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Cooking With Coffee

Cooking With Coffee



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Published by malmane
For all COFFEE LOVERS aroung the world !!!
For all COFFEE LOVERS aroung the world !!!

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Published by: malmane on Oct 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Coffee,Coffee,Coffee,Coffee, don’t don’t don’t don’t just drink  just drink  just drink  just drink it! it! it! it! 
The reason for this book is my love of Gourmet Coffee. There are so many countries that produce excellent coffees. I have spent most of my adult lifeseeking out and trying new countries and new flavors.Every country has their own unique flavors. Every degree of roasting, from light to darkest French roast, creates a new taste experience.Good coffee is like good wine. Savor the bouquet and unique body and flavors.If you drink coffee and you haven't embarked on your own journey you aremissing out on a wonderful experience. You owe it to your self to start today.A natural result of my love for gourmet coffee was using it as an ingredient in cooking. Coffee's rich, smoky flavors can enhance all manner of dishes.Coffee flavoring is distinctive in most dessert recipes, but when adding to meat dishes, it tends to bring out the meat flavor without an overpowering coffee flavor. Try some of these coffee recipes to perk up your home cooking. The coffeein these recipes may be in brewed, whole bean or granulated form so be sure to read the recipe thoroughly before beginning to be sure you have the proper ingredients.In cooking, coffee should be treated as a spice. However, the rules are similar to those you would apply when preparing coffee for drinking. Lighter roasts aremore delicate but also more acidic, while darker ones are robust, toasty and strong. It's these that work best in cooked dishes where the coffee must hold its own against other powerful flavors Delectable coffee recipes, and not just the liquid variety, abound in these pages.Choose from among hot and cold coffee drinks (many of them the alcoholic variety, like Coffee Punch a la Russe, Cafe Brulot, or Spanish-style Iced Coffee) coffee cakes, pies, soufflés and ice creams, to come up with your favoritecaffeinated concoction Coffee Types Coffee Types Coffee Types Coffee Types The most desirable coffee is grown in altitudes about 3000 feet. The altitude produces more elegant, complex flavors in the coffee cherries which contain thebeans. The fruit must be hand-picked from trees which can bear flowers, green  fruit, and ripe cherries all at the same time. The outer pulp and parchment of the coffee cherry are removed to reveal two beans, which are then cleaned,dried, graded and hand-inspected. The beans range in color from pale green to dark yellow when raw. They are exported in their raw state for roasting,blending and grinding at their final destination. Most commercial companies use primarily C. robusta and C. arabica in their blends.This book is brought to by Bob Tyndall and BlackJava Coffee
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 Cafe Express.
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Coffee Semifreddo "Drowned" in CoffeeCoffee Semifreddo "Drowned" in CoffeeCoffee Semifreddo "Drowned" in CoffeeCoffee Semifreddo "Drowned" in CoffeeSemifreddo Semifreddo Semifreddo Semifreddo 2 1/2 cups whole milk 3 ounces very strong espresso 6 egg yolks 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 2 cups heavy cream 8 cups strong decaffeinated coffee, cooled 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder In a 3-quart saucepan bring the milk to a boil over medium-high heat. Remove from heat and add the espresso.In a mixing bowl, beat the yolks until pale yellow. Gradually add the sugar and beat until light yellow ribbons form when the beaters are lifted. Stir in half of the hot milk, and then stir in the remaining milk. Cook over low heat without boiling until the mixture coats the back of a spoon thickly and sets slightly,about 4 to 5 minutes. Stir in the vanilla and chill for 1/2 hour.Whip 1 1/2 cups of the cream to stiff peaks and fold into the custard mixture.Transfer to an ice cream machine and freeze according to manufacturer's instructions. (The semifreddo can be made up to 2 weeks in advance).Whip the remaining 1/2 cup cream to soft peaks. Place 1 scoop of semifreddo in each of eight tall glasses. Pour 1 cup of cooled coffee over each scoop, dollop with whipped cream, and dust with cocoa.Makes 8 servings.
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Angel German Chocolate PieAngel German Chocolate PieAngel German Chocolate PieAngel German Chocolate Pie3 egg whites 1 pinch salt 1/8 tsp. cream of tartar 3/4 cup white sugar 3/4 cup finely chopped pecans 1 tsp. vanilla extract 4 (1 ounce) squares German sweet chocolate, chopped 3 tbl. strong brewed coffee1 cup heavy cream 1 tsp. vanilla extract Preheat oven to 275 degrees.In a large glass or metal mixing bowl, beat egg whites until foamy. Add cream of tartar and salt and beat until whites stand in soft peaks. Add sugar gradually and beat until very stiff. Fold in chopped nuts and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Turn themeringue into a buttered 9 inch pie plate. Spread over bottom and sides of plate,building up the sides 1/2 inch above the edge of the plate. Bake in preheated oven  for 60 minutes. Cool.Coffee Chiffon PieCoffee Chiffon PieCoffee Chiffon PieCoffee Chiffon Pie1 tbsp. gelatin 1/4 c. cold coffee3/4 c. sugar 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 c. strong hot coffee1 tbsp. lemon juice4 eggs Baked pie shell Soften gelatin in cold coffee. Put in top of double boiler with 3/4 cup sugar, 1/2teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 4 slightly beaten egg yolks, 1/2 cup strong hot coffee. Cook together until thickened. Cool. When cool, fold in 4 egg whites, beaten stiff. Pour into baked pie shell. Chill and top with whipped cream 
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