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Published by ACS Athens
ACS Athens Elementary School - MUSE Newsletter Dec. 2011
ACS Athens Elementary School - MUSE Newsletter Dec. 2011

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Published by: ACS Athens on Dec 05, 2011
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Daily life here at ACS AthensElementary continues to bepleasantly full, charminglynoisy, academicallychallenging and highlyproductive. I am certainthat most of you hadthe opportunity to witnessa number of successfulpresentations and/oractivities which tookplace in our schoolduring the month of October.Noteworthy events suchas OXI Day, thePumpkin PatchExhibition, and theHalloween Carnival, notonly created a festiveatmosphere enjoyed by all,but were also hugesuccesses. Knowing howhard our students andfaculty members had workedfor these presentations itcouldn’t have beenotherwise. The first trimester endedDecember 1st. Report cards will be posted on Skywardon December 22nd. As yourecall, Parent-TeacherConferences were heldduring the month of October,enabling you to meet with yourchild’s/children’s variousteachers, discuss theiracademic progress and clarifyany concerns you might havehad. All of our students, without any exceptions,deserve a hugehug for theirgenuine effortsand hard workduring this time.If, for whateverreason, there arestudents that arenot performing upto their ability,then, we need to work together toprovide them withthe assistance needed. Forsafety reasons we have instilleda policy concerning enteringclassrooms before and afterschool hours. Parents andstudents are not allowed toenter classrooms during the weekend. On school days theymay not enter classroomsbefore 9:00 a.m. (unless theyhave been given a specialpermission or due to inclement weather). Also, shouldstudents forget something afterschool, they have until 4:00p.m. to retrieve it and until3:45 p.m. on Wednesdays aslong as faculty are in theclassrooms. At this point, I would like to remind you thatschool begins at 9:00 a.m.and finishes at 3:30 p.m.Bringing your child to schoolon time is essential for themaximum educational benefitof your child. The key tosuccess is the home-schoolcooperation which has beenproven, makes all thedifference in the world. The last day of school beforeour holiday break isDecember 23rd. During thistime of feasting, holidayleisure and fun, I stronglyencourage parents to urgetheir child/children to read,as much as they can. Thefascinating world of readingunveils before our startledeyes all the mysteries of the world.Let me take this opportunityto wish you and your family a joyful festive season.Sincerely,Cathy Makropoulos
Message from the Principal
Volume 1, Issue 1December 2011
Acting Elementary SchoolPrincipal
family, friends, andourselves!! We have beensharing our feelings throughdaily class discussions, storybooks, and activities. At home,find opportunities to verbalize your feelings so that yourchild can better understandhow he/she can expresshimself/herself. This is agreat way to reinforcevocabulary and the use of language.
We have also been busylearning various colors,shapes, numbers, patternsand so much more! Help yourchild discover these conceptsin their environment, whether
Kindergarten News
We also learned all about theholiday Halloween and workedon several fun art projects,such as the Halloween mural,spiral ghosts, and black cats.We ended the month with aHalloween Party, where we alldressed in costumes…Whatfun!During the month of November, we have beenlearning about Thanksgivingas it is celebrated in theUnited States. The Pilgrims’ role and the Native Americans’ significance have beendiscussed as it relates to thetheme of 
giving thanks 
.We talked about all of themany, many things for which we are thankful to have in ourlives, most importantly ourfamilies.
 This year has startedoff with a bang! TheKindergarteners spent themonth of September gettingacquainted with the school,their classrooms and eachother! At home, eachstudent collected some of their beloved items tocreate a “ME BOX”. Theythen shared these things with their teacher andfriends. It was a great wayto get to know one another!In October, we got our firstvisit from the letter peopleand began working hard tolearn our letters andsounds! Each week wefocus on a different letterand have fun activitiesrelated to things that begin with that letter.
Junior Kindergarten News
Happy December toeveryone! It is an excitingtime in Junior Kindergartenas we explore the magic of  winter and all itscelebrations. Your child willbring home art work,projects and other wonderful things to share with you. Take the time todiscuss these activities with your child. A lot of time andeffort are put into theseprojects and it’s importantto show your child that their work at school is importantto you as well. The children have been busyat school as we have alsobeen discussing “All AboutMe” and continue to exploreit is in your home or maybe onthe road while you’re driving!In class we continuously talkabout showing properbehavior by using listeningears, careful eyes, quiet feetand still hands. The childrenhave been doing a great job!Please support us byencouraging the samebehavior at home and, asalways, please feel free tocontact us with anyquestions or concerns youmay have!!!Ms. Alex,Ms. Korinna,and Ms. VasilikeAs a way to enjoy some‘special time’ with his/herfamily, each student creativelydecorated a turkey posterat home. With the help of their families, the studentssucceeded in making somebreath-taking art work! Thechildren proudly sharedtheir turkeys with the groupbefore displaying them in ourclassrooms.Ms. Anna and Ms. Ashley
Hello to All, and especially ourFantastic First Grade Parents!We are well into our firsttrimester and enjoying our yearthus far, as children havesettled into the classroomroutines and are becomingresponsible and respectful firstgraders. Along with the help of our two aides, Ms. Eleftheriaand Ms. Hara, we are able toprovide students with frequentsmall group work in bothreading and writing. Childrenare making great strides andeffort in their directed writingassignments. As growth inreading and writing are closelyunited, it is imperative tocontinue positively reinforcingchildren and boosting their self esteem throughout all theirendeavors, both at home and atschool. Remember that at thisstage in your child’s writing,using phonetic awarenessfor inventive spelling,environmental print, sight wordspelling, word books, and word walls are all part of the process.We will also be introducing a weekly spelling focus to enrich your child’s comfort with words,both reading and writing.Our dinosaurunit hasdefinitelyprovided fodderfor theimagination in journal storiesand on the playground! Therehearsals for our Dino-Dazeplay have come along nicely inthe big theater. We hope youshare in the excitement andsuccess of each andevery effort made duringthe process of ourmuch-acclaimed dinosaurplay.A sneak peek into thenear future will reveala common thread based onour discussion of dinosaurextinction – we will bestudying about contemporaryendangered and extinctanimals.On a lighter note, we will alsobe looking forward tobuilding and decorating ourholiday cookie houses whichare always a real treat. Youmay volunteer your time,energy and enthusiasm tohelp us build these houseson the morning of Wednesday, December 21. Aletter with details will be senthome.Speaking of the holidayseason, in school, we focuson holidays presented in theUnited States. In order toenrich our curriculum, weinvite you to present your
1st Grade News
favorite holiday from yourheritage to share with yourchild’s homeroom. Again, aletter with details will besent home.We look forward to our yearahead with all of you. Jubilantly,Ms. Birbil, Ms. Ficke,Ms. Lamprou

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