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Genesis for the New Space Age

Genesis for the New Space Age

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Published by Keremcl

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Published by: Keremcl on Dec 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Genesis for the New Space AgeSecret Development of the Round Wing Plane, the Extra TerrestrialsInside the Earth, and the Arrival of the Outer Terrestrials
1980byJohn B. Leith
Genesis for the New Space Age
ContentsDedicationIntroductionProloguePART I - Space RaceChapter IEarth Under SurveillanceChapter IIEarly American Development of Prototype of Round Wing PlanesChapter IIIInternational Response to Unidentified Flying ObjectsChapter IVU.S. Readies New Aerial Marvel for Possible German ConflictChapter VGermans acquire U.S. Round Wing PlansChapter VIU.S. Shares Secret of New Round Wing Planbe with AlliesChapter VIIAllied Development and War-time Use of New Round Wing PlaneChapter VIIIGermans Abandon Fatherland in Giant Subs and Their Model of the Round wingPlanesChapter IXVanishing Germans Discover Mystery of AgesChapter XByrd Finds South Pole Entrance to Inner WorldChapter XIByrd Stalks The Missing NazisChapter XIIU.S. Peacefully “invades” Inner WorldChapter XIIIByrd’s Aerial Disaster Sets Post-War PosturesPART II - The Inner World of Extra TerrestrialsChapter XIVMan From AtlantisChapter XVU.S. Post-War Military Development of Anti-Gravity PrincipleChapter XVIGermans Build Sovereign Nation in Inner EarthChapter XVIIStrangers in Our SkiesChapter XVIIIA Day to Remember on Planet Earth (The First Battle with A Hostile Alien Craft fromOuter Space)Chapter XIXA New Age DawningEpilogueAppendixSocial, Political, Economic and Religious Life, Inner Earth NotesDiagrams, Photos and Documents
Some of the most closely guarded secrets of this century -- and perhaps since time began will bediscovered within the pages of this book. At the heart of the long kept secrets is the phenomena,euphemistically known as unidentified flying objects, which certain nations of this world have developedwith the aid of outer terrestrials from other planets.The manuscript is entirely original, from primary sources, most of which must remain anonymous. Over100 interviews were conducted. Research for the project took three years of two mens' time, plusthousands of hours contributed freely by others, some of whom placed their careers in jeopardy to doso. Material was gathered mostly in the U.S.A., but also visited was the USSR, Mexico, Germany,Canada, France, England, Spain, Brazil and the Vatican.Washington was where the real struggle was fought to pry the truth from bureaucratic vaults. During thetask of researching projects related to the UFOs, a few allies who wanted the entire story explainedwere gradually located in all walks of the Capitol's life. Some of those who came to our aid wereSenators, Congressmen, top military men in all the services, and high ranking civil servants, as well asagents and retired agents of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Through the efforts of all those sympathetic people the book was completed. Its contents simplyattempt to open up, without apology, the post-war history of the so called UFO for examination.The U.S.A., Canada, as well as Britain and Germany are the main custodians of the secret UFOknowledge revealed herein. But only in such a freedom-loving nation as the U.S.A. could there havesurfaced bold men willing to defy tradition and disclose the buried facts about the new age of visitingspace ships, and inner and outer terrestrials.The manuscript did not begin on a theme re development of the so called UFO. It was started more asa doubtful question about the phenomena in general, and as ensuing facts were enlarged the story of aninternational competition was recognized which had begun in the 1930's and which the author's labelled"The Space Race." Quite soon, in the uncovering of additional information, it became apparent thatEarth was no longer a singular planet on which men looked and listened for the reality of similar lifeelsewhere in the universe. Instead it was evident that Earth itself was that sphere in this solar systemwhich sister planets had been monitoring closely for years. We were not alone was the discoverywhich we the authors and countless others had made. But who would believe that report if we were totell? This was the mind-boggling dilemma.Right from the start it was anticipated that much of the new information sought on the space age couldnot be freed from security wraps for national defense reasons, which indeed proved to be so.Sympathetic to this corollary, the authors did not inquire at all into military secrets. But a recurringirritation was the unavailability of certain material of related UFO importance which will not be releasedfor 50 years from its happening. That keeps many relevant events hidden till the 1990's or later. In this

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