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Salsasutra . India fiesta latina

Salsasutra . India fiesta latina

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Published by Shalu Chopra

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Published by: Shalu Chopra on Dec 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- when the passion of the exotic Latin dance form meets with the palpable energy of the rustic Indian roots 
creating the very uniquely charged salsasutra 1.
Its primarily couple work. The man leads and the lady follows The couple could be chico , chica or chica chica or chico chico. Coz at theend of it its all about uninhibited fun and sharing the joy of movement 2.
The perfect frame - making the connection at the right points and with the right pressure. Holding the frame right until the end of  performance/social dance. Stronger the frame better the outcome.3.
The basic phrase of the movement - moving quick quick slow. Also at times taking turns , and then multiple turns. Faster the better. Need to spot and then go for it.4.
Position types - Closed position or open position. Always a need tstay close to the partner and use minimal space so as to not intrude
into others’ personal space.
The quest to better the timing is eternal.
Trying to make the most of thecounts. Making every move count and counting every move.
Lifts, Dips and tricks to add to the excitement and body contact,
plus define very special moments particularly announcing end of a regaling  performance. Lot of times eliciting a standing ovation! 
Salsasutra works better when someone is watching you
. That’s the time you 
want to show off your talent and experience.
One of the most social forms of partner work - you can do it with anyone
 from any country. Religion , cast , colour, creed, age no bar. You only get better when you do it with different partners, as everybody has different body language.The popular combinations - Taking away best parts from various fixed  patterns to create long lasting options for togetherness.
Requires ingenuityand creativity to next Salsa sutra to next level.Some artists and instructors are credited with Millions Of Moves.
Women queue up to do it with them to experience the difference and every timethey are on the floor and do it they have something new to offer. They invent positions , holds, and moves 
Others excel at body movement .
Breaking down every move right down to the basics and combining all of it to create music. Most revel in musicology and show off in front of big groups.
Then there are those who excel in use of footwork,
they demonstrate the art of Shines. This also looks good when done in a group in sync 
Salsasutra has different options in terms of the baseline
the beat to do it to 
a lot of people do it on ONE and then there are those who do it on TWO,and of course it is not unusual to find a lady asking a guy 
you prefer to do it on ONE or TWO ?> and in several parts of the world men would respond with the option for the latter. In India we still have to evolve to the next level and most would do it on ONE.All of above refers to the performers, and now a brief look at the master of ceremonies 
the artists behind the console who make all of the abovehappen, and play the music.
They spin the songs and make people scream for more.
Some of them bring additional instruments to add to the excitement and give a more wholesomeexperience to those in the act.Needless to say sometimes they get into action themselves with a partner of their choice given their unique view of the entire party. A perk of sorts

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