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Adams Morgan Comminity Development

Adams Morgan Comminity Development

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Published by Caroline Pacl
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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Caroline Pacl on Dec 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adam’s Morgan
Community Development and Public PolicyResearch Paper By: Caroline Pacl
Adam’s Mor
gan Research Paper
An Overview on Issues, Assets, History, & Overall Make-up of the CommunityAdams Morgan is an eclectic community in the heart of Washington, DC. Its rich history has enabledit to become: a destination for new families, a center of tourism with its parks, arts and lively nightlife, andan epicenter of diverse mom and pop shops that meet the needs of its diverse demography. While thecommunity prides itself on its many assets, such as its many ethnic businesses that cater to the diversepopulations living in or around its boarders, many issues are still in need of resolution. Over the past year anincrease in violence on the streets has led police to send more patrol cars out at night
a clear problemconsidering that Adams Morgan is home to the largest population of 25-34 year-olds (new families) in thedistrict. Further issues include its limited availability of affordable housing, where the vast majority of itsresidents rent apartments and are unable or unwilling to buy homes. In addition Adams Morgan has a fairnumber of both public and charter schools for its resident
s children, it begs the questions: Are familiesholding off on permanently settling down, because they want to ensure their children can go to the bestschool available, even if it entails moving? Furthermore, because Adams Morgan is among the most diversecommunities in Washington, DC, the question of whether such a characteristic actually helps or hinders thecommunity over all. Harvard
s political scientist, Robert Putman, has shown through intensiveresearch that high ethnic diversity results in less civic engagement by community members. Diversecommunities trust each other about half as much as those in homogeneous communities, and while AdamsMorgan offers many outlets for civic engagement and community bonding, there is a large divide betweenethnic groups which tend to act independently of one another within the community. As Putnam explains,only over the medium to long run will communities benefit from ethnic diversity, as future generations blendthe schism between their ethnicities together into more unified identity.
Historically, the Adams Morgan community has always been diversely populated, and is essentiallywhere its name originates from. Before the riots of the 1960s, the main area was simply called 18
andColumbia, the prestigious neighborhood north of Columbia road was referred to as Lanier Heights; and afterstreet cars came to D.C. apartments for the affluent appeared in areas better known as Kalorama Triangle andWashington Heights. The city officially adopted the name Adams Morgan in 1955, after the Supreme Courtordered schools to desegregate and the community combined the all-black Thomas P. Morgan School and theall-white John Quincy Adams School. The Adams-Morgan Community Committee was founded in 1958,which served the two schools and the neighborhoods within the communities.The first step in the process of discovering the functionality and strength of the Adams Morgancommunity is analyzing what assets it has. The analysis includes my general observations from visiting thecommunity, comments made by residents or persons working in the community, and research on the work being done by the ANC (Advisory Neighborhood Committee) and other local forms of governance in Ward1, where Adams Morgan is located that demonstrate what issues the community is working to resolve orhave resolved at this time. I will use five different subcategories of assets that all communities need or wantto help organize the strengths and weaknesses of Adams Morgan. They are broken down through thefollowing:1.
Physical Assets2.
Individual Assets3.
Group Assets4.
Local Organizations5.
Local Public Institutions

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