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project4awesome 2011

project4awesome 2011

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Published by Lee Ann Spillane
Project for Awesome assignment: work with a small group to change the world.
Project for Awesome assignment: work with a small group to change the world.

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Published by: Lee Ann Spillane on Dec 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your Name:Mrs. Lee Ann SpillaneEnglish Period ____15 December 2011
Project for Awesome Title
: __________________________________
Work in small groups (2s or 3s) to make the world a better place by educating people about acharity that helps others. Create a 2-3 minute video that you will post to YouTube by Friday, 12/16.
Project Goals:
Learn about types appeals used in argument: ethical, logical and emotional appeals
Use digital tools to purposefully communicate and achieve a purpose
Demonstrate persuasive writing (video script) used to influence audience
(LA. 910.4.3.1)
Your Project for Awesome video should include:
Persuasive argument: include facts about your charity to persuade audience to support it
Video elements: images/video, music, narration, clear beginning, middle and end with transitionsbetween segments
P4A elements :Upload video to YouTube; spread the word to get views/comments; Project for Awesomelogo (saved at the end of your project, the logo should last as long as your video so that it becomes theicon or thumbnail for the video on YouTube);video is tagged: cchs-p4a12, p4a, p4a12,
Brainstorm for IdeasProblems I see in my community…. Charity organizations that work to solve theseproblems are…Group Members Contact Information
Plan for getting the project done…
Evaluation Rubric4 - AI am an expert!3 - BI get most of it.2 -CI have questions.1 DI do not understand.PersuasiveUse of Appeals
Did youconvinceaudience tosupport yourcharity?Demonstrates a clearunderstanding of ethical, logical andemotional appeals;uses a variety of appeals to createcompelling argumentfor others to supportcharityBasic understandingof argument/appeals;use at least 2 appealsto attempt to persuadeaudience to supportcharity.Misunderstanding of appeals evident or notenough informationto gageunderstanding; 1appeal may used topersuade audience tosupport charity, butpersuasive purpose isnot achieved.Clearmisunderstanding of using appeals topersuade an audience.Students may not useappeals at all or maysubstitute simpler task to telling audienceabout the charity(expository instead of persuasive)
UsingDigitalTools toCreateVideo
Did youachieve yourpurpose?Music, voice, andimages are clearlyedited to conveyenthusiasm andachieve purpose;students; video isclear and loud enoughto be heard; followsfair use for allimage/audioMusic, voice, imagesmay be put togetherbut editing may notconvey interest orenthusiasm. Videoshares informationbut may not achievepurpose; video isclear but may not beloud enough in spots;follows fair use for allimage/audioSomething seems tobe missing from thevideo (music, imagesor narration); videomay shareinformation about butdoes not achievepurpose; soundproblems get in theway of understanding.Some material maybe used withoutpermission or inviolation of copyrightEven with help,students have little orno success creatingvideo; Video projectmay not have beensaved as a movie.Video may notachieve purpose.Text, audio and/orimages are usedwithout permissionand/or in violation of copyright
 DFTBA?Howawesome isyour video?Video thumbnail isthe P4A logo; videohas been viewed andcommented on manytimes; can be foundwith the tags: cchs-p4a12, p4a, p4a12Video thumbnail maynot be the P4A logo;video plays onYouTube; can befound by searchingfor cchs-p4a12Video thumbnail isnot the P4A logo;there may beproblems playing thevideo from YouTube;video may not betaggedStudents did notpublish video onYouTube.
Upload your P4A video to Bear English! Participate in commenting, rating and favoriting P4Avideos during Project for Awesome online on Saturday 12/17 and Sunday 12/18—favorite, rateand comment on at least 100 videos for extra credit : ) Show you did it by taking a screen shotof your favorites on YouTube and saving it to BearEnglish
Additional Comments
Connect with Care1
What social issues do you care about? I’ve listed 3 issues I care about. List your top 3 issues.
poverty, literacy, children
Investigate charities that serve your issues. List the names of the charities under your issues below.Look them up by searching: Nonprofit + issue + America OR charity + issue
Your Issue #1 Your Issue #2 Your Issue #3Poverty Literacy Children Cancer SuicidePreventionConservationHealth
TheUnculturedProjectThe SalvationArmyFirst Book InvisibleChildrenSave theChildrenGive Kids theWorldThis StarWon’t GoOutFoundationWigs forKidsSAVE.orgThe TrevorProjectNatureConservancyMalaria NoMoreWater.org
Choose 2 charities to investigate further from the list you made or from the organizations listed above.Gather facts using the 5 Ws and an H organizer.
Talk with your group about what you discovered and pick the charity your group will support during Projectfor Awesome

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