have a personal relationship. As it ha
s beensaid before, relationships are a fifty-fifty experience; and I have decided that I am takingthe first step. We are going to share a diary- a journal full of every personal experienceand insecurity that I might have, or that you might have. Together we can build arelationship stronger than ever, one that has been built on academic success and personalstrength. I love you for everything you have made of me even in times of trouble andconfusion.Hoping to hear back,JessicaDear Jessica,Oh! I have never left you; I have been here the whole time preparing you for what youracademic life has for you. Each paper you got back with negative comments and bad grades were just people not understanding that every person writes differently and no one writes the same. Ifeel as it was important for you to have a struggle with writing so that when you become ateacher, you will realize how some people struggle with literacy and learning to write. I miss youtoo. I miss hearing about your days, drama, and life in general. We have such a great writing lifeahead of us since finally we are allowed to speak our minds and express all emotion in our

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