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Published by Eniena
Ranma ½ Crossover written by Alan Harnum.
Ranma ½ Crossover written by Alan Harnum.

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Published by: Eniena on Oct 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EIDOLONSAlan Harnum (harnums@thekeep.org) *****EidolonsRanma belongs to Takahashi. The Dreamlands are the creation ofH.P. Lovecraft, and belong to whoever now own the rights to hisworks. Anyway, both are used without permission, as you no doubthave already guessed.This copy of the story is from my centralized fanfiction archiveat http://www.thekeep.org/~harnums/fanfic. I can be reached bye-mail at harnums@thekeep.org...One - ThresholdNow I pierce the darkness, new beings appear,The earth recedes from me into the night,I saw that it was beautiful, and I see that what is not the earthis beautiful-Walt Whitman...Ranma Saotome knew nothing of the basalt spires ofDylath-Leen; he had no knowledge of the crystalline air-boats ofthe city of Yerthardt that plied the skies above the pearlyocean that lay a thousand miles south of the pleasant land ofSona-Nyl; nor even had he heard the old dreamers tell in hushedvoices of the Tree-Without-Roots of the Iron Forest, the sight ofwhich is said to bend the minds of men, that their eyes shall notsee as other men's see. He would not know of them before he grewto be an old man, but in time, he would know them all and more;he would know of the perfumed jungles of Kled; of the mad things,no longer men, that dance in the Hills of Implan by the moon, andsing wordless songs of praise to gods who never were of thisearth; he would know of the Doom That Came to Sarnath, and why ithad come. He would even dare, though only once, to stand outsidethe colossal walls of dread Thalarion and listen to the laughterof spectral Lathi as it came drifting from within, but even hewas not so brave (or some might say foolish) as to step insidethat cursed place.In time, he would come to know many of the delights that theDreamlands had to offer, and no few of the horrors as well. Hewould be one of the few men to hear the voice of the Black Sirenand not have his skin line the walls or floor of her pit. Andwhile he never looked upon the throne of Azathoth as it is saidKuranes once did, he did once glimpse the Basalt Pillars of theWest from his perch in the crows-nest of a trading ship ofglorious Celephais, and see for a moment how all the oceans ofthe Dreamlands pour off into that sear gulf of unlawful spacewhich lies hungry and waiting beyond to devour it.
Where it all began, though, was in the kitchen of a smallChinese restaurant, the Nekohanten by name. Ranma had gone therefor aid with an affliction of the mind. A long-ago incident ofhis childhood, brought on by a feckless father's imbecilicactions, had left him with a severe phobia of all things feline.That in itself would be bad enough, but with sufficient exposure,he would cease to be terrified of cats for a time and come tobelieve that he himself was one; reverting, as it was, to a feralstate.The complexities of Ranma's personal life need not beexplained here; the details of that alone have filled volumes.Let it only be said that he had, at long last, been coerced intoan evening out with Akane Tendo. One that had, astonishingly,been uninterrupted by the intrusion of any of the other claimantsto the love of either himself or his lady. A pleasant dinnerwith little conflict was spent at one of the nicer restaurants intown, and both had, though they would not have readily admittedit, an enjoyable time. Walking home, however, they chanced toencounter a stray cat wandering through the darkened streets.Stricken with fear, Ranma fled into a nearby alley, thereupon toencounter a dozen more cats picking through the refuse bins.Unaware of this fact, Akane shooed away the single cat outsidethe alley and then entered to retrieve her wayward fiancee, onlyto find that the cats had surrounded him. Already nervous fromthe alien events of the date, Ranma had become, in mind, a cat.Thus, he avoided further mental trauma from his fear.Upon spotting Akane, he grew affectionate and leapt uponher. The precise detailing of what occurred afterwards would beunnecessary; let it only be said that the end results were oneruined suit, one ruined dress, and one very angry and upsetfiancee. Ranma's phobia had, in her mind, spoiled what hadotherwise been a most pleasant time. For this, she blamed Ranmahimself, rather than the phobia. Such was her wont to do; Akanehad many fine points to her character, but reasonableness hadnever been one of them, nor had the proper assignment of blame.Ranma himself felt horribly guilty. His mental difficultieshad destroyed what should have been a very pleasurable outing forhim. His feelings for Akane, uncertain and nervous as they were,were strong. Their engagement had been difficult before, but nowit seemed to Ranma that no chance of taking a step beyondengagement, or even of attaining a normal life, existed while helay under the curse of his ailurophobia. Thus he found himself that day in the Nekohanten speakingto the aged proprietor, a woman renowned for her wisdom of theeldritch lores and judgement in applying them, if no longer forher beauty. And so began a grand and terrifying adventure, intoa realm of nightmares and dreams, gods and monsters, beyond theveil of sleep...."Ya gotta help me out, Cologne." 
Cologne regarded him with a steely gaze across the woodentable in the kitchen of the Nekohanten. A mountainous pile ofcarrot peelings was slowly obscuring her from view as she worked."Why?" Ranma blinked. "You're the only one who can. You knowabout all that mystical stuff. You gotta know a way to cure theNeko-ken."The peeler rasped, and another long shaving of carrotdropped into the pile. "Assuming I did, what reason do I haveto share it with you, Son-in-law?""Umm... because... uhh..." Ranma grasped at straws. "Itwould be a nice thing to do?""Who ever told you that I was nice?" "Err..." Ranma snapped his fingers triumphantly. "Youhelped me learn the Hiryuu-Shouten-Ha after Happosai stole mystrength. That's just like this.""No, it isn't," Cologne refuted. "A weak husband is a shamefor a woman of the Joketsuzoku. The Neko-ken, on the other hand,is an exotic and powerful technique when used correctly."Straws were disappearing rapidly. "You... uhh..." "Ranma, you done talking to Great-grandma? We go on datenow?"Ranma looked to where Shampoo stood hopefully in the doorwayleading between the kitchen and dining room of the Nekohanten,the curtain that covered it half-drawn away by her hand. "Uh...not yet, Shampoo.""You hurry and finish, okay? Then we go on date." "Uhh... maybe," Ranma said non-committally, trying to focuson both Joketsuzoku at once. Cologne was silent, watching thedialogue between the youngsters with all the intensity of a hawk."Date be very fun," Shampoo said brightly."Shampoo," Cologne said finally, "I am in the middle of aconversation with Son-in-law. Please leave us."Shampoo nodded, suddenly tight-lipped, and turned away,letting the curtain fall behind her. Ranma sighed with reliefand turned his full attention back to Cologne."Look, old ghoul--" A slice of carrot bounced off his forehead hard enough tomake his eyes cross. "Don't be rude." "Cologne, if you don't--" A second carrot slice smacked offthe tip of his nose. "Listen, you withered--" Flick. Bounce.

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