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Britain's Top Earning Civil Servants

Britain's Top Earning Civil Servants

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Published by NRF_Vancouver

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Published by: NRF_Vancouver on Dec 08, 2011
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List of top earning civil servants - June 2010
NameJob TitleGradeOrganisationAnnual pay rate -including taxablebenefits andNotes
Stephan WilckeChief Executive OfficerAsset Protection Agency£150,000 - £154,999Jens BechChief Risk OfficerAsset Protection Agenc165,000 - £169,999No pensionIon DagtoglouChief Invesment OfficerAsset Protection Agency£165,000 - £169,999No pensionBrian ScammellChief Credit OfficerAsset Protection Agency£130,000 - £134,9994 days per weekHamish BucklandSpecial AdvisorAsset Protection Agency£65,000 - £69,9992 days per weekStephen LovegroveChief Executive, ShareholderExecutiveDirector GeneralBIS£185,000 - £189,999Philip RutnamDirector General, BusinessGrouDirector GeneralBIS£180,000 - £184,999Vicky PryceDirector General, Economicsand Joint Head, UKGovernment EconomicServiceDirector GeneralBIS£175,000 - £179,999Prof. JohnBeddintonGovernment Chief ScientificAdviserPermanent SecretaryBIS£165,000 - £169,999Prof. Adrian SmithDirector General, Scienceand ResearchDirector GeneralBIS£160,000 - £164,999Philip RycroftDirector General, Innovationand Enterpriseand Chief Executive of the BetterRegulation ExecutiveDirector GeneralBIS£160,000 - £164,999Howard OrmeDirector General, Financeand CommercialDirector GeneralBIS£160,000 - £164,999Simon FraserBIS Permanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryBIS£160,000 - £164,999Mark RussellDeputy Chief Executive,Shareholder ExecutiveDirector BIS£155,000 - £159,999John McCreadyManaging Director, Property,Shareholder ExecutiveDirector BIS£150,000 - £154,999Marc MiddletonManaging Director, RoyalMail & Postal Services,Shareholder ExecutiveDirector BIS£150,000 - £154,999Alison LittleyChief ExecutiveDirector GeneralBuying Solutions£150,000 - £154,999Gus O'DonnellCabinet Secretary and Headof the Home Civil ServicePermanent SecretaryCabinet Office£235,000 - £239,999Stephen LawsFirst Parliamentary CounselPermanent SecretaryCabinet Office£225,000 - £229,999Robert ParkerParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£210,000 - £214,999John SuffolkChief Information Officer forHM Government and chair of the CIO CouncilDirector GeneralCabinet Office£205,000 - £209,999Philip DaviesParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£195,000 - £199,999Catherine JohnstonParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£190,000 - £194,999Gill RiderHead of Civil ServiceCaabilit GrouDirector GeneralCabinet Office£180,000 - £184,999No pensionDavid CookParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£175,000 - £179,999Elizabeth GardinerParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£170,000 - £174,999Adrian HogarthParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£170,000 - £174,999Leonie McLaughlinParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£170,000 - £174,999Matt TeePermanent Secretary forGovernmentCommunicationsPermanent SecretaryCabinet Office£160,000 - £164,999Alex AllanChairman of the JointIntelligence committee andProfessional Head of Intellience AnalsisPermanent SecretaryCabinet Office£160,000 - £164,999Edward StellParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£160,000 - £164,999Hayley RogersParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£155,000 - £159,999
Jonathan CunliffePrime Minister's Adviser onInternational EconomicAffairs and EuropePermanent SecretaryCabinet Office£155,000 - £159,999David SpracklingParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£150,000 - £154,999Jeremy HeywoodPermanent Secretary, No.10Permanent SecretaryCabinet Office£150,000 - £154,999Douglas RamsayParliamentary CounselParliamentary CounselCabinet Office£135,000 - £139,998Equal to 0.8 FullTime SalarJanet ParaskevaFirst Civil ServiceCommissionerCabinet Office£120,000 - £124,999Equal to 0.6 FullTime SalarJanet GaymerCommissioner for PublicAointmentsCabinet Office£90,000 - £94,999Equal to 0.6 FullTime SalarJoe MontgomeryDirector General, Regionsand CommunitiesDirector GeneralCommunities & LocalGovernment£150,000 - £154,999Sir Ken KnightChief Fire and RescueAdviserDirector Communities & LocalGovernment£165,000 - £169,999Richard McCarthyDirector General, Housingand PlanningDirector GeneralCommunities & LocalGovernment£175,000 - £179,999Peter HousdenPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryCommunities & LocalGovernment£185,000 - £189,999Peter LewisChief ExecutiveDirector GeneralCrown ProsecutionService£160,000 - £164,999Keir StarmerDirector of PublicProsecutionsPermanent SecretaryCrown ProsecutionService£195,000 - £199,999David GreenDirector of Revenues andCustoms DivisionCrown ProsecutionService£210,000 - £214,999Officer waspreviously thePermanentSecretary for RCPOand currentlyretains this gradeon a personal basisJonathan StephensPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryDCMS£155,000 - £159,999Jeremy BeetonDirectorGeneral,GovernmentOlmic ExecutiveDirector GeneralDCMS£225,000 - £229,999David Goldstone Director- Finance andProgramme, GovernmentOlympic ExecutiveDirector DCMS£185,000 - £189,999Moira WallacePermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryDECC£165,000 - £169,999Dame Helen GhoshPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryDefra£140,000 - £144,9994.5 days per weekProf Robert WatsonChief Scientific AdviserDirector GeneralDefra£135,000 - £139,9994 days per weekNemat ShafikPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryDepartment forInternationalDeveloment£190,000 - £194,999Robert DevereuxPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryDepartment forTransort£160,000 - £164,999Dr Mike MitchellHead of National NetworksGroupDirector GeneralDepartment forTransport (Centre)£200,000 - £204,999Nirmal KotechaMajor Projects Director Director Department forTransport, HighwaysAenc£150,000 - £154,999David NicholsonNHS Chief ExecutivePermanent SecretaryDept. of Health£255,000 - £259,999Includes a grossbenefit in kind of £45-50k for arented flat andassociatedexpenses in LondonClare ChapmanDirector General oWorkforceDirector GeneralDept. of Health£220,000 - £224,999Contractual bonusnot includedSir Liam DonaldsonChief Medical OfficerPermanent SecretaryDept. of Health£205,000 - £209,999Christine ConnellyChief Information OfficerDirector GeneralDept. of Health£200,000 - £204,999Gabriel ScallyRegional Director of PublicHealthDirectorDept. of Health£200,000 - £204,999David BehanDirector General of SocialCare, Local Government andCarepartnershipsDirector GeneralDept. of Health£180,000 - £184,999David SalisburyDirector of ImmunisationDirector Dept. of Health£175,000 - £179,999Lindsey DaviesInterim Regional Director of Public HealthDirector Dept. of Health£165,000 - £169,999
Sir Hugh TaylorPermanent Secretary, DHPermanent SecretaryDept. of Health£155,000 - £159,999Martin BellamyICT DirectorDirector Dept. of Health£160,000 - £164,999Duncan SelbieChief ExecutiveDirector GeneralDept. of Health£180,000 - £184,999On secondment toRoyal SussexCount HositalSir Leigh LewisPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryDWP£195,000 - £199,999Hunada NoussFinance Director GeneralDirector GeneralDWP£165,000 - £169,999Joe HarleyIT Director General & ChieInformation OfficerDirector GeneralDWP £245,000 - £249,999Chris LastHR Director GeneralDirector GeneralDWP £180,000 - £184,999Mel GrovesProject Director, Welfare WellbeinDirector GeneralDWP £175,000 - £179,999Left DWP30/4/2010Stephen HoltDirector of ChangeManagementDirector DWP £160,000 - £164,999Bill GunnyeonDirector of Health Work andWellbeing, Chief MedicalAdviser and Chief ScientistDirector DWP £155,000 - £159,999David BellPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryEducation£180,000 - £184,999Patrick CrawfordChief ExecutiveDirector GeneralExport CreditsGuarantee Department£205,000 - £209,999Tim SmithChief ExecutiveDirector GeneralFood Standards Agency£190,000 - £194,999Peter RickettsPermanent Under-Secretaryand Head of the DiplomaticServicePermanent SecretaryForeign Commonwealth Office£175,000 - £179,999Left on 11 May2010Nigel ShienwaldHM Ambassador to theUnited States of AmericaPermanent SecretaryForeign Commonwealth Office£175,000 - £179,999Kim DarrochUK PermanentRepresentative to theEuroean UnionPermanent SecretaryForeign Commonwealth Office£170,000 - £174,999Trevor LlanwarneGovernment ActuaryPermanent SecretaryGovernment Actuary'sDet£190,000 - £194,999Marco PierleoniChief Executive and ChieLand RegistrarDirector GeneralHM Land Registry (MoJExecutive Agency)£170,000 - £174,999Marco Pierleoni tookup this role and fullresponsibility forLand RegistryBusiness with effectfrom 1 February2010Peter CollisChief Executive and ChieLand RegistrarDirector GeneralHM Land Registry (MoJExecutive Agency)£150,000 - £154,999Peter Collis formallyretired on 31 March2010Mike ClasperChair HM Revenue CustomsNon-executiveHM Revenue & Customs£150,000 - £154,9993 days per weekSteve LameyDirector General Benefits & CreditsDirector GeneralHM Revenue & Customs£205,000 - £209,999Simon BowlesChief Finance OfficerDirector GeneralHM Revenue & Customs£185,000 - £189,999Phil PavittChief Information OfficerDirector GeneralHM Revenue & Customs£180,000 - £184,999Mike FalveyChief People OfficerDirector GeneralHM Revenue & Customs£175,000 - £179,999Lesley StrathieChief Executive OfficerPermanent SecretaryHM Revenue & Customs£170,000 - £174,999Dave HartnettPermanent Secretary For TaxPermanent SecretaryHM Revenue & Customs£160,000 - £164,999Sir NicholasMachersonPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryHM Treasury£175,000 - £179,999R ShostakHead of Prime Minister'sDelivery Unit and DGPerformance ManagementDirector GeneralHM Treasury£165,000 - £169,999JMG TaylorFinancial Services andStability DirectorDirector GeneralHM Treasury£160,000 - £164,999TW Scholar2nd Permanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryHM Treasury£150,000 - £154,999Sir DavidNormingtonPermanent SecretaryPermanent SecretaryHome Office£195,000 - £199,999Helen KilpatrickDirector General, Financeand CommercialDirector GeneralHome Office£205,000 - £209,999Kevin WhiteDirector General, HumanResourcesDirector GeneralHome Office£190,000 - £194,999Peter MakehamDirector General, Strategyand ReformDirector GeneralHome Office£160,000 - £164,999

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