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…and the Enemy Isn’t Here?

…and the Enemy Isn’t Here?

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Published by Scotty
A look into the twelve strings pulling at the Obama puppet.
A look into the twelve strings pulling at the Obama puppet.

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Published by: Scotty on Oct 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Plato once wrote in Republic: "[564a] The probable outcome of too much freedomis only too much slavery in the individual and the state. Probably, then,
tyrannydevelops out of no other constitution
than democracy
--from the height of liberty, I takeit, the fiercest extreme of servitude ... This, then, is plain, [565d] … when a tyrant ariseshe sprouts from a protectorate root and from nothing else."Plato saw democracy as inevitably degenerating into tyranny, for the
would try to redistribute wealth, the wealthy would rebel, the people would callon a strongman to aid their cause, but he would not relinquish power once installed. Marx and Engels in their
Communist Manifesto
proclaimed that the first step inthe replacing capitalism by a new and better economic system is "to raise the proletariatto the position of ruling class, to win the battle of democracy." Marx and Engels andvirtually all of their socialist contemporaries saw the political empowerment of society'sdisenfranchised as a necessary step in the transformation of capitalism into a morehumane social order.Who is Barack Obama? Barack Obama is the enemy. He is the enemy that I havebeen warning everyone for years now that would be coming. Well it is here. He is the justever so perfectly colored poster boy for a global socialist utopian revolution that sees theUnited States, capitalism and our way of life as the enemy.Now I realize that this is a heck of a conclusion to come to about a man who has abetter then 50/50 chance of being elected to the highest office in all the world just threeweeks from now. But I just can’t help it; the more I learn about this man the more thisconclusion becomes so painfully obvious.How did Barack get here? How did this man rise to power so quickly? Who is itthat is behind this man? Have you taken the time to ask these questions? If not I aint madat you, but don’t you think they at least deserved to be asked and answered? Who are hisfriends? Who shaped his ideology?Since I have asked you time and time again to read and listen to me asBarack is asking us to do of him don’t you have a right to know who is behind me? Who
shaped me? Well… Simple: Hulk Hogan, Mike Eruzioni, Rocky Balboa, Ronald Reagan,my Grandfather, and Lloyd Rendel. I am fairly certain that none of these men areterrorists, criminals, jihadist, separatists, murders, and oh yeah I am absolutely, positivelycertain that none of these fine men are socialists (especially my Grandfather!!!).Lets take a look at the people Obama has chosen to surround himself with,people that have shaped his philosophies, his ideals, and the people that will certainlyaffect his policies that will affect all of us everyday. Shall we…
Khalid al-Mansour: 
the anti-Semite Black Nationalist racist whochanged his name from Don Marshall and converted to Islam, was a patron of Obama’sand helped advance Obama’s candidacy to law school. He was instrumental in starting theviolent Black Panthers group, became Kind Saud’s attorney and represents OPEC. Nowonder Obama doesn't want to drill anywhere, although he changed that tune in lastTuesday's debate in an apparent attempt to drill for votes. As an article in
reported, “And why is it that
black racists such as al- Mansour constitute a significant proportion of these hate mongers? In large part, it isbecause blacks have been specifically and aggressively targeted for recruitment byleaders of the worldwide jihad, just as they were targeted for recruitment by theCommunist Party USA in the 1920s. Black grievance, combined with the evangelism of the  Nation of Islamover the last seventy years, has established an audience for the ideology of hate.”
 It is notable that Khalid al-Mansour is an advisor and friend to Prince al-Walid bin Talal, the Saudi sheik to whom Mayor Rudy Giuliani returned a $10 millioncheck right after 9/11 because bin Talal stated that America brought the bloodthirstyattack on itself due to our foreign policy.Since there is no traceable record of Obama actually paying for law schoolit raises two questions. 1) Who did pay for it? 2) Why did they?
Rashid Khalidi:
an enthusiastic supporter of the Palestinians, ferventcritic of Israel (which he calls a destructive “racist” state), an admirer of suicide bombersand a driving force behind the Arab American Action Network (AAAN). This so-calledpro-Palestinian “community organization” in Chicago is another beneficiary of theObama-Ayers team at the Woods Fund. It promotes an agenda that would horrifyObama’s Jewish supporters and
any normal person.
In fact, both Sen. Obama and Mr.
Ayers actually spoke at a testimonial dinner for Rashid Khalidi. According to Jack Kelly in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “ ‘Khalidi and Obamalived in nearby faculty residential zones and the two families dined together a number of times,’ a source on the University of Chicago faculty told WorldNet Daily. ‘The Obamaseven babysat the Khalidi children.’ ”The afore mentioned Woods Fund run by Ayers and Obama was given our taxdollars with the express consent to aid children in Chicago in the fields of math andscience. While heading and overseeing the allocation of the millions of dollars receivedby the Woods Fund Obama saw fit to funnel the monies away from the intended inner citychildren of his beloved Chicago and send them to AAAN. Now, I am no officer of thelaw, or attorney but is that not defrauding the federal government? What a perfectexample of why we cannot count on the government to solve our problems. Corruptionalways rears it’s ugly head especially when monies are made available for what is truly anoble cause such as helping the kids of Chicago in math and science.
Ingrid Mattson
President of the troubling Islamic Society of NorthAmerica, a group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundationterrorist trial, and the woman whom Obama invited to lead prayer at the DemocratConvention, which she did.The President of the Islamic Society of North America led the prayer at theDNC… That’s all I got to say about that.
Frank Marshall Davis:
Another of Obama's mentors mentioned inhis book, a well-known Stalinist Communist whose devotion to the Soviet Union andhatred for an America which he described as racist and imperialistic put him under FBIsurveillance for at least 19 years. It is quite possible that Davis did more to shapeObama’s worldview than many in his entourage.Hey!!! I didn’t mention him in my book, Obama did. He made the consciencechoice to mention him, now why would he do that? I made the conscience choice tomention Hulk Hogan, I could tell you exactly why I did that… If you put me in the sameroom as this Davis guy he is getting knocked out, not lauded over in my book, with myown words…Ok so far we’ve got a converted muslim, black nationalist, racist, an admirer of 

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