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River Cities Reader Issue #793 - December 8, 2011

River Cities Reader Issue #793 - December 8, 2011

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Published by River Cities Reader

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Published by: River Cities Reader on Dec 08, 2011
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River Cities’ Reader 
• Vol. 19 No. 793 • December 8 - 21, 2011
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • RiverCitiesReader.com
Browning Field
Moline1635 23rd Ave.762-4626
John Deere Rd.
Moline4101 44th Ave.764-7303
East Moline
Moline1842 18th Ave.755-9123
Rock Island
2532 18th Ave.786-0035
902 W. 4th St.787-4884
Kennedy Square
East Moline4117 Kennedy Dr.755-4747
Davenport4810 Elmore Ave.359-1228
Old Town
Davenport903 E. Kimberly R.391-3323
53rd Street
Davenport1640 53rd St.386-3188
2320 Spruce Hills Dr.355-3919
West Locust
Davenport1432 W. Locust St.322-2275
1109 Canal Shore Dr.563-289-1506
River Cities’ Reader 
• Vol. 19 No. 793 • December 8 - 21, 2011
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • RiverCitiesReader.com
ow curious is itthat both liberaland conservativemedia have so obviously colluded in blacking outmeaningful coverageof GOP presidentialcandidate Ron Paul?Add to this phenomenonthat when coverage isunavoidable, it is heavily biased against Dr. Paul.This blanket policy by the mainstream media(MSM) toward this single candidate begs thequestion: Why is Ron Paul such a threat to bothparties, so much so that the MSM has ordersfrom on high to label him as “unelectable” butoffers very little in terms of rationale for why itdeems him so?Voters’ curiosity should be piqued over thisblatant dismissal of the candidacy of such ahighly respected member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Texas voters have elected Dr.Paul 12 times as a Republican, and his base hasgrown exponentially since he became a nationalcandidate, attracting conservative Republicans,moderate Democrats, and independents alikebecause his message has remained steadfastly constitutional in all things, no exceptions.In fact, his ability to raise money fromindividual voters is extraordinary, and if he wereanyone else, this phenomenon would be coveredad nauseam by the MSM, especially becausefor them it is low-hanging fruit, so to speak. Inother words, it does not require a lot of energy,intelligence, or work to cover fundraising.In the final analysis, Ron Paul is the only candidate who can beat Obama in 2012. (Seecover story on page 6.) The establishmentRepublicans had best get their head around thissooner rather than later, because the Iowa caucusis around the corner. No other candidate cangarner votes from the independents and moderateDemocrats in the requisite numbers, especially if the the nominee is Gingrich or Romney.Furthermore, neither can hope to transfer votesfrom Ron Paul supporters, regardless.Interestingly, Congressman Paul’s platformresembles that of Obama’s 2008 candidacy of “hope and change,” with promises of ending thewar; repealing the USA PATRIOT Act becauseit harms Americans more than it protectsthem; eliminating expensive and fraudulentwar contracting; deeply cutting spending; andevicting banksters and corporate insiders fromcabinet and agency positions. These are all thingsObama promised, but once in office he not only reneged on these promises but advanced theseproblems considerably, making him even morereprehensible than his predecessor.These campaign promises are also found asplanks in the Iowa Republican Party platform(IowaGOP.org/platform.php). With such a largenumber of contendersin the upcoming GOPcaucus, efficiency woulddictate that comparingindividual candidatespositions on the coreissues to the planks inthe Iowa RepublicanParty platform would bethe best way to properly examine electability.Again, a relatively easy task for the MSM, which has devolvedinto nothing more than lazy 
 American Idol 
-ishpolitical coverage.It can be strongly argued that Ron Paul’spositions, substantiated with an unblemished 20-year voting record, adhere to the Iowa RepublicanParty platform more consistently than any of theother GOP candidates. In fact, Dr. Paul does noteven have a close second if the Iowa RepublicanParty platform is the measuring stick. So why dothe GOP and the media cast Paul’s libertarianconstitutional positions as being “extreme”? If Paul’s positions are extreme, then so is most of theIowa GOP platform.Most controversial, according to establishmentRepublicans and the MSM, are Paul’s positions onforeign policy, defense spending, and homelandsecurity. The Iowa GOP platform planks readin part: “9.04. We support the repeal of thePatriot Act”; “9.08. We believe that the federalgovernment should reduce the threat of terrorismby securing the United States borders at all pointsof entry”; “11.01. We insist on a national defensepolicy and a foreign policy that is in the soleinterest of the United States”; “11.02. We believein a strong national defense. We believe that oneof the Government’s primary roles is to maintainan adequate military force to secure the bordersof the U.S. To accomplish this, we believe theU.S. should provide adequate funds to maintaina military force capable of protecting U.S.Sovereignty”; “11.12. We believe the United Statesmust not adhere to or abide by any treaties thatcompromise the sovereignty of the United Statesor that are prohibited by the Constitution”; “11.13.We believe our servicemen should serve only theUnited States, our Constitution, and the AmericanFlag. We are adamantly opposed to UnitedNations oversight of our military units, cedingnational sovereignty to any foreign body, or to theestablishment of a one world government”; “13.04.We oppose any taxes being placed on the UnitedStates by the United Nations.”The above planks are practically verbatimwhat Congressman Ron Paul espouses, andhas stood for unyieldingly during his 20 yearsin office. There is not a single word in Iowa’splatform about nation-building, improvingother countries’ infrastructures, constructing
Ron Paul PersonifiesIowa GOP Party Platform
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by Kathleen McCarthykm@rcreader.com
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