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My road to 1000

My road to 1000

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Published by Zachery Follrod

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Published by: Zachery Follrod on Dec 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zachery FollrodProfessor Robert ArnoldEnglish 1103-02222 September 2011My Road To 1000I first had a sponsor of literacy when I was in the third grade. My dad wanted me to playsports so bad, but he knew not to force it on me. He always told me to do what I wanted to do, but always added on to play a sport. He told me to try out all sports, so I tried basketball,football, and baseball. I will admit I was scared to fail. Thankfully, I put that fear behind me andgave all the sports at least a try.Baseball was what I gave a shot to first, even though it was hot and muggy outside. I wasyoung about the age to play tee ball and was playing in my first ever game. If you don’t knowanything about tee ball well it is boring if you play in the outfield because the kids can’t hit it far enough to get it to the outfield. I was forced to stand out in the outfield and mosquitoes were biting me and then all of a sudden a yellow jacket started to buzz around my head. It finally bitme in my right leg and I sat down until my coach ran out there and carried me back into thedugout. After that day, I never played baseball again. I decided I would stick to football and basketball.The good thing was that I was doing well in both of the sports. I was averaging 20 pointsin basketball and averaging 100 yards rushing in football. I would go into my games for myelementary teams and thought I was so big and bad. The football announcer would talk me upand give me even a bigger head saying to “watch out” for me when I reached high school. Thiscontinued on until middle school. The people were getting bigger and the competition was
getting harder. My dad was so high on me. He would talk me up to his friends and anyone hewould see. I felt like it was giving me a big target on my back. Then, a big decision came myway. I quit playing football.Quitting football was a hard decision and it broke my dads heart. We would always sit onthe couch on Saturdays and Sundays and watch all the games from sun up to sun down. Iremember watching Ken Dorsey, former Miami Florida quarterback, go down the field and mecheering him on while wearing his jersey. He would make little comments on how that could beme one day. My dad grew up in a small town in West Virginia and they eat and sleep the gameof football. You were raised to be a big husky guy that could play the game of football. He endedup being a really good quarterback in high school and thought that I could follow in hisfootsteps.Although I wanted to make him happy, I wasn’t really playing to a level that would meetmy standards. He thought I could actually be something but I did not think the same. I was becoming too slow and not big enough to keep up with the high level football players in school. Iexplained to him that quitting football would also help my basketball playing because I wouldn’t be getting the nagging injuries that come along with playing football.On to high school I was ready to play my favorite sport, basketball. Our school basketballteam was fairly decent but the head coach was under tough scrutiny for not winning enoughgames with the talent he had there. I started out on the junior varsity team, which reallydiscouraged my thoughts of being this big superstar at basketball. The only person I could reallygo to and talk about it was my dad. He told me that to keep working hard and I would reach mygoal. Practice by practice went by and I just felt like I was wasting my time. I wanted to playagainst the “Big Dogs.”
My sophomore year started and I finally made it to varsity but I felt like I wouldn’t getany playing time. The season started against our rival high school and of course, I was on the bench. My mind was racing like never before. The crowd was going crazy and there weren’t any places to even sit. It was even worse because when I came into high school I brought alongexpectations because of my play in elementary and middle school.Our team was off to a rough start. We started out down 14-4. My coach called a quick timeout to kill the other teams momentum. My heart was racing when all of a sudden coachdecided to give me my chance. I walk onto the court with much bigger and faster players thenme. My hands were shaking and I was sweating. There was just a feeling that everyone in thegym was looking at me. I glanced over to the stands where my dad always sits and I seen himshaking his head, giving me confidence that I could go in and make a difference. I was trying to put all the pressure I felt in the back of my mind and not think about it. Play by play went by andI was starting to get in the groove of the game. The ball swung around and there I was with anopen three pointer at the top of the key. As I shot it into the air, I felt as everything was in slowmotion until it eventually swished through the net. The crowd went wild and my coach andteammates were cheering me on. The coach left me in and three by three fell in and at the end of the game I finished with twenty-two points and our team won. As I went into the locker room,the fans were congratulating me. The journalist from our local newspaper was there and he askedme for an interview about how I did it. I felt stunned and it was hard to answer his questions because I was still in shock.The season was going by game by game and I was feeling good. But just like any other  player I had my ups and downs. I was starting to come into the sixth man role on the team. Theonly thing that was killing me was that our team wasn’t winning on a normal basis. Guys were

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