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NJ CC Poll Topline Results Dec 5

NJ CC Poll Topline Results Dec 5

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Published by nationaljournal

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Published by: nationaljournal on Dec 06, 2011
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December 2011 Omnibus Week 1Princeton Survey Research Associates International forNational Journal
Final Topline ResultsDecember 5, 20111,008 adults age 18 and olderMargin of error: Plus or minus 3.7 percentage pointsInterviewing dates: December 1 - 4, 2011Notes: Due to rounding, percentages may not add to 100. An asterisk (*) indicatesvalues less than 0.5%.
Princeton Survey Research Associates InternationalDecember 2011 Omnibus Week 1
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CC1.Congress is considering legislation requiring all states which allow their ownresidents to carry concealed weapons to extend that right to non-residentswith a concealed-carry permit from another state. Supporters say thislegislation is necessary to ensure that people authorized to carry concealedweapons in their own state can protect themselves wherever they are.Opponents say it would undermine each state’s ability to set its ownstandards for who can carry guns, like age or training requirements.Which comes closer to your own view? [READ 1-2 IF NECESSARY]Dec 1-4201140This legislation is necessary to ensure people can protect themselveswherever they are and should become law (OR)49The legislation would undermine each state’s ability to set its ownstandards for who can carry guns and should not become law11Dont know/Refused (VOL.)CC2.Some experts believe there are as many as 11 million illegal immigrants inthe United States today. Which ONE of the following steps, if any, do youthink the government should take to deal with illegal immigrants? [READ 1-3IN ORDER FOR HALF SAMPLE, READ IN REVERSE ORDER FOR OTHER HALFSAMPLE]Dec 1-4201125Deport ALL illegal immigrants, no matter how long they have been inthe U.S.39Deport SOME, but allow those who have been here for many yearsand have broken no other laws to stay here legally [OR]28Allow ALL illegal immigrants to stay, provided they have broken noother laws and commit to learning English and U.S. history5None of the above (VOL.)3Dont know/Refused (VOL.)CC3.Last year, Congress provided a temporary reduction in the payroll tax paid byworkerson their wages. Unless Congress extends this tax cut soon, it will expire.Supporters say this tax cut gives people more money to spend and helps theeconomy. Opponents say it increases the federal debt without doing much tohelp the economy. Do you think Congress should or should NOT extend thepayroll tax cut?Dec 1-4201158Should extend payroll tax cut
Princeton Survey Research Associates InternationalDecember 2011 Omnibus Week 1
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32Should not extend payroll tax cut10Dont know/Refused (VOL.)CC4.As you may know, the federal government now helps pay for up to 99 weeksof unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs. UnlessCongress acts to extend these benefits by the end of this year, unemployedpeople will receive only 26 weeks of benefits. In your opinion, shouldCongress [READ 1-3]Dec 1-4201129Take action to keep unemployment benefits at 99 weeks,20Limit unemployment benefits to 26 weeks, OR46Set a new limit for unemployment benefits between 26 and 99 weeks?2None/Other (VOL.)3Dont know/Refused (VOL.)CC5.This week, Congress will vote on legislation that would make it more difficultfor federal agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency and Securitiesand Exchange Commission, to issue new regulations. This legislation calls formore cost-benefit analysis about the impact of new regulations andadditional study of their impact on small businesses. In general, which of thefollowing concerns you MORE about this issue…[READ AND RANDOMIZE 1-2]Dec 1-4201145That regulatory officials appointed by President Obama will go too far inimposing unnecessary regulations on business and hurt the economy[OR]41That Congress will go too far in reducing the authority of regulatoryagencies and weaken oversight of business on issues likeenvironmental protection and financial fraud?2Neither is a concern (VOL.)12Dont know/Refused (VOL.)
Princeton Survey Research Associates InternationalDecember 2011 Omnibus Week 1

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