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Beyond the Tenth

Beyond the Tenth

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Published by ppp123
Another book by Lobsang Rampa.
Another book by Lobsang Rampa.

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Published by: ppp123 on Oct 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To save a lot of later questions, letme say now that Man is one tenthconscious, the other nine tenths dealwith the sub-conscious and all thatwhich comes under the heading‘Racial Memories’ and the Occult.This book is about
not justabout one tenth of you, but also thatwhich goesBeyond the Tenth.
Dear Reader,For over a decade you have been writing to me fromall over the world, even from the other side of the IronCurtain, writing to me some thirty or forty letters aday, letters which I have conscientiously answered.But quite a number of you have written to say that anAuthor of books such as mine belongs to the Reader,saying that an Author such as I cannot end with ninebooks but must go on writing until reasonable ques-tions are answered.To that I replied by writing to several representa-tive people with this question; ‘Well, what DO youwant in the tenth book? Tell me, tell me what youwant, tell me what I've missed in other books, and Iwill write that tenth book.’So as a result of the letters I have received in answerto my questions, I have written this book which youare about to read.Some of you, no doubt, will say that it is repetitionhere and there. I can only reply that it is the unani-mous request of my ‘Panel of Readers’ or it wouldnot be in this book, and if you think it is repetitious inplaces, well, it might serve to refresh your memory.One question I am asked in particular is, ‘Oh, Dr.Rampa, visit me in the astral, cure me of this, cure meof that, tell me who is going to win the Irish Sweep-stake, come along to our Group Meeting in the astral.’But these readers forget that there are only 24 hoursin each day; they also forget the difference in timezones, etc., etc. Even more important, they forget thatalthough I, in the astral, can see them clearly when Iwant to, yet they may not always be able to see me,although an astonishing number of people havewritten to me confirming exactly astral visits, tele-pathic contacts, etc.Well, it's not intended that this shall be a long letter,so let us get on with the book itself, shall we?T. LOBSANG RAMPA

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