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"Eleven Months and Counting" or "Memories and Expectations''

"Eleven Months and Counting" or "Memories and Expectations''

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Published by Nick Edwards
A Teenage Memior
A Teenage Memior

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Published by: Nick Edwards on Dec 06, 2011
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Eleven Months and Counting
Memories & Expectations
A memoir.
This story, like so many others, is about a girl. Well, technically, there are severalgirls in this story. Only one that really mattered.This is a story about girls, boys, late-night phone calls, laughs, mission trips toforeign countries, summer, lies, music, concerts, technology, friends, judgment day,graduation, Slurpees, private-school students, jealousy, shitty jobs, and it might even
be a love story. I honestly can’t tell you if it is or not. All I can tell you is what 
happened, what I remember.
I am writing this for me. I’m writing this to figure out what happened, to rejoice
what went right, and to maybe, just maybe, fix what went wrong.This is a story about a small town called Ovilla, Texas.
ContentsValentineBeforePlayEyesTalk Interlude I
GuatemalaAmberFriendsBachelor, pt. 1Interlude II
VictoriaBachelor, pt. 2Bachelor, pt. 3ChangeInterlude III
Hindsight CaseyInterlude IV
PromDallasSugarOvillaLancasterInterlude V
ExitsEndInterlude VI
MomentsTruthSummer, pt. 1Summer, pt. 2Interlude VII
ColoradoMondayGoodbyesInterlude VIII
MemoriesMusicCharactersA Note to the Reader

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