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Table Of Contents AcqCreateItem CurrencyFormat gist OrderPdfFormat casAuthentication casLogout casServerUrl DebugLevel delimiter KohaAdminEmailAddress noItemTypeImages virtualshelves advancedMARCeditor DefaultClassificationSource autoBarcode item-level_itypes itemcallnumber marcflavour MARCOrgCode NewItemsDefaultLocation z3950NormalizeAuthor & z3950AuthorAuthFields SpineLabelAutoPrint SpineLabelFormat SpineLabelShowPrintOnBibDetails AllowNotForLoanOverride AllowRenewalLimitOverride AutomaticItemReturn ceilingDueDate CircControl globalDueDate HomeOrHoldingBranch InProcessingToShelvingCart IssuingInProcess maxoutstanding noissuescharge OverduesBlockCirc OverdueNoticeBcc PrintNoticesMaxLines RenewalPeriodBase ReturnBeforeExpiry ReturnToShelvingCart TransfersMaxDaysWarning UseBranchTransferLimits & BranchTransferLimitsType useDaysMode finesCalendar finesMode AllowHoldDateInFuture AllowHoldsOnDamagedItems AllowHoldPolicyOverride AllowOnShelfHolds canreservefromotherbranches DisplayMultiPlaceHold emailLibrarianWhenHoldIsPlaced maxreserves OPACAllowHoldDateInFuture ReservesControlBranch ReservesMaxPickUpDelay ReservesNeedReturns StaticHoldsQueueWeight & RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight AllowAllMessageDeletion CircAutocompl FilterBeforeOverdueReport DisplayClearScreenButton itemBarcodeInputFilter numReturnedItemsToShow previousIssuesDefaultSortOrder soundon SpecifyDueDate todaysIssuesDefaultSortOrder AutoSelfCheckAllowed, AutoSelfCheckID & AutoSelfCheckPass ShowPatronImageInWebBasedSelfCheck WebBasedSelfCheck ImageLimit FRBRizeEditions OPACFRBRizeEditions AmazonEnabled OPACAmazonEnabled AmazonLocale AWSAccessKeyID AWSPrivateKey AmazonAssocTag AmazonCoverImages AmazonReviews AmazonSimilarItems OPACAmazonCoverImages OPACAmazonSimilarItems OPACAmazonReviews Babeltheque BakerTaylorEnabled BakerTaylorBookstoreURL BakerTaylorUsername & BakerTaylorPassword GoogleJackets ThingISBN LibraryThingForLibrariesEnabled LibraryThingForLibrariesID LibraryThingForLibrariesTabbedView XISBN OCLCAffiliateID XISBNDailyLimit SyndeticsEnabled SyndeticsClientCode SyndeticsCoverImages & SyndeticsCoverImageSize SyndeticsAuthorNotes SyndeticsAwards SyndeticsEditions SyndeticsExcerpt SyndeticsReviews SyndeticsSeries SyndeticsSummary SyndeticsTOC TagsEnabled TagsModeration TagsShowOnList TagsInputOnList TagsShowOnDetail TagsInputOnDetail TagsExternalDictionary dateformat language opaclanguages opaclanguagesdisplay
1.1.9. Local Use BorrowersLog CataloguingLog FinesLog IssueLog LetterLog ReturnLog SubscriptionLog AuthorisedValueImages BiblioDefaultView DisplayOPACiconsXSLT hidelostitems LibraryName OpacAddMastheadLibraryPulldown OPACBaseURL opaccolorstylesheet opaccredits OPACDisplayRequestPriority opacheader OpacHighlightedWords opaclayoutstylesheet OpacMaintenance OpacMainUserBlock OpacNav OPACNoResultsFound OpacPublic OPACSearchForTitleIn OPACShowCheckoutName opacsmallimage opacstylesheet opacthemes OPACURLOpenInNewWindow OPACUserCSS opacuserjs OPACXSLTDetailsDisplay OPACXSLTResultsDisplay OpacAuthorities opacbookbag OpacBrowser OPACFinesTab OpacPasswordChange OPACPatronDetails OpacTopissue opacuserlogin RequestOnOpac reviewson suggestion OPACFineNoRenewals OPACItemHolds AutoEmailOpacUser & AutoEmailPrimaryAddress autoMemberNum BorrowerMandatoryField borrowerRelationship BorrowersTitles checkdigit EnhancedMessagingPreferences ExtendedPatronAttributes intranetreadinghistory MaxFine memberofinstitution minPasswordLength NotifyBorrowerDeparture patronimages PatronsPerPage SMSSendDriver uppercasesurnames NoZebra NoZebraIndexes OpacGroupResults QueryAutoTruncate QueryFuzzy QueryRemoveStopwords QueryStemming QueryWeightFields defaultSortField & defaultSortOrder maxItemsInSearchResults numSearchResults OPACdefaultSortField & OPACdefaultSortOrder OPACItemsResultsDisplay OPACnumSearchResults AdvancedSearchTypes expandedSearchOption OPACSerialIssueDisplayCount RenewSerialAddsSuggestion RoutingSerials RoutingListAddReserves StaffSerialIssueDisplayCount SubscriptionHistory intranet_includes intranetcolorstylesheet IntranetmainUserblock IntranetNav intranetstylesheet IntranetUserCSS intranetuserjs staffClientBaseURL template XSLTDetailsDisplay XSLTResultsDisplay yuipath HidePatronName intranetbookbag viewISBD viewLabeledMARC viewMARC ILS-DI ILS-DI:Authorized_IPs OAI-PMH OAI-PMH:archiveID OAI-PMH:ConfFile OAI-PMH:MaxCount Adding a Library Editing/Deleting a Library Search Domain Groups Library Property Groups Adding Item Types Editing Item Types Deleting Item Types Existing Values Add new Authorized Value Category Add new Authorized Value Adding a patron category Adding a City Viewing Cities on Patron Add Form Adding Road Types Viewing Road Types on Patron Add form Adding Patron Attributes Editing/Deleting Patron Attributes Default Circulation Rules Default Checkouts and Hold Policy Checkouts Per Patron Item Hold Policies
1.3.6. Library Transfer Limits
1.3.7. Item Circulation Alerts Add New Framework Edit Existing Frameworks Add subfields to Frameworks Edit Framework Subfields
1.4.2. Koha to MARC Mapping
1.4.3. Keywords to MARC Mapping
1.4.4. MARC Bibliographic Framework Test
1.4.5. Authority Types Adding/Editing Classification Sources Classification Filing Rules Sample Record Matching Rule: Control Number
1.5.1. Currencies and Exchange Rates Add a budget Add a Fund Budget Planning
1.6.1. Stop Words Add a Z39.50 Target Suggested Z39.50 Targets
2.1. News Add a Template Add a Profile Add a Layout Add a Batch
2.3. Quick Spine Label Creator Add a Template Add a Profile Add a Layout Add a Batch
2.4.5. Manage Images
2.5.1. Adding Events
2.5.2. Editing Events
2.5.3. Additional Help
2.6. Comments/Reviews
2.7. Tag Moderation
2.8.1. Add CSV Profiles
2.8.2. Modify CSV Profiles
2.8.3. Using CSV Profiles
2.9. Stage MARC Records for Import
2.10. Staged MARC Record Management
2.11. Export Bibliographic and Holdings Data (MARC Export)
2.12.1. Creating Patron File
2.12.2. Importing Patrons
2.13. Patrons (anonymize, bulk-delete)
2.14. Upload Patron Images
2.15.1. Troubleshooting Notice Markup
2.16.2. Existing Notices
2.17. Overdue Notice/Status Triggers
2.18. Log Viewer
2.19. Inventory/Stocktaking
2.20. Batch item modification
2.21. Batch item deletion
3.1. Add a new patron
3.2. Add a Staff Patron
3.3. Add a Statistical Patron
3.4. Editing Patrons
3.5.1. Setting Patron Permissions Granular Circulate Permissions Granular Holds Permissions Granular Cataloging Permissions Granular Acquisitions Permissions Granular Serials Permissions Granular Tools Permissions Granular Reports Permissions
3.6.1. Check Out
3.6.2. Details Charging Fines/Fees Pay/Reverse Fines Creating Manual Invoices Creating Manual Credits Printing Invoices
3.6.4. Circulation History
3.6.5. Modification Log
3.6.6. Messaging
3.6.7. Notices
3.7. Patron Search
4.1.1. Checking Items Out
4.1.2. Check Out Messages
4.1.3. Check Out Warnings
4.2.1. Checking Items In
4.2.2. Check In Messages
4.3.1. Setting up Messages
4.3.2. Adding a Message
4.3.3. Viewing Messages
4.4.1. Placing Holds in Staff Client
4.4.2. Managing Holds
4.4.3. Receiving Holds
4.5. Transfers
4.6. Set Library
4.7. Fast Add Cataloging
4.8.1. Holds Queue
4.8.2. Holds to pull
4.8.3. Holds awaiting pickup
4.8.4. Hold ratios
4.8.5. Transfers to receive
4.8.6. Overdues
4.8.7. Overdues with fines
4.9. Tracking Inhouse Use
4.10. In Processing / Book Cart Locations
4.11. Self Checkout
4.12.1. Firefox Plugin
4.12.2. Offline Circ Tool for Windows
4.12.3. Upload Offline Circ File
5.1.1. Adding Records
5.1.2. Editing Records
5.1.3. Duplicating Records
5.1.4. Merging Records
5.2.1. Adding Items
5.2.2. Editing Items
5.2.3. Moving Items
5.2.4. Item Specific Circulation History
5.3.1. Adding Authorities
5.3.2. Searching Authorities
5.3.3. Editing Authorities
5.4.1. Bibliographic Record Cataloging Cheat Sheet
5.4.2. Item/Holdings Record Cataloging Guide
5.4.3. Handling On Order Items and Holds
6.1. Add a subscription
6.2. Receive Issues
6.3. Create a Routing List
6.4. Subscriptions in Staff Client
6.5. Subscriptions in OPAC
7.1. Setup
7.2.1. Add a Vendor
7.2.2. View/Edit a Vendor Add a Contract
7.3. Managing Suggestions
7.4.1. Create a basket
7.4.2. Create a basket group
7.4.3. Printing baskets
7.5. Receiving Orders
7.6. Claims & Late Orders
7.7. Acquisition Searches
8.1.1. Create a List
8.1.2. Add to a List
8.1.3. Viewing Lists
8.1.4. Merging Bibliographic Records Via Lists
8.2. Cart Guided Report Wizard Report from SQL
9.1.2. Edit Custom Reports
9.2.1. Acquisitions Statistics
9.2.2. Patron Statistics
9.2.3. Catalog Statistics Tracking in house use
9.2.5. Serials Statistics
9.2.6. Patrons with the most checkouts
9.2.7. Most Circulated Items
9.2.8. Patrons with no checkouts
9.2.9. Items with no checkouts
9.2.10. Catalog by Item Type
9.2.11. Lost Items
9.2.12. Average Loan Time
9.3. Report Dictionary
10.1.1. Results Overview
10.1.2. Filters
10.1.3. Search RSS Feeds
10.2. Bibliographic Record Adding titles to Lists Managing Lists Adding titles to the Cart Managing the Cart
10.4.1. Tagging
10.4.3. Zotero
10.4.4. Custom RSS Feeds
10.5.1. My Summary
10.5.2. Patron Flags
10.5.3. My Fines
10.5.4. My Details
10.5.5. My Tags
10.5.6. Change My Password
10.5.7. My Search History
10.5.8. My Reading History
10.5.9. My Privacy
10.5.10. My Purchase Suggestions
10.5.11. My Messaging
10.5.12. My Lists
10.6. Purchase Suggestions
11.1. Advanced Search Prefixes
11.2.1. Indexing and Searching Description
11.2.2. Indexing Configuration
11.2.3. Basic Searching
11.2.4. Advanced Searching Audience Examples Contents Examples Search Syntax
11.3. Koha Search Indexes
12.1. Server Information
12.2. Perl Modules
13.1. Data Migration
13.2. Admin Configuration
13.3. Localization Configuration
13.4. Circulation Configuration
13.5. Patron Configuration
13.6. Cataloging Configuration
13.7. Authorities Configuration
13.8. Searching Configuration
13.9.1. Editable OPAC Regions
13.10. Enhanced Content Configuration
13.11. Acquisitions Configuration
13.12. Serials Configuration
13.13. Planning for Go-Live
14.1. SOPAC2 Introduction
14.2. Introduction
14.3.1. Dependencies
14.3.2. Download
14.3.3. Creation of the Database
14.3.4. Sync DSN
14.3.5. Installation of Insurge
14.3.6. Installation of Locum
14.4. Installation of Koha Connector
14.5. Harvest Records
14.6.1. Dependencies
14.6.2. Download and Compile
14.6.3. Creation of User and Group
14.6.4. The demon Sphinx
14.6.5. Configuration
14.6.6. Indexing documents
14.7.1. Download
14.7.2. Installation
14.7.3. Configuration Perl Documentation Print Hold Notices Perl Documentation Check URLs Merge Authorities Serials Update RSS Feeds Authorities Browser Perl Documentation Clean up Database
15.1.8. Deprecated scripts
16.1. OAI-PMH
17.1.1. Explain More details about Search
17.1.3. Retrieve
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