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Table Of Contents

Astromech R.C.C
Atlantean Blade O.C.C
The Awakened
The Awakened OCC - For Beyond the Supernatural
Banshee Dragon Hatchling R.C.C
Bard O.C.C
"True" Bard P.C.C
Battle Angel O.C.C
Betazoids R.C.C
Beyond Cyber-Knights OCC
Bio Wizard Half Elf
Birdman R.C.C
Blacksmith O.C.C
Blood Knight O.C.C
Board Rider O.C.C
The Borg
Borowitz Giants R.C.C
Cab Driver OCC
Cambion RCC
Cardassians R.C.C
ChemTek Headstim O.C.C
Chi-Symbiote R.C.C
Chronogean R.C.C
Chupacabra R.C.C
Civilian Martial Artist O.C.C
Coalition Centurion O.C.C
Coalition Combat Artist O.C.C
Coalition Commando O.C.C
Coalition Commisar
Coalition Death knight OCC (Elite Infantry)
Coalition Entertainment Specialist O.C.C
Coalition Inquisitor O.C.C
Coalition States Postal Worker O.C.C
Coalition Psi-SAM OCC (also known as Psykers)
Coalition Special Service Commando O.C.C
The Coalition Wolf-guard
Coalition Wolf-skin Scout O.C.C
The Collectors R.C.C
Collectors: Tool List
Combat Joker O.C.C
Combat Mage OCC
Combat Psionic OCC
The Comquere
The Condemned O.C.C Men of Armsa Optional O.C.C.
The Courier and the New Pony Express
Courier O.C.C
Creature Containment and Elimination Specialist O.C.C
Crimson Warrior O.C.C
Crystal Dragon Hatchlings R.C.C
CS Anti-Juicer OCC
CS FASSAR-70 Skelebot R.C.C
The Cursed Psychic R.C.C
Cyber-Ranger O.C.C
Cyber-Warrior O.C.C
Cyborg Reporter O.C.C
Daemonite R.C.C
The Dakota
Darkchilde R.C.C
Dark Dragon - The Mist Dragon R.C.C
Dark Dragon - The Nether Dragon
Dark Elf R.C.C
The Dark Ones R.C.C
Darter R.C.C
Data Pirate
Death Dragon RCC
Death Seeker O.C.C
The Deimaire R.C.C
Detective O.C.C
Devil Hunter O.C.C
Diabolist O.C.C
Digoshi O.C.C
Diplomat O.C.C
The Domovoi Based on Quest for Glory 4 by Sierra Online
Dragon-Girl R.C.C
Dragon of the Lightning Claw
Dragon Rider R.C.C
Dragon Slayer O.C.C
Dragon Warrior O.C.C.* for the Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying Game® 2nd Edition
Draykle R.C.C
Special Operations Group Drop Commando OCC
Drow Elf R.C.C
Duster O.C.C
The Dynari (Based on Star Control 2)
Ean/Rune Lord R.C.C
Eastern Warrior R.C.C
Enhanced Biocontrol and Response Soldier (EBRS)
Elemental Blade Master O.C.C
Elemental Dragon - The Pearl Dragon
Elite SEAL
Elven WarMaster R.C.C
Elves R.C.C
Enhanced Gromek R.C.C
Emperor's personal Guard O.C.C
The Eternal R.C.C
Eternal Knight O.C.C
Etherials R.C.C
The Evolved
Ewok R.C.C
The Fairie Dragon R.C.C
Fallen O.C.C
The Fedaykin Warrior O.C.C
Fighter Pilot O.C.C
Firedrake R.C.C
Flesh Peddler O.C.C By: SAMHAIN
Fremen O.C.C
Game Hunter O.C.C
Gardener O.C.C
Gargoric Aliens
The Gelfling
Genetically Enhanced Man (G.E.M.) O.C.C
Genetic Cleanser R.C.C
Grendel O.C.C
Gryphon Rider O.C.C
The Guardian Mystic
Gunslinger O.C.C
Gunslinger v.2 O.C.C
Gur-Na-Ton R.C.C
The Gwanni
Hacker OCC
Halflings R.C.C
Haruchai RCC
Healer O.C.C
Heavy Worlder Human Variant
Hellion OCC
Hexon O.C.C
Highland Clansman O.C.C
Highlander Immortal R.C.C
Immortal R.C.C
Immortal RCC v1.1
Impaler R.C.C
Inquisitor-Redeemer O.C.C
Invisible Agents O.C.C
Invisible Person O.C.C
Jabbs R.C.C
Jedi OCC
Jedi Knight O.C.C
Jinxian R.C.C
Journalist O.C.C
Journalist O.C.C. v0.01
Judge O.C.C
K’Rah Skahn RCC
Kaazar R.C.C
Kajiran Grunt
Kajiran Scientist O.C.C
The Katta R.C.C Based on Quest For Glory 2
Kedrian R.C.C
Keltar Engineer
Keltarian Officer/Bounty Hunter R.C.C
Keltar Priest(ess)/Psychic R.C.C
Keltar Warrior R.C.C
Kender O.C.C
Kherubim Warrior R.C.C
Killer Bunny R.C.C
Kryptonian R.C.C
Kzinti RCC
Larrban: Optional RCC or NPC villain
Laser Jockey O.C.C
Lesser Horned Dragon R.C.C
Ley Line Berserker O.C.C
Lifter R.C.C Master Telekinetic Psychic
Lightning Dragon R.C.C
The Light Worlder Human Variant Race
Linebacker R.C.C
The Liontaur Race Based on Quest for Glory 3
Maddalena Demon (updated)
The Mailman OCC
Magi-Knight R.C.C
Mago-Runner O.C.C
Marauder R.C.C
The Marked RCC
Martial Warrior O.C.C
The MechPurr
Mecha-Knight O.C.C
Mechanoid Converted Hunter Killer R.C.C
Mellor RCC
The Melnorme Traders (Based on Star Control 2)
Merchant OCC
Merchant/Courier OCC
The Mesmerizer
Metalmorph R.C.C
The Metroid
The Mexican Vampire Hunter
The Midwich Children (Village of the Damned)
Mind-Crusher R.C.C
Mind Master I
Mind Master II
Mogara R.C.C
Mok (also Motak) R.C.C
Morian's Gargoyles R.C.C
Monochromage O.C.C
The Monteverde Angels
Most Dangerous Soldier (MDS) O.C.C
Movie Star OCC
Munchkin-Killer O.C.C
Mutant RoadRunner R.C.C
Mystic Knight O.C.C
Mystic Willow R.C.C
Necro-Knight O.C.C
Neo-Juicer v1 O.C.C
v2 Neo-Juicer O.C.C
Nexian R.C.C
Night Avatar OCC
NightCloak R.C.C
The Nocturnal Wanderer
The Norns
Nosferatu RCC
Oberon Gargoyles R.C.C
Out World Warrior
Paladin O.C.C
Phase Dragon R.C.C
Phoenician Guard O.C.C
Plague Monk
Plasma Dragon R.C.C
Pod People RCC
Pointman OCC+
Predator: Alien R.C.C
Predator: Human O.C.C
The Pretender P.C.C
Protector Wizard OCC
Psi-Arkana - Tele-Pur RCC
Psi-Bartender v1.2
Psi-Chef PCC
Psionic Overlords
Psi-Pilot O.C.C
Psi-Tek Lord T.C.C
Psycohistorian OCC
Puppet Master O.C.C
Quantum Sorcerer
Quickening Junkie O.C.C
RAGES: Retro-Actively Genetically Engineered Soldiers
The Rangers O.C.C
New Republician Legionnaire O.C.C
Ricean Vampire R.C.C
Rune Caster O.C.C
Rune Weapon R.C.C
Rykarian R.C.C
Sage OCC
Saiyan R.C.C
The Saiyans Reborn!
Sasquach and Silver Oak
Schattenjager O.C.C
Sentinel RCC
Sex Fiend RCC
ShadowBorn R.C.C
Shadowcaster OCC
Shadow Wolf R.C.C
Shield Knight
Shining Ones RCC
Shocker R.C.C
Silver Ball R.C.C
Silver Dragon R.C.C
Siren O.C.C
The Siren PCC
Sirrush RCC
Sisters of Mercy
The Sisters of the Sightless Eye
The Slayer
Smurf Faerie R.C.C
Snow Ranger O.C.C
Sonic Dragon R.C.C
The Sons of Ether
Sorcerer O.C.C
Soul Merchant RCC
Space Bum OCC V.01
Spatial Mage O.C.C. and Spatial Magic
Spawn R.C.C
Speaker for the Dead
Spider Warrior R.C.C
Spiker R.C.C
Spirit R.C.C
Starfleet Commando O.C.C
Starfleet Special Operative O.C.C
Statisti R.C.C
Stone Troll R.C.C
Stormtrooper O.C.C
Street Fighters O.C.C
Street Punk OCC v0.01
Street Surfer OCC Data
The Subahl
*Rifts Style Summoner O.C.C.*
S.W.A.T Team O.C.C
Sword Mage O.C.C
T.C.C. (Transformed Character Class)
Tattooed Weapon Master O.C.C
Techner R.C.C
Techno Shooters R.C.C
Technos R.C.C
Temporal Master P.C.C
Temporal-Mechanic O.C.C
Terror Child OCC
The Uhr: Time Demon R.C.C Optional Player Characters
Tleixaxu Face Dancer R.C.C. v0.2
Tolkeen Hedge Mage O.C.C
The Transcendent PCC
Transformers R.C.C
Trash Collector O.C.C
The Traveling Merchant
TreeCat R.C.C
Treent R.C.C
True Immortal
True Seeker O.C.C
True Vampire R.C.C
True Warlock R.C.C
Turtextron R.C.C
Ultimate Martial Artist O.C.C
Undead Werewolf
Urban Vigilante O.C.C
Valarian R.C.C
Valerian Dragon Knight
Vampire Hunter O.C.C
Vector-Man R.C.C
Vulcan R.C.C
Wampyr: Stoker Vampire RCC/CCE
Weapons Engineer OCC
Weapon Mage OCC
Wandering Laborer OCC v0.01
Wandering Tribe OCC - RIFTS Australia
The Wanna-Be
Warloch (Oath-Breaker) P.C.C
Watcher OCC
Water Dragon (or Shui Long )
Water Master O.C.C
Wemic R.C.C
Werecheetah R.C.C
Werewolves R.C.C
Western Warrior R.C.C
Wild Child OCC
Wildrunner R.C.C
Witchblade OCC v1.3
Wolfen Legionnaire O.C.C
Wookiee R.C.C
Woowari R.C.C
Wyvern R.C.C
Xiticix Slayer
Xurulian Warrior R.C.C
Xurulian Worker R.C.C
Yautja Hunter R.C.C
Yi-Xian C.C.C. (Complete Character Class)
Appendix 1 "Official" OCC/RCC Submission Form
Quantum Sorcery
Martial Art Techniques
Predator Equipment
Temporal Psionics
Battle Angel Equipment
Battle Angel Martial Arts
Elite SEAL Equipment
New Lightsaber
Elven Magic
New Equipment & Psionics
Xurulian Race and History
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