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Ee2201 Measurements and Instrumentation

Ee2201 Measurements and Instrumentation

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Published by money_kandan2004
Ee2201 Measurements and Instrumentation
Ee2201 Measurements and Instrumentation

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Published by: money_kandan2004 on Dec 06, 2011
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Reg. No. :
B.E./B.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATION, APRIL/MAY 2010Third SemesterElectrical and Electronics EngineeringEE2201 — MEASUREMENTS AND INSTRUMENTATION(Regulation 2008)Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks Answer ALL QuestionsPART A — (10
2 = 20 Marks)1.
What are the static characteristics of measurement system?2.
What is the significance of calibration?3.
Write any four types of analog ammeter used for instrumentation.4.
List out the methods used for measurement of iron loss in ferromagneticmaterials.5.
What is the use of potentiometer in the field of electrical measurement?6.
What is the need for screening?7.
Give the functional difference between Strip chart recorder and X-Y recorder.8.
What are the merits and demerits of Digital Storage Oscilloscope?9.
Define inverse transducers with example.10.
Mention any four types of Analog to Digital converter.PART B — (5
16 = 80 Marks)11.
(a) What are the basic functional blocks of a generalized instrumentationsystem? Draw the various blocks and explain their functions. (16)Or
Question Paper Code:
         4     2    1                4     2    1                4     2    1       

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