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GLBT News Dec 2011 e.mailer

GLBT News Dec 2011 e.mailer

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Published by mxchanak49
The GLBT News is published by Worley Rodehaver and is free to share and reproduce, but please give attribution to the paper and or its contributors. Contact Worley Rodehaver at mpa@ella.net. Michael Chanak is the associate editor and a contributor to the paper.
The GLBT News is published by Worley Rodehaver and is free to share and reproduce, but please give attribution to the paper and or its contributors. Contact Worley Rodehaver at mpa@ella.net. Michael Chanak is the associate editor and a contributor to the paper.

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Published by: mxchanak49 on Dec 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1December, 2011
GLBT Teen? Problems? Contact th
Trevor Project Hotline—1-866-488-7386 GLSEN Hotline—1-866-934-9119 
By Marty Karp
On December 11thfrom 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.Simon Says Bar willhost the 6th annualJonnie StephensonFoundation by bring-ing to its customers“The Naughty Santa”.Come, bring anunwrapped toy andtake a picture withSimons’ “NaughtySanta” and be eligiblefor door prizesthroughout the day.Bring a smile to a
Foundation brings toys to children at Christmas
those children whomight not necessarilyhave a toy.While sipping yourfavorite cocktail,enjoy complimentaryrefreshments.In keeping with thetradition of The JonnieStephenson Founda-tion once again, thefoundation will bedonating Teddy Bearsto On Broadway Bar’sTeddy Bear (
stuffed animal
) Toy Drive.Below Zero will onceagain have theirannual toy drive andthe Jonnie StephensonFoundation will onceagain supply toys fortheir charity as well.The Jonnie Stephen-son Foundation wantsto thank Below Zerofor the six years it’sbeen collecting toys inthe foundation’s name,On Broadway Bar forits recognition of thefoundation and SimonSays Bar for its in-volement this year.
Hundreds turned out in Cinicinnati recently for a streetprotest supporting Gay Marriage in Ohio. They tooktheir protest to Columbus on December 3rd.
GLBT News photo by Michael X. Chanak
By Paula Ison
Cincinnati’s annualTransgender Day of Remembrance washeld on November16th at St John UnitedChurch of Christ inBellevue, Kentucky.The event was co-sponsored by HRCchild this holidayseason by helpingand Crossport. Similarevents have been heldthroughout NorthAmerican and Europefor the last 13 years toremember and memo-rialize those Transgen-der persons who weremurdered because of hate and prejudice.Every week some-where in the world atleast one Transgenderperson, if not more, ismurdered, includingnine this year in theUnited States.Just recently theburned torso of Shelley Hillard wasfound along a freewayin Detroit.This year’s programincluded a historicalperspective by VickiBlum and OpeningReflections by EstelleRiley. The KeynoteSpeaker was Leisan
HRC joins Crossport for Transgender Day of Rememberance
Help the children of F.A.C.E. have a niceChristmas! Kellie andDixie of F.A.C.E. saydonations are down!They asked Debi to letyou know that whenyou donate and get aHot Vegas DVD it willhelp families withchildren affected andinfected with AIDS at
Help the children of F.A.C.E.
Christmas time.“Thank you somuch!,” Debi says.“Get yours, you willlove it!” If you wouldlike to donate $15 andreceive a DVD, justcall 513-722-9200 or513-600-8332
, Page 6, Col. 3 
Page 2—GLBT N
December, 2011
“Always be yourself,”
Billy Elliot 
This Newspaper is supported entirely by income fromour Advertisers. Editorials/Opinions are the opinions of the writer or organization and thepublisher assumes responsibility only for Editorials, Opinions or Commentary written by the publisher or editor(s). Views expressed inOrganizational or Independent columns or in Letters to the Editor are those of the organizations or writers.This Newspaper is distributed FREE at Advertisers' locations, through community organizations and other outlets. The publisher assumes noresponsibility for content, accuracy or validity of Advertising.
Vol. 15, No. 12; December, 2011
Contents © GLBT News, 2011
Publisher/Editor—Worley RodehaverAssociate Editor—Michael X. ChanakAdvertising—Karen Halazayn, 513-979-4295Transportation—Joe WilksContributors—Scott Renno and Nate Wessel,
Greater Cincinnati GLBT News
“Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease, only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King
This publication is dedicated to those
t is our goal to record the positive contributions
people make to their community and the localcommunity at large. While AIDS and Hate CRIMES are certainly not positive things, we seek to draw thepositive from the negative. We hold up Paul Delph and Matthew Shepard and their families as models of how human beings should or could react to each other and how families should support loved ones whoselives are not in the box right wing religious zealots want themin. Delph, a multi-talented Cincinnatian, diedof AIDS in 1996. His mother shut down her business to care for him. Shepard died in 1998, victim of a hateCrime and his mother worked for years to get passed a national Hate Crimes Bill, which is now law.
who have or have died from AIDS or Hate Crimes
MAP ublications, 1727 Highland, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-241-7539
GLBT News and UPDATE, Worley Rodehaver and Michael X. Chanak are on Facebook
is published monthly in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The CincinnatiMen’s Chorus (
)announces its 21stseason, “Coming of Age”.Everybody has astory shaped by theirunique experiences;CMC’s three concertswill tell a season-longstory of coming out.“Wonderment: ATime of Awe,” onDec. 17 and 18, willrecognize the beautyand comfort of tradi-tion during the holidayseason, as we find ourown way.On March 24 and25, they turn to awak-ening hopes andpossibilities in “An-ticipation: Secretsand Dreams,” wheresecret crushes andlove, both lost andfound, take voice.Their story con-cludes on June 23 and24 with a vivaciouscelebration of ourlives and the knowl-edge that “It GetsBetter.” This concertis an official event of the It Gets BetterProject.“This season findsCMC coming of agein many ways; so-cially,, musically, andeducationally,” saidDr. Casey Hayes,recently named artisticdirector of the chorusof 50 Gay and Gay-supportive men.“We’re ready to tacklethe next wave of chal-lenges that life willthrow at us; trans-forming lives andinspiring actionthrough our songs.”CMC will continueto carry this messageout into the world atthe World ChoirGames, coming toCincinnati in July, andthen take it into localschools next fall.The local HumanRights Campaign(
) is the sponsorfor their 21st season.As part of its sponsor-ship, HRC is provid-ing CMC seasonsubscribers with amembership with theirticket purchases.Subscribers also canupgrade to a fullmembership at areduced price. Sub-scriptions are $65, adiscount of $25 fromindividual walk-upprices; season ticketholders also get 10percent off additionalticket purchases andcan exchange ticketsfor performances.The chorus’ concerthome for the 21stseason will be theSchool for the Cre-ative and PerformingArts, 108 W. CentralParkway, downtown.To order a subscrip-tion, visit the chorus’website
or write CincinnatiMen’s Chorus SeasonSubscription, PO Box3061, Cincinnati, OH45201CMC is a voluntary,not-for-profit commu-nity chorus organizedto provide the oppor-tunity for Gay menand Gay-supportivemen to sing together.Through their music,they strive for excel-lence; support andnurture their members;entertain their audi-ences; and work for justice, inclusion andharmony between theGay Community andcommunity at large.The chorus receivesfunding from the OhioArts Council, ArtsWave (
 formerly theFine Arts Fund 
), the
Cincinnati Men’s Chorus presents a new season: Coming of Age
The final concert will be an official “It Gets Better” event
Greater CincinnatiFoundation, Commu-nity Shares of GreaterCincinnati, Sum-merfair Cincinnati,GCF’s William O.Purdy Fund and theLouise Taft SempleFoundation.The chorus is apartner organization of Enjoy The Arts andrehearses at St. John’sUnitarian UniversalistChurch in Clifton.
It Gets Better and It GetsBetter Project are trade-marks owned by SavageLove, LLC, and are licensedfor use by the It Gets BetterProject.
We are first a newspaper 
Some people call
a “news-letter”, others call it a“tabloid”.For the most partnewsletters are com-munication pieces bybusinesses and organi-zations directed atemployes/members.Tabloids, usuallyfound in grocery storecheckout lines. manytimes have a badreputation. We are inthat format but like the
Cincinnati Enquirer 
will be next year weare tabloid newspaper. 
is astand-alone publica-tion affiliated with noother business ororganization.Our publisher hasbeen in news gather-ing since his gradeschool days and hasoperated singles, relig-ion, Appalachian andneighborhood publica-tions.He began
to serve theGLBT Community inwhen no other publi-cation was availableand decided to stay!
Page 3December, 2011
Mother Says
By Michael Chanak
TTTTThe best of he best of he best of he best of he best of all wall wall wall wall woooooldsldsldsldslds
* Our GLBT News Print Edition —170+ Locations,18 Greater Cincinnati Neighborhoods*Our Web Edition on two Websites*Our Facebook Edition*Our e.mailer to those who request the NewsOur Media Associates Familywith more than 120 years experiencein news gathering
This is your LocalGLBT News Source
Get e.mailer, send your e.mail address to
MAP@ella .net 
Should a 62-year-old Gay man and hisfriends be subjected toanti-Gay tauntsspirit of one deter-mined old queen tohave his day. Still, Iwill report this issue isnot an easy one topart-time police jobnearby – they treat itseriously and considerit a form of harass-ment and pursue it.Surprised? I am not.Most town andmunicipalities, do notreally have muchprotection and when itexists, it may not beenforced, or unevenly.Child protectiveservices are a goodresource – and yes,they will take com-plaints – but this typeof issue is not theirfocus. Surprised? Iam not. These agen-cies have not beenadequately funded for
Hey Gay Boy
comingfrom themouth of aneighbor’schild? Iam that 62-year-old Gay man whohas heard this slanderfor more than tenyears in Mt. Healthyfrom this child or that.This column is notabout creating a new“victimhood” cult of the down trodden andbroken. No, dearreader, it speaks to thehandle.Surprised?Thelandlordstates“they canonly warn” but cannotevict another tenantfor such behavior –even if it is disturbingmy common law rightto “quiet enjoyment.”One local off dutypolice person told methere is “nothing theycan do” while anotherreports – in his otheryears.After some creativethinking, I approachedthe local schoolsystem and com-plained. My messagewas polite but firm –“want my vote –educate your stu-dents.” Surprised?Yes, you should be.The local superinten-dent took it seriouslyand intervened.No more “hey Gayboy.” Know this, anti-Gay comments andbullying are notconfined to the youngor the schoolyard.The solution is educa-tion.Scott E. Knox hasbeen awarded the Dr.Peter T. Framemental challenges.The CincinnatiHealth Network is a
Attorney Scott Knox receives Humanitarian Award 
HumanitarianAward from theCincinnati HealthNetwork for hispro bono legalservices for peoplewith physical andnon-profit corp-oration that coor-dinates servicesand programs formedically under-served and specialpopulation groupsin our community,such as the Healthcarefor the Homeless andCommunity HIV/ AIDS ComprehensiveCare programs.A focus of Knox’slegal service is theGLBT Communityand its issues.
Seasons Greetings!
Joe, Karen,Michael, Nate,Richard, Sam,Scott, Wanda,Worley
 from your freindsat MAPublications

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