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Published by Gavin Barker

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Published by: Gavin Barker on Dec 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Health Profile 2011
This profile gives a snapshot of
Image found and displayed.#Name?
BroadfieldCounty OakFurnace GreenGossops GreenIfieldLangley GreenNorthgatePound HillSouthgateTilgateWest GreenWorthLowfield Heath
     A     2     2     2     0 
 A  2  0  0 4
   A   2   2   1   9
  A  2  3  (    T   )
2  3  
A 2 0 1 1
2  6  4  
A  2   1  7   
 M 2 3
 © Crown Copyright and database rights 2011, Ordnance Survey 100020290Other map data © Collins Bartholomew.
   ©   C  r  o  w  n   C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t   2   0   1   1
Crawley at a glance
The health of people in Crawley is mixed compared tothe England average. Deprivation is lower thanaverage, however 4,190 children live in poverty. Lifeexpectancy for both men and women is higher than theEngland average.Life expectancy is 7.1 years lower for men and 3.2years lower for women in the most deprived areas ofCrawley than in the least deprived areas (based on theSlope Index of Inequality published on 5th January2011).Over the last 10 years, all cause mortality rates havefallen. Early death rates from cancer and from heartdisease and stroke have also fallen and the latter isbetter than the England average.obese. A lower than average percentage of pupilsAbout 19.0% of Year 6 children are classified asspend at least three hours each week on school sport.The level of GCSE attainment is worse than theEngland average.Estimated levels of adult obesity are worse than theEngland average. There were 1,526 hospital stays foralcohol related harm in 2009/10 and there are 140deaths from smoking each year.Priorities in Crawley include reducing prematuremortality and alcohol related harm, and increasing adultparticipation in physical activity. For more informationsee www.westsussex.nhs.uk
Crawley - 10 June 2011
Population 105,000
This profile gives a picture of health inthis area. It is designed to help localgovernment and health services
understand their community’s needs, sothat they can work to improve people’s
health and reduce health inequalities.
Visit the Health Profiles website for:
Profiles of all local authorities in England
Interactive maps
see how health variesbetween areas
More health indicator information
Links to more community health profilesand tools
Health Profiles are produced by the English Public HealthObservatories working in partnership.
Mid-2009 population estimateSource: National Statistics website: www.statistics.gov.uk
Crawley - 10 June 2011
a national view
Health inequalities:
a local view
This map shows differences in deprivation levels in this areabased on local quintiles (of the Index of Multiple Deprivation2007 by Lower Super Output Area). The darkest colouredareas are the most deprived in this area.
M = MalesF = Females95% confidence interval. These indicate the level of uncertainty about eachvalue on the graph. Longer/wider intervals mean more uncertainty. © Crown Copyright 2011
This map shows differences in deprivation levels in this areabased on national quintiles (of the Index of Multiple Deprivation2007 by Lower Super Output Area). The darkest colouredareas are some of the most deprived areas in England.
1 - least2345 - most1 - least 2345 - most
   ©   C  r  o  w  n   C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t  a  n   d   d  a   t  a   b  a  s  e  r   i  g   h   t  s   2   0   1   1 ,   O  r   d  n  a  n  c  e   S  u  r  v  e  y   1   0   0   0   2   0   2   9   0   ©   C  r  o  w  n   C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t  a  n   d   d  a   t  a   b  a  s  e  r   i  g   h   t  s   2   0   1   1 ,   O  r   d  n  a  n  c  e   S  u  r  v  e  y   1   0   0   0   2   0   2   9   0
This chart shows the percentage of the population inEngland, this region, and this area who live in each ofthese quintiles.This chart shows the life expectancy at birth for malesand females (2005-2009) for each of the quintiles in thisarea.
deprived quintiledeprived quintiledeprived quintiledeprived quintile
EnglandSouth East Coast
   %   R  e  s   i   d  e  n   t  s
Quintile 1Quintile 2Quintile 3Quintile 4Quintile 5
   L   i   f  e  e  x  p  e  c   t  a  n  c  y  a   t   b   i  r   t   h   (  y  e  a  r  s   )
Crawley - 10 June 2011
Trend 1 compares rates of death, at all ages and fromall causes, in this area with those for England.Trend 2 compares rates of early death from heartdisease and stroke (in people under 75) in this areawith those for England.Trend 3 compares rates of early death from cancer (inpeople under 75) in this area with those for England.
Health inequalities:
changes over time
Trend 1:All age, all cause mortalityTrend 3:Early death rates from cancerTrend 2:Early death rates from heart disease and stroke
Health inequalities:
This chart shows the percentage of pupils by ethnic group in this area who achieved five GCSEs in 2009/10 (A* to C gradesincluding English and Maths). Comparing results may help find possible inequalities between ethnic groups.
If there are any empty cells in the table this isbecause data has not been presented where thecalculation involved pupil numbers of 0, 1 or 2.Some further groups may not have data presentedin order to prevent counts of small numbers beingcalculated from values for other ethnic groups orareas.
95% confidence intervals are shown for this local authority area © Crown Copyright 2011
These graphs show how changes in death rates for thisarea compare with changes for the whole of England.Data points on the graph are mid-points of 3-yearaverages of yearly rates. For example the dot labelled2003 represents the 3-year period 2002 to 2004.
   A  g  e  -  s   t  a  n   d  a  r   d   i  s  e   d  r  a   t  e   /   1   0   0 ,   0   0   0  p  o  p  u   l  a   t   i  o  n
YearsEngland CrawleyEngland Crawley
   A  g  e  -  s   t  a  n   d  a  r   d   i  s  e   d  r  a   t  e   /   1   0   0 ,   0   0   0  p  o  p  u   l  a   t   i  o  n
YearsEngland Crawley
   A  g  e  -  s   t  a  n   d  a  r   d   i  s  e   d  r  a   t  e   /   1   0   0 ,   0   0   0  p  o  p  u   l  a   t   i  o  n
YearsEngland Crawley
WhiteMixedAsianBlackChinese &other ethnicgroups
   P  e  r  c  e  n   t  a  g  e
EthnicGroups% pupilsachievedgradesNo. of pupilsachievedgrades

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