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December Newsletter

December Newsletter

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Published by: South Carolina Jaycees on Dec 07, 2011
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South Carolina Jaycees
News from the President
By Noel Bailey
Have you taken a look atwhere you’d like to be in thisorganization in the next 3-5 years?For some of our newmembers, maybe this is thefirst time you have evenconsidered progressing in aleadership role in the Jaycees.I’d like to ask you to take amoment to consider taking advantage of what I believeis one of the bestopportunities I haveexperienced in my life.I’ve never been shy talking about my Jaycee experience.I joined a few months aftermoving to South Carolinabecause I wanted to volunteer in a hauntedhouse and that was about it.I did not understand theidea of paying dues to volunteer…but pretty soonthe people and the projectsgrew on me and I washooked.I have earned my way witheffort, but this organizationhas opened up generousopportunities. My officesand responsibilities havetransported me thousands of miles and I have metMANY hundreds of peoplethat have enriched my lifetremendously.To someone with some skilland interest in working hard, these opportunities are just as open to you.Your Jaycee career intersectsthis organization at a timewhen good leaders are muchneeded and the resources of the entire organization areat your disposal to help youcomplete your leadershipdevelopment.(
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 The SouthCarolinaJayceesMonthlyNewsletter
   D  e  c  e  m   b  e  r   2   0   1   1
South Carolina Jaycees
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That is without question. Alsowithout question: your journeystarts in your home chapter.Talk to your current or incoming chapter President. Let them know your interests. Ask them forrecommendations on adevelopment path.There are Jaycee offices andpositions that require 45 minutes aweek or several hours.In an organization that haslaunched many great leaders, youropportunity is presenting itself.Step up to the plate and makethings happen in your life.We need you NOW, and you CANdo it!President Noel
News from our National VicePresident
With Thanksgiving in Novemberand the Christmas season justaround the corner, we haveofficially entered my favorite timeof the year.
It’s the time of yearwhere people seem a bit nicer, alittle more willing to give, a bitmore sympathetic to the needs toothers around them.
We begin tolook towards a new year with freshgoals and a sense of renewal.
This is the time of year when Ibegin writing our holiday letterfilled with pictures and stories of the adventures my husband and Ihad.
In doing so, I have anopportunity every year to look back on those pictures and reflecton the memories, and to really seeall of the reasons that I have to bethankful.
So this year as I begin our letter, Iwanted to share with eachmember of NVP team, Pay itForward, that I am so thankful forthe people in my life whoencouraged me to always believein myself and pursue everyopportunity which led to mebecoming a National VicePresident.
Without thoseindividuals, I would not have hadthe chance to meet the StatePresidents, and members fromeach of these states who haveinspired and motivated me, andwhom I only hope I taught themhalf as much as I have learnedfrom them.
This season of thanksgiving, stopfor a moment to reflect on what you are most thankful for andshare that message withothers.
Encourage those around you to do the same – you may justbe the person someone else isthankful for, inspiring andmotivating them to do more andseek out new opportunity.
NVP Jennifer J. Ray
   T   H   E   C   R   E   S   C   E   N   T
     M     O     N     T     H     L     Y
   D  e  c  e  m   b  e  r   2   0   1   1
-Santa’sSleigh 5k Run/Walk
Kiawah Marathon(Runners for Hope)
 Christmas Parade
12/20-MidlandsRegional Meeting
atCWC Hut
Jan (date TBA)-Year EndConventionCamp Hope Clean UpDay-3/24/2012
The SC Jaycees Executive Board would like towish you a very happy and safe Holiday andHappy New Year.
South Carolina Jaycees
Onto ConventionHighlights
By Jennifer “Juice” Davidson
Third quarter ONTO TEAM SPIRITparty was a HIT-SC Jaycees wererepresenting their favorite team outfit, jersey or colors! ONTO is aboutparticipation.
Another special thanks to SenateLeaders Rita and Hal Bowles, JimNettles and of course our main donorof the evening Jerry Godwin. AsONTO Manager this year it's been apleasure serving you all and thanks toall the support. If you should havequestions regarding any NationalProgram or ONTO Theme pleasedon't hestitate to ask. I am excited toannounce the ONTO Theme for YearEnd very soon. Suggestions andcomments are always welcome.Get Geared up for
2012 NationalConvention in June!
It is a pleasure to serve you!843.343.7578 Jenniferdavidson31@gmail.com
National Program News 
By Jennifer “Juice” Davidson
Holiday Cards for HeroesProgram
Hold a holiday card making class,go by a local Red Cross or pick upsome from discount store. Thenstart a sign drive, at any Jayceeevent, work or school -- Startsigning cards for our troops. Thereare no rules to this program.
Ourgoal as a STATE organization ishave 500 signed by Thanksgiving!Let's Do This!National Program Manager, JenniferDavidson will coordinate mailing andsuch. Should you have questionsplease contact me!You can always visithttp://www.usjaycees.org/support-our-troops-(r)to obtain Care PackageList.
Remember to check outSC Jaycee Camp Hope Fan Page,CAMP HOPE CLEAN UP DAYInvite has been created for3/24/12
Thanks, Jennifer "Juice"Davidson
   T   H   E   C   R   E   S   C   E   N   T
     M     O     N     T     H     L     Y
   D  e  c  e  m   b  e  r   2   0   1   1

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