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2004 — The Power of You & You

2004 — The Power of You & You

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2004 Annual Report of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)
2004 Annual Report of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Unitarian Universalist Service Committee on Dec 06, 2011
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The Power of You & You
2004 Annual ReportUnitarian Universalist Service Committee
Protecting and promoting human rights worldwide for 65 years
 With human rights under attack here inthe United States and around the world,there is no shortage of justice work to bedone. In these challenging times, we callon the Unitarian Universalist ServiceCommittee’s 32,000 members and sup-porters to put our values into action, pro-tecting and promoting human rightsaround the world.Sixty-five years ago, our Unitarian andUniversalist founders put their values intoaction by helping the victims of Nazi per-secution. Today, as governments openly pursue repressive agendas under the guiseof the war on terrorism, the ServiceCommittee leads the call to justicethrough such initiatives as DefendingDemocracy and the STOP (Stop TorturePermanently) Campaign.In May, we both took part in a UUSC-sponsored delegation to Guatemala. Thisgroup visited UUSC program partnersthat are working hard to reclaim justiceand dignity for the survivors of whatsome would call genocide perpetratedduring the 1980s.For both of us, this trip to Central America was a return to the roots of ourcommitment to social justice. And goingto Guatemala, a country where UUSChas worked in partnership with humanrights defenders for more than 30 years,represented a return to one of the roots of UUSC’s commitment to social justice. As FY04 closed, UUSC was engaged inanother returning to our roots by engag-ing in a process of reviewing our majorprograms. Through this process, we areasking ourselves important questions that will help us answer the call to justice:How does our work make us different?How will our work resonate with ourmembership? How can we best continueto advocate effectively for social change?
 A message for our members and supporters
Todd Jones
Chair, Board of Trustees 
Table of contents
1The Power of You & You:Protecting and promotinghuman rights worldwide7Named endowment funds8Honor roll of annual fundmajor donors10Flaming Chalice Circle andAmbassadors Council11Investing in human rights12Financial statements
Charlie ClementsUUSC President and CEOTodd JonesChair, Board of Trustees
Our program work is the measure of oursuccess. For that reason, we are sharpen-ing our focus on three critical areas: eco-nomic justice, environmental justice andcivil liberties.Refocusing our programs will allow UUSC to do its best work in the areas in which it can be most effective. However,our primary focus remains our commit-ment to protecting and promoting humanrights and social justice here in theUnited States and around the world.Seeking justice requires patience, courageand resources. The Service Committeebelieves it also requires “The Power of  You & You.” The pursuit of justice is notsomething that can be done by individu-als, nor accomplished by congregations,nor by an organization like UUSC alone.Rather, it is work done by joining thehands of many communities in partner-ship, each contributing somethingunique. When we say “seeking justice requiresresources,” we are not only thinkingabout financial contributions. We alsoneed your passion, your activism andmost importantly, your faith that, as theflower slowly turns toward the sun, histo-ry ultimately bends toward justice and thearc of the universe toward life.Charlie Clements
President and CEO
World War II begins.Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp travel toCzechoslovakia tohelp refugees escapeNazi persecution.
The Unitarian ServiceCommittee is officially established. During the war years, USC provides refugeeassistance, medical care,clothing and other services.
“The Power of You & You” through history
Victories in the struggle for human rights are achievedby individuals rising to meet challenges that, at thetime, often seemed insur-mountable. Here are somehighlights of the arc of movement that representsUUSC’s 65 years of steps – both large andsmall – advancing thecause of justice.
“The Power of You & You”
Protecting and promoting human rights worldwide2004 Annual Report
(for the period from July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004)
UUSC Annual Report 2004
ness to the struggle against U.S. unilateralism and insupport of efforts to protect civil liberties and the rightsof the oppressed.Our Unitarian and Universalist founders believed inthe inherent worth and dignity of all people. Guidedby these principles, it is a simple step to believe thathuman rights must be protected and promoted, espe-cially for the marginalized or oppressed. But it is nosimple act to advance the cause of justice in the world. We rely on our network of members and supporters which allows us to extend our reach in defending theinterdependent web of life of which we are all part. Working together, each one of us has the power tochange the world. That’s the Power of You & You!For 65 years, the Unitarian Universalist ServiceCommittee has been a powerful voice for justice andhuman rights in the United States and around the world. Through the turmoil and brutality of theHolocaust, World War II, the civil rights movement, theVietnam War, Central America in the 1980s and therise of the radical right in the 1990s, we have stood firmagainst oppression, fighting for dignity and justice forall people.Today, 32,000 strong, UUSC’s members, supporters,volunteers and staff remain committed to the cause of freedom and democracy. We bear witness to the struggleagainst abuses wrought by militarism, fundamentalismand intolerance, working to restore the rights of oppressed groups and communities. We also bear wit-

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