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Michael Hoffman on Israels Talmudic War Crimes

Michael Hoffman on Israels Talmudic War Crimes

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Published by Ahsan Taqweem

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Published by: Ahsan Taqweem on Dec 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This article was sent from www.RealZionistNews.com because you requested it.Real Zionist News 
2009-04-29 16:04:53 by admin
An Interview By Brother Nathanael Kapner With Michael A Hoffman, Copyright 2009Articles May Be Reproduced Only With Authorship of Br Nathanael Kapner& Link To
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Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 1242; Frisco CO 80443E-mail:
, is thefounderof 
Independent History & Research.
He was educated at the
University of New York 
and is a former reporter for the New York Bureau of the
Associated Press 
.Hoffman is the author of several books, including his masterwork,
. His freenewsletter,
The Hoffman Wire 
, is sent out weekly to thousands of supporters.
_______________________Brother Nathanael Kapner:
Israel launched an air strike against Hamas in the Gaza Strip onDecember 27, 2008. The invasion has now expanded into an all out war with no end in sight,complete with Israeli ground troops and reserves slaughtering hundreds of civilians. What areyour opening thoughts on this?
Michael Hoffman:
As usual, the Israelis in Gaza are taking a crap on an entire people. The IDFis dismantling,
so much Hamas, but the infrastructure of Gaza’s government. We areseeing housing, the educational system, and Gaza’s fire-fighting & medical facilities,systematically being dismantled by Israel.This is not a limited attack on Hamas as the Israelis spin it. This is an attack on the Palestinianpeople’s ability to govern, educate, house, and protect themselves.
Br Nathanael:
Israel is defending themselves against criticism of civilian deaths by saying thatHamas is “using civilians as human shields.” What is your response to this?
Michael Hoffman:
As always happens when these Talmudic war crimes transpire, Israeli( “hasbara” ) propaganda-operations and their counterparts in the Judaic-controlled media gointo high gear. We are seeing the pattern repeated in Gaza now. Every single atrocitycommitted by the Israelis is explained away as either “collateral damage” or “civilians beingused by Hamas as human shields.” Imagine if in Oakland, California, African-American guerrillas fired rockets at Sacramento inprotest over the killing of a black man by transit cops. In response, the California National
Guard attacks an all-black school in Oakland, slaughtering 40 children because the rocket-firings by the militants took place “near” the school.Would the world forgive California for the deaths of the children in Oakland because blackmilitants had been firing near the school? Such a racist devaluation of the lives of the blackchildren collectively punished for acts of armed resistance by guerrilla fighters in theirneighborhood would appall and shock the world.Yet, this is what occurred at the UN school in Gaza after Hamas fighters allegedly fired mortarsin the vicinity. But Israel commits atrocities like this with impunity.
Br Nathanael:
Is there a racist and religious component involved in Israel’s massacres of Palestinian children?
Michael Hoffman:
The racist component of the devaluation of Palestinian life, so evident inGaza, is barely mentioned because it tends to show that the Judaic state of Israel is sick at itscore.Any such admission would tend toward an investigation into the
of the Zionist pathologywhich, patently, are in the religion of Orthodox Judaism. For Orthodox Judaism institutionalizesthe enshrinement of the humanity of the souls of Judaics while derogating the humanity of non-Judaic souls.
Br Nathanael:
But what about all of the “Torah True Jews” who are against the Zionist State of Israel? Should we be applauding them?
Michael Hoffman:
In the last stages of Judaic propaganda surrounding any massacre byIsraelis in the Middle East, we witness the phenomenon of “Jews Against Zionism” and “Rabbisfor Peace.” Attention given to these groups by the Judaic-controlled media intends to
from the Talmud and other rabbinic texts which teach that when necessary,non-Judaics may be killed with impunity because they are not fully human.

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