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LenyAyala Portfolio Revision Genre Defense

LenyAyala Portfolio Revision Genre Defense

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Published by Lenya2323

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Published by: Lenya2323 on Dec 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leny AyalaMs. CarusoEnglish11018 November 2011Lyrics to AnimationPeople say music makes peoples heart grow fonder and that is true, but now thereare other forms of entertainment that people use to displace their emotion
Other mediasuch as cartoons, allow people to visually see a situation and get a better understanding of what is trying to be explained
By creating characters, it creates a story line for theaudience to follow which makes it easier for them to understand. Other things such as,instruments and various settings allow the audience to experience the different moods.Therefore, it was best to recreate the lyrics from the song “Real” into an animatedflipbook 
 Unfortunately, a large audience would not be able to hear the lyrics, because the
song “real” is a hip-hop song which means that only an audience that listens to hip hopwould truly enjoy the song
Hip-hop is only one genre of music out of over a dozen of different varieties of genres. This means that only people that listen to hip hop would beable to listen to the lyrics and that would defeat the purpose of trying to reach a largeaudience
Thus, a new genre had to be created in order for a large audience to receive themessage in the lyrics of the song “Real”
By recreating the lyrics into an animated flip book many of benefits wereachieved
Unlike the lyrics the animated flipbook does not have a specific audience and
Leny Ayala
12/5/11 3:46 PM
Comment [1]:
Leny Ayala
12/4/11 10:50 PM
Comment [2]:
Leny Ayala
12/4/11 10:53 PM
Comment [3]:
virtually anyone can be exposed to it
Also, statistically people are visual learners, whichmeans they can better understand topics when they are able to see things that relate to thetopic. Therefore, by creating the animated flipbook it would be much more easier for theaudience to understand the message that was trying to be portrayed in the lyrics
Also, theflipbook provides much more entertainment then the lyrics would; the audience now hascharacters added to the situation
Characters will allow for the audience to feel moreemotion of what is going on so when the character is happy or sad the audience has aconnection to that emotion
Emotion plays a key role in the message trying to beconveyed, because if the audience does not feel the proper emotion that means they trulydid not understand real message. Therefore, it was much easier to show the emotion invisuals then and having someone understanding it, rather than writing it down.
Visual media is the most enthusing form of media in today’s society, therefore ananimated flipbook would be great to attract a large audience. The viewers of this flipbook would be people seeking entertainment and while seeking entertainment they well receivea message. Viewers of this flipbook will have different opinions of it, some may think itis comical and some may take it more seriously, but everyone will still receive the samemessage
The lyrics in the song “Real” speak about how people don’t admit to their truefeelings and in the end if something is meant not to happen then in the end the truth willcome out
 In the flipbook there is a boy and a girl who are in a relationship that seems happyfrom an outsiders point of view, but in reality they are unhappy
Throughout the flipbook the audience is able to witness the change of moods of both the characters
In the
Leny Ayala
12/4/11 10:57 PM
Comment [4]:
Leny Ayala
12/5/11 2:43 PM
Comment [5]:
 beginning of the flipbook both of the characters seem content with one another, than aspeech bubble appears and their inner thoughts are reveled, the male has a tank in his bubble and the female has a cage in hers. The tank in the males speech bubble symbolizesthat his mind is in a war while being in a relationship and he is unhappy. The females’ bubble, which contains the cage, is a symbol that portrays her boyfriend not allowing her to do anything and treating her like a prisoner. Therefore, the audience can visualize theemotions that the song real conveys, which gives the audience an opportunity to connectmore with the message being conveyed.
As a result, the audience received a good visual portrayal of the message that the original text was trying to convey
Since the majority of people in today’s society have cyber dependent lives, itwould be beneficial to display this flipbook on the Internet to reach a wider audience
This flipbook would be available to a plethora of people; it would be posted on varioussocial networking sites such as, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
Therefore, this videowill be available to people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds
 Many ideas from the lyrics of the song “Real” were incorporated into theflipbook 
Throughout the flipbook the lyrics of the song “Real” are put into a situation of a relationship of a boy and a girl
In the flipbook it looks as if this couple is happy, butthey are both thinking otherwise
The male in the flipbook has a thought and it is a tank,which refers back to the line in the lyrics where it says, “my mind is constantly in a war”.Also, if you refer back to the original text it says, “you say I’m treating you like a caged bird so I think its time to set you free”, that explains the part of the flipbook when the girlturns into a bird and fly’s away
At the end of flipbook the boy and girl finally part ways

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