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el niño de la pijama de rayas

el niño de la pijama de rayas

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Published by SPCarpeDiem

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Published by: SPCarpeDiem on Dec 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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^d~}ia nm i` ahx`;Mi gdða oag mi rdk`e` nm x`t`xGaehxm nmi @}~ax;Kafg Hatgm@i}ega;
e`ndm dm~f s`gofm{ `l}gnm{Rxacmsax;K`dmx Mgxdp}m Idmx` Lim{O`ha _`g I}o`s h'o's83 nm gadmehxm nmi 8200
G`odÿ mi ?2 nm `hxdi nm 04<0 mg N}hidg) Dxi`gn` mg mismga nm }g` c`edid` p}m mgoag~x`h` mg i` imo~}x` s}r`s`~dmera c`axd~a' @g~ms nm ~xd}gc`x mg mi e}gna nmi`s im~x`s) ms~m `}~ax p}m nm ofdoa saiå` `r`sdag`xsmoag fds~axd`s nm `mg~}x` t ndscx}~`h` imtmgnaxmi`~as `g~m s}s r`nxms t fmxe`gas c}m `i}ega nmio`xemid~`s ~mxmg}xm oaiimlm) nmsr}äs cxmo}mg~a mi^xdgd~t oaiimlm &o}t` ]gdmxsdn`n nm cdiasacå` iands~dgl}dÿ oag mi ~d~}ia nm r`~xaga fagax`xda$ t) eàs~`xnm) `eridÿ s}s oagaodedmg~as mg i` }gdmxsdn`ndglims` nm M`s~ `glid`) nagnm sm msrmod`id{a mgmsoxd~}x` oxm`~d`' Rax msm mg~agoms) mi kamg Kafgah~mgå` dglxmsas moagÿedoas lx`od`s ` s} ~x`h`ka
oaea merim`na nm i` cdxe` ’|`~mx~agms―'
Mg mi `ða 8222) oag i` `r`xdodÿg nm ’mi i`nxÿg nm~dmera― Hatgm oaemg{`xå` ` nmeas~x`x mg rûhido
a s}~`img~a r`x` mi nms`xxaiia nm gami`s) }g lägmxa `io}`i) f`s~` mi eaemg~a) ~`ehdäg mgxdp}modÿ ` ~x`äs
nmi ~å~}ia oaea ’ea~åg mg i` ha}g~t― t ’I` o`s` nmirxarÿsd~a msrmod`i―'
@ emndn` p}m s} mvrmxdmgod` oaea msoxd~ax oxmoå`) Kafgmerm{ÿ ` mx xmoagaodn` s} i`hax oaea g`xx`nax `mso`i` dg~mxg`odag`i t` p}m s}s ahx`s sm ~x`n}kmxag `}g` lx`g o`g~dn`n nm dndae`s) h`~dmxag xäoaxns nm mg~` mg nds~dg~as r`åsms t ia fdodmxag emxmomnax nm `xdas l`i`xnagms: mg~xm ias o}`ims sm r}mnmgemgodag`x mi rxmeda P}ä immx ` i` emkax gami`Mv~x`gkmx`) mi O}x~ås Hxa|g Rxd{m) Mi Ax`glm Rxd{mXm`nmxs Lxa}r Haaj ac ~fm tm`x t mi dxdsf gami ac ~fm
 tm`x' Mg mi o`sa nmi t` emgodag`na ’Mi Gdða Nm I`Rdk`e` Nm X`t`s―) Hatgm ~}a `nmeàs i` s`~dsc`oodÿg
nm mx mi xmi`~a `n`r~`na ` i` r`g~`ii` lx`gnm'
Nmsoxdrodÿg nm i` ahx`
MV^MXG@;r`s~` mxnm `{}i`na oag hi`goa) ~å~}ia nmi idhxa)gaehxm nmi `}~ax) mndodÿg nm i` oaer`ðå`) hdalx`cå` nmi`}~ax) ca~a nmi `}~ax) r`s~` ~x`smx`) sdgarsds nm i`ahx`'DG^MXG@;^d~}ia; mi gdða nm i` rdk`e` nm x`t`s'^x`n}oodÿg; Lmee` Xadx` Ax~ml`'^å~}ia axdldg`i; ~fm hat dg ~fm s~xdrmn rtk`e`s'Mnd~axd`i; s`i`e`gnx`nddsdÿg rax 82 o`rå~}iashdalx`cå` nmi `}~ax

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