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Introduction to Event Management

Introduction to Event Management

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Published by Prashant

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Published by: Prashant on Dec 06, 2011
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Introduction to EventManagement
The Aim of this course is to assist u in urtraining to become an event manager ofhighest caliber.
Many of us have observed events, most of ushave even participated in events, but few havemanaged events.
As an event manager, u r there to do a farmore than to just observe the event.
An event could be a large gathering ofpeople, audiences, groups etc for aspecific purpose or goal.
Events are often a “ once in lifetime
experience for many.
Finally, one of the most important thing abtan event is that it is always backed bysome bodies DREAMS.
John Lennon, wasn’t so generous abt his commenton the Summer Music Fest at Atlanta, He said “
the songs of all the gangs (bands) were also good
but the organizers stole the show,” feb,06,1974
The preceding example focus on theimportance of sound management & thecomplexities of organizing an event ofsuch category.
Now we all should move on to the nextlevel of classifying & describing eventsaccording to:

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