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KM Legal Europe 2012

KM Legal Europe 2012

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Published by Ark Group

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Published by: Ark Group on Dec 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Europe’s most established knowledge management event for the legal profession
Knowledge management for the European legal professionis an event that really stands out from the crowd. It offersgreat opportunities to share ideas and lessons learnedwithin KM in its broadest sense with colleagues fromall over Europe.
 Joakim Edoff, Executive Partner,
 , Sweden
Eight reasons why you can’t miss this event:
Maximise crucial knowledge sharing with both internal and external clients
through the use of new tools for effective engagement and communicationBe informed of the technological advances that are available for you to
drive KM within your firm, including social media and new technologyOvercome the KM challenge facing both small and multi-office law firms
Hear first hand experiences of implementing innovative knowledge
management strategiesDeliver value-added services to your internal and external clients
through improved KM functionsGain practical tools to deliver efficient KM services to make time and
cost savingsGain insight into the role knowledge management plays in the
European legal marketUnderstand KM and innovation in a wider business context
Ius Laboris
presents the 6
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 N  o  v  e  m  b  e  r   a  n  d  
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Media Partners:
The role of knowledge management is fast growing in today’sincreasingly competitive legal market; with greater emphasisbeing placed on functions that are able to
drive efficiency anddeliver value
throughout your firm. Delivering improved andenriched services to both internal and external clients, in order toform an environment of collective information sharing is bringingEuropean firms in line with those in the UK and US.More and more, the demand for value-added and competitivepricing is placing pressure on firms to improve efficiencies andfee earner time management to
drive the bottom line
. Thispresents a great opportunity for knowledge managers to taketheir place as
trusted advisors
and ensure that the tools neededto make these improvements possible are available and user-friendly. Whilst the role of KM has changed drastically over thepast few years, many feel that change is just beginning, are youready to meet this brave new world?
If you are involved in delivering know-how and knowledgemanagement within your firm, then you simply can’tafford to miss out on the one-of-a-kind learnings that thisconference will provide. Take advantage of the interactiveand conversational style sessions to ensure you gain theinformation you are seeking from our panel of experts.
+44 (0)20 7566 5792
Last year, for the first time ever we broughtin an external perspective from one of theleading minds in KM, and this year is nodifferent. Paul Iske, Chief Dialogues Officerfor ABN AMRO Bank and full time KMinnovator, shares his unique perspectiveon how you can
increase knowledgesharing in a stifling environment
, andhow mistakes are sometimes the greatestteachers. Mart van de Kerkhof of legalgiant Allen & Overy delivers an openingkeynote and shines a light on the vastopportunity available for you to
bridge thedivide between lawyers and technology
 and discover new ways to collaborate.We understand that our speakers are notthe only ones who hold great insightsinto the best workings of KM for legalpractices, and this year we are
puttingthe power into your hands
, allowing yougreater opportunities to pose questions,engage speakers and network with yourpeers in
KM Legal Europe’s first KMClinic
to ensure that you
gain criticalinsights
into your unique challenges and
answers to your burning questions
.This year’s conference has been designedto inspire conversation and maximiseknowledge sharing, enabling you to meetand make lasting connections with yourfellow delegates.
Undoubtedly, one of the greatest challengesacross the board is still gaining know-howfrom fee earners and clients alike. Drawingon 25 years of experience, Carmen Martín-Peña of
award winning Spanish firmGarrigues
, shares her fascinating insightsinto how you can work hand-in-hand withlawyers to build a learning environment andchange the culture of knowledge sharingwithin your firm. Dutch firm,
 shares its
award winning strategy
on usingknowledge as a unique selling point andhow it has, through the novel use of newand social media,
brought in new clienteleand ensured their market position asan innovative law firm
. Learn how KMcan improve and streamline processesthrough
smart collaboration
businessdevelopment, marketing and IT functions
.The modern knowledge manager operatesin a climate saturated with knowledge,and in many cases you might feeloverwhelmed by the information available.Learning how to
through smart working may wellbe your key to success. Understand howto
conduct a KM Audit
within your firm todrive collaboration and sharing, as well asproving your worth to partners and gainingcritical support from the top down.
Create Value
Understand how delivering knowledgemanagement within your firm is specificto the needs of your practice groups andculture, as Joakim Edoff, former KM leaderand now executive partner of Setterwallsexplains how employing the practice groupas a driver for KM can
enhance yourfirm’s performance
. Delve further intohow knowledge management can
protectyour firm from future risks
and providesan opportunity for compliance.Our expert speakers share a freshperspective from their first handexperiences on the tools and technologythat have helped them move knowledgemanagement within there firm forward.From
SharePoint to documentautomation
, understand how you can
energise your KM functions
throughemploying technology, and understand thechallenges that moving to these systemsmight present.
Whether you are from a large international  firm with multiple offices or simply startingout on your firm’s knowledge management journey, you will benefit from
case studiesdelivering first hand accounts
of tacklingchallenges in implementing KM strategies.
Innovate, collaborate and create value for your firm
Pr-corc orkop
O 24 Jry 2012, Ro Yo, ro ko o r  KM, pro robrk  r o  r-rop b  or crc mo o cc ko mm  pr-corc orkop c  o b b o ko proo o o   cor.
09:00 Rro  rrm09:30
Chair’s opening remarks
Menno Ong, Head of Knowledge and Information Management,
 Boels Zanders
 , the Netherlands
KM, innOvatiOn and KnOwledge shaRing09:40
Opening keynote: Brilliant failures as portals tocreative destruction
Organisations need to be agile, which requires innovation
and creativityWe need fear reduction to release innovative and creative power
In a complex world, success and failure are separated by a thin line
Failures offer learning opportunities
The Institute of Brilliant Failures as tribute to those who try and
succeed or fail
Paul Iske, Professor Open Innovation,
 Maastricht University 
 and Chief Dialogues Officer,
 , the Netherlands
Case study: Working hand in hand with lawyers tomaximise efficiency
Drawing on 25 years of experience to best understand
knowledge management and how the culture of sharing know-how has moved forwardIncentivising and rewarding lawyers for knowledge
management contributionsUsing technological tools to collaborate with lawyers: The power
of intranets, forums, blogs and alertsBuilding a tailor-made platform for lawyers to share information
Improving understanding and communication with lawyers
through setting up an innovative KM committeeLeading the way for knowledge management in the future
Carmen Martín-Peña, Manager – Knowledge ManagementDepartment,
 , Spain
11:20 Mor co brkCReating an effeCtive KM infastRuCtuRe11:50
Case study: How we got from 100 to 0 and back to 100 inknowledge management in 18 months
Unique challenges faced by Kinstellar during its spin off from
Linklaters in the area of knowledge managementCreating knowledge management strategy for the new firm
Choosing the right knowledge management tools
Promoting knowledge sharing culture
Petr Mestanek, Knowledge Lawyer,
 , Czech Republic
Aligning KM in a multi-office CEE law firm
Understanding the local needs
Central versus decentral organisation
Developing firm wide standards
Encouraging and aligning local KM efforts
Martin Bauer, Knowledge Manager, and Jakob Kisser,Knowledge Management Lawyer,
 , Austria
13:10 nork c brk14:10
Keynote: Driving the firm’s performance with practice-group focused KM
 Adopting a ‘client in the centre’ approach when defining the KM
and other roles and responsibilities of the practice groupWho should ultimately be responsible for KM initiatives within
the area of a practice group (if not the head of the group)?The role and responsibility of the practice group in securing
high and consistent ‘service quality’ (especially in a multi-officeenvironment), and why KM initiatives such as debriefings and‘lessons learned’ sessions must be a top priority of the groupDifferent practice groups have different KM needs; examples of
some successful practice group specific KM initiatives
 Joakim Edoff, Executive Partner,
 , Sweden
KM and RisK 14:50
Knowledge management as a prerequisite for legal riskmanagement and compliance
Proliferation of legal risks and the impact of the Business
Judgement RuleChanging your firm’s mindset: Compliance as an opportunity for
change, not just a threat to businessEnsuring your KM system supports your firm’s leaders in
accurately setting strategyExploring latest research on using know-how to protect your firm
Prof Dr Martin Schulz, LL M (Yale), Knowledge ManagementLawyer,
 Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
 , Germany 
15:30 aroo co brkinteRaCtive sessiOn16:00
KM Clinic: Sharing your experiences and findinginnovative approaches to addressing your key challengesfor knowledge management
We know that it is not only our speakers who hold KM expertise orwho have found innovative solutions to the challenges you faceas a knowledge management professional. This session callson you to share your tips, thoughts and even mistakes with youfellow delegates in intimate group discussions. A real chance tohold valuable conversations, network and draw on the collectiveknowledge of the audience to ensure you get the insights andanswers you need to deliver on your goals.
How do you engage fee earners in sharing their knowledge with
the firm?How do you successfully negotiate with content integrators
and suppliers?How can KM support other functions within the firm – marketing,
business development and training?
Facilitated by: Menno Ong, Head of Knowledge and InformationManagement,
 Boels Zanders
 , the Netherlands
Chair’s closing remarks
17:10 Co o y o

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