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Original Literacy Memoir

Original Literacy Memoir

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Published by jkeatin4

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Published by: jkeatin4 on Dec 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Literacy Memoir
Page 1 #8Over the past years I have had many interesting english experiences which ranfrom extremes of terrible and great. There is always that one teacher that you absolutelyhate, then on the contrary, a teacher that you absolutely love. A positive experience Ihad was a teacher my freshman year of high school that was very understanding andstrict, yet understood things come up in life. A negative experience I had was my juniorand senior year of high school where my teacher was a lady with constant mood swings,gave a ton of tedious work, and overall did not teach me much in the process. Both ofthese situations influenced me and gave me different overall perspectives of Englishclasses and life skill. One taught me how to cope with teachers that didn’t show anysympathy or much insight for your learning, while the other showed me to embracepeople that are understanding and teach you many things.My last writing corse was one that I spoke of in the last paragraph, which was mysenior year of high school with a teacher that didn’t show much enthusiasm and was nottoo pleasant to be around. Though this was not an ideal situation I did my best to makesomething out of it and taught myself many things. This class I believe was a goodpreparation for college due to the fact that I was a lot more independent than otherpeople in high school which is more of a college atmosphere. Hopefully the skills that Iobtained in that class can carry over to this new writing class where I can be verysuccessful.In my eyes, reading and writing are great skills that you will definitely useeveryday throughout your life. It is hard to imagine how some people to not have the
Literacy Memior
Page 2 #8necessities to even read and write. When you think about it, reading and writing are thetwo key things sometimes people take for granite. When I am either reading or writing, ithelps a vast amount if I can relate to the topic or is something of interest. Such as thispaper, I am able to share my feelings on a topic. When you have freedom of expressionlike this it is exceptionally easier to write. When it comes to reading things I am a personthat likes to be informed of events taking place and what is going on whether it is in mycity, state, country, and even world! If you are informed of things that are happeningaround you, it helps you to related and understand certain processes. In my life today,reading and writing are so critical to everyday tasks. When the future presents itself Iknow that these will even be more important then they already are to be an enlightenedmember of society.Throughout my lifespan I have had many writing experiences that were good andbad. There were two extremes as in the bad ones were dreadful, and the good oneswere superb. The bad one is probably the most obvious one to be mentioned which ismy experience with the SAT. When I turned over and read the prompt I knew I was goingto do horrible. It was about something that had to do with the environment and myopinion on it or something along those lines. We had about 30 minutes to write twopages and I knew that there was no way I could do it. After the period of time was over Ihad around 3/4 of a page done, I struggle a lot on things I cannot relate to or are not ofinterest. On the other hand a great experience I had with writing was when I wrote up a
Literacy Memoir
article for the local sports newspaper to publish which was about my soccer career,along with my high school and club soccer teams success. When I had the opportunityPage 3 #8to write about this the words came to me immediately and I actually had fun when I wasin the process of writing, as well as when I saw the final product. These two anecdotesare my main recollections of my views of writing.My favorite thing to write about is without a doubt, my experiences on the soccerfield. When I sit down to write about soccer, probably my most passionate thing,everything just comes so easy and I can just describe every little detail. I really enjoywhen you can write about something your passionate about because no matter howlong it needs to be you can write about it forever. In my opinion, everyone has things likeI have describe that there attention is immediately grabbed on. It can be all sorts ofthings such as automobiles, the environment, or things such as animals. When it allcomes down to it, writing about soccer is a walk in the park and something I would neverhesitate to do.
In a formal paper I usually try to grab three main points about the topic inwhich I am writing about, then use those points to create a thesis statement. Ihave always been taught that the thesis is the foreground for a great paper, and agood thesis can take you miles. After creating the thesis statement I incorporateit into my introduction paragraph. This introduction segment is followed by threebody paragraphs which explains the points introduced by the thesis statement.After these have been constructed I sum them up with a conclusion of the entire

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