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Partial Center for American Progress (CAP) Record and Rhetoric on Anti-Israel Hostility, Anti-reality on Iran

Partial Center for American Progress (CAP) Record and Rhetoric on Anti-Israel Hostility, Anti-reality on Iran

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Published by joshblock
Partial Record of Center for American Progress (CAP) and employees' rhetoric on anti-Israel hostility, anti-reality on Iran
Partial Record of Center for American Progress (CAP) and employees' rhetoric on anti-Israel hostility, anti-reality on Iran

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: joshblock on Dec 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The below record is divided into two broad categories:(1) CAP’s substantive positions against Israel and on the side of anti-US, anti-Israel, and anti-Western forces(2) CAP’s rhetoric and tactics of personal attacks against politicalopponents.Obviously the two categories interact. The CAP writers are notabove smearing Democratic politicians and mainstream journalists for being Israel-firsters, for carrying AIPAC’s water, etc.But the personal attacks speak to personal unprofessionalism andborderline libel, while the substantive stuff exposes how far out of the mainstream CAP’s work has actually gotten.Across everything – and this is a little more difficult to tease out –there’s a weird combination of sneering recklessness and smugchildishness that underlies a lot of their rhetoric. On therecklessness side, there’s a degree to which they really don’tknow how shrill they sound and how far off the reservationthey’ve strayed. It’s almost as if, in talking to each other, it’s now just natural to talk about Jewish money in politics, abouttreasonous politicians, etc. On the childishness side, people are“stupid” or “douchebags” or (sarcastically) “super-geniuses” orthe like, and there’s this kind of petulant foot-stamping on certaincentral dogmas because those debates are settled (e.g.Petraeus). Much of that is covered in the unprofessional rhetoricsection, but it’s a thread that goes through much of what CAPproduces on the Middle East.
CAP’s substantive positions
: Each of these expose thedegree to which CAP’s Middle East policy analysis/prescriptionsare far out of the mainstream of Democratic and center-leftpolitics.
– on the micro level, on issue after issue, CAP’sMiddle East people can always be relied on dismiss concerns
over anti-Israel and Islamic radicalism, on one hand, andattack Israel on the other. The analysis becomes especiallyabsurd on Iran and Turkey.
Israeli/Palestinian issues
– CAP is far out of themainstream on American support for Israel, which leadsthem to – among other things – attack Democratic membersof Congress for being too pro-Israel
Israeli/Palestinian issues – linkage
– CAP’s Middle Eastpeople are committed to the idea that Israel is at the core of Middle East instability.
Israeli/Palestinian issues – Israeli intransigence is thereason
- the setup for the idea that the Israeli/Palestinianconflict is at the core of Middle East instability, this is theargument that Israeli intransigence is at the core of theIsraeli/Palestinian conflict
The US/Israeli alliance hurts America’s national interest
– these arguments range across the spectrum,from the soft power argument that Arabs don’t like usbecause of Israel to the super-charged Petraeus argumentthat Israel gets American troops killed.
CAP’s tactics of personal attacks :
– a longstandingand by now glib practice of deploying dual-loyalty smearsagainst their political opponents, from accusing them of being “Israel-firsters”/Likudniks to accusing them of propagandizing for The Lobby.
Duss’s unprofessional rhetoric
– Duss engages in adhoms, snideness, and mockery that’s not only unprofessionalbut is starkly at odds with what might be called his ownpersonal and analytical failings.
Substantive Positions/Ideology[A] Geopolitics
– on almost every specific issue, even outsidethe Israeli/Palestinian context CAP can be relied upon to provide“analysis” that runs counter to mainstream consensus – and thatalways ends up explaining why concerns about anti-American andanti-Western currents are overblown.
Iran… CAP authors have long sought to both debunk and sneer atsuggestions of Iranian nuclearization, right through this morning. This flies in the face of overwhelming Congressional and center-left conviction that Iran is nuclearizing and that a robust sanctionsregime is necessary to counter their efforts. It turns out that eventhe assassination plot is proof that Iran
a threat.Gharib and Clifton -http://thinkprogress.org/security/2011/11/08/364519/white-house-iaea-report-iran/- “U.S. Official: IAEA Report ‘Does NotAssert That Iran Has Resumed A Full Scale Nuclear WeaponsProgram’”Gharib –http://antiwar.com/radio/2011/01/08/ali-gharib-4/-Scott Horton Interviews Ali Gharib … no hard evidence thatIran is pursuing nuclear weapons, general sneering aboutevidence… “just a lie”Duss -http://thinkprogress.org/security/2009/12/08/72834/iran-sanctions-bill/- Congress Rushing To Pass Iran Sanctions That No One Thinks Will WorkDuss -http://thinkprogress.org/security/2011/01/11/176451/iaea-chief-we-cannot-say/- IAEA Chief: ‘We Cannot Say That IranIs Pursuing A Nuclear Weapons Program’Clifton -http://thinkprogress.org/security/2011/06/07/238238/rand-report-iran/- RAND Report Discredits Iran Hawks, AdvocatesContainment And DeterrenceClifton -http://thinkprogress.org/security/2011/08/08/290977/hawks-push-for-iraq-style-sanctions-on-iran/- Hawks Push For Iraq-Style Sanctions On Iran

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