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Adult and Married Couples ONLY

Adult and Married Couples ONLY

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Can u dudes make it for approx. 45 minutes? I did it MANY times!! Breathing "teknik" is the secret.
Can u dudes make it for approx. 45 minutes? I did it MANY times!! Breathing "teknik" is the secret.

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Published by: Yusuf (Joe) Jussac, Jr. a.k.a unclejoe on Dec 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fun Sex Positions to ReachOrgasm
 Disabled World 
- 2008-10-07
 A list of various sex positions that may be of benefit to people with disabilities. Even the missionary position has plenty of advantages for both men and women.
A list of various sexual positions that may be of benefit to everyone, not just people withdisabilities seeking good sex positions for disabled sex.
 For persons with a disability, including spinal cord injured women and men, experimenting inbed with an understanding partner will result in finding the best sex position for your particulardisability. And yes it is possible for a paraplegic and quadriplegic to still enjoy sex.
New Variations of Sex Positions in Bed
 Routine, boredom and a million other things that get in the way tend to make sex repetitive andunexciting after a while. It's not that the two lovers plan things this way, but rather the fact thatlife tends to dampen enthusiasm in the long run. Using the same positions every time andbuilding up an unshakable routine doesn't help either. I'm not sure why some people think thatdoing the same thing again and again is a good idea, but they are wrong. Everybody needs a littlevariation in his or her life, including in the bedroom department.There are lots of factors that gets in the way of most couples to make sex less exciting as timegoes by. Using the same positions every time and building up an unshakable routine sometimesbecomes tiring. The fact that life tends to dampen enthusiasm in the long run, it is a good ideathat couples should try some new variations, especially in getting terms with intimacy.And variation can easily and delightfully be achieved by learning new sex positions. Far frombeing nothing but frills, positions are actually a great way of making the other feel your love.Changing positions during sex allows the two lovers to play with each other and to find newways of getting and giving pleasure. If you feel that sex is getting stale, but love is still strong,then you simply have to learn some new positions and bring a little variety in the bedroom.It's true that getting it right the first time is pretty hard, but trying and failing is not that bad if both partners get to see the fun side. Learning new positions can really strengthen the bondbetween two people.Just think of all the pleasure lying ahead of you and focus on the fact that you are about to enjoya great night and never worry that things might turn out wrong. You're just beginning to learnShare50
new sex positions so there's no reason to feel bad over a fumble, especially if the end result ismind blowing. Also, a really good idea is to try a decent number of positions in order tounderstand how they work.New and fun sex positions allow lovers to play with each other and to find new ways of gettingand giving pleasure. If you feel that sex is getting uninteresting but love is still strong, then yousimply have to learn some new sex positions and bring a little variety in the bedroom.
Woman On Top Sex Position
 The woman on top position is definitely the choice of women. she gets direct stimulation of theclitoris and can achieve clitoral orgasm easily. Women have greater control in this position. Men find that the stimulation is less intense so he can delay ejaculation. His hands are free tostimulate her clitoris or breasts.The woman on top position is probably the best for clitoris stimulation and direct contact. If greater stimulation is needed there is a cream called Vigorelle, that the woman can gently applyto her vaginal area or clitoris for greater sensitivity, thus a more intense orgasm. Women claimthat this produces a tingling and warming sensation which has help them achieve orgasm when itwas difficult before.
Sex positions - Rawhide
How it's done:
She should lie down on the bed on her stomach, with her legs straight andslightly apart. You (the man) then sit right behind her with your legs in front of you and yourhands on either side of your body supporting you. You then lean back joining your genitals withhers. Bring her legs together for a tight fit as you rock back and forwards. Her elbows should bewith her arms in front of her for leverage.
What will it do for her?
If she likes to be dominated then this is the position for her. You canmove your penis about freely allowing her to feel all the pleasure.
What will it do for you (the man)?
You can take full charge with this position and get a frontrow view of her rear. You can take it at your own pace and move as fast and hard or as slow andgentle as suits.
Sex positions - The pleasure spot
 How it's done:
She should lie on the bed with a pillow under her head bringing her knees up toher breasts with her legs crossed at the ankles. You (the man) kneel in front of her, lean in andpull her hips onto your lap. Keep her thighs glued together and gently press her feet against yourchest for support as you enter her.
What will it do for her?
This is a great position to allow her to clench her pelvic musclesensuring deep tighter penetration.
What will it do for you (the man)?
While she grabs your bottom, she can pull you into her fordeeper penetration taking your whole package inside her. This position is intense and will haveboth your fluids flowing.
Sex positions - Scissor cut
 How it's done:
She should lie face-up on a table, desk or other raised, hard surface with her hipsperched on the edge. Raise her legs to a 90-degree angle. You (the man) will be standing in frontof her holding her ankles. Spread her legs wide open while you enter her. Next, you alternatelycross and spread her legs like scissors, opening and closing as you thrusts.
The Female Superior Position
 In The Female Superior Position she lies on top of the man with her legs on the outside of hislegs. Her body is parallel with his and she is able to move around and manipulate his penisgetting into areas he would never be able to do if he were on top. While she is on top, she cankneel, squat, or sit on top of his erect penis. When she sits on his erect penis in this position, hispenis penetrates very deeply and can almost always make the woman achieve an orgasm.In this variation she can sit on you using her hands to push herself up and down as she faces yourfeet. She also has the option to ease back close to your chest with her legs together. You canexperiment with these different variations to find each other's g-spot. 
Sex positions - Lap dancer
 How it's done:
You need to be leaning back onto a high-backed chair with a cushion/pillowbehind him. Firstly she should sit above your lap with her hands clasping the chair to supporther. Then one leg at a time rests her feet on your shoulders. Then she should use her bottom tomove back and forth on you penis.
What will it do for her?
This is an intimate position where you can both watch each other'sbodies, keeping eye contact all the way through.
What will it do for you (the man)?
Although she controls the movements so the thing she can doto stop you from coming is to jump off. You might not be able to control yourself as you watchher in full action.
The Octopus
 How it's done:
You (the man) sit on the floor with your hands behind you resting on the floor,your knees slightly bent with your legs splayed open.

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Nun jauh di bawah sana di SURAT TERBUKA KPD YM SBY, sy sebenarnya mau nambahkan sbb: Re PKS. Bukan RHS lagi, berkat DUKUNGAN bak Tsunamu PKS, YM SBY madeg dadi Rati NKRI. Nobody CAn and WILL NOT deny it. Hebring amat PKS! Ist that so? Embuh lah! But. , just a couple of days ago sy mendapat tulisan lama dr BLOG an, ulasan pnjg ttg PKS. Serem deh!!! Siapa ingin membacanya, just email me.
...bhw alm. babe KNEW BEST saat itu, terbukti kini ane ga Gagap masalah2 krusial internasional. Tapi ada tetapinya; s.d tahun kedua bbrp nilai ane rada jeblok! Lha wong lbh suka di Sastra Inggris kok piye! Tahun kedua br eng-ing-eng, bak kecanduan. Gitu to ilmu politik? Seangkatan dgn ane. a/l (antara lain) Bung DRS. Saur Hutabarat, kalo ga slh kini beliau Direktur Pemberitaan MEDIA INDONESIA.
Lhadalah! Habis sdh katah sy ngReply td di Thread/topik SURAT TERBUKA Kpd Yang Mulya saat itu Capres SBY, So, ane teruskan sj di sini lah. OK. DILARANG berkeberatan, wong ini Page ane kok dr. kawan kita Trip bile Amrik yg baik itu. Tadi, ane nulis ttg Fak. Sastra Inggris dan Fak. Sospol UGM. Uey, belum selesai ga ada ruang lagi. Sy br tahu bhw REPLY (yg akan tampak di Page ini) Maksimal cuma enam

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