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Strategic Plan 2011 Online

Strategic Plan 2011 Online

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Published by greenparty_ie

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Published by: greenparty_ie on Dec 09, 2011
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Growing the Green Party: 2012 – 2016
Strategic Plan
For 30 years the Green Party has worked towards a fairer,sustainable future for the island of Ireland and the global community. 
Our founding principles remain rm, our people are talented and
committed, and we have experience at all levels of government.  This strategic plan sets how we will develop our organisation over
the next ve years. Our aim is to allow a new generation take up an
active role in political life and through that work improve the qualityof life of all our people.
 The Green Party sees a future where we meet the urgentenvironmental challenges we face and create in the processa more secure economy and just society for all our people.Where our democratic systems empower people to build saferand healthier communities. Where we play a positive role ininternational co-operation to share the resources of the planetfairly, leading by example here at home.
Securing our economicfuture
 This is a time when we need new thinking and a new economicmodel. We believe in using quality of life indicators rather thangrowth in consumption levels as our measures of progress. If wealso put a real value on the forms of natural and human capital,which conventional economics have taken for granted, we canstart to deliver a more secure and sustainable economy.New markets in environmental goods and services can providenew employment opportunities. Reducing waste in traditionalindustries can increase our competitiveness. Developingsolutions to environmental problems here will allow us to sellthat know-how to the rest of the world. By encouraging trade inthese productive industries we can avoid the speculative boomand bust cycles that has done us so much harm.
Securing our society
When you see the interconnected nature of our world, youunderstand that your security is enhanced when every otherperson’s welfare is also protected. We believe our social welfaresystem can be designed in a way which does not restrict peoplefrom taking up paid work and which recognises that some of themost important work of all is done in non-paid employment. At its heart the Green movement understands that it is better toinvest more in prevention rather than in a cure. Such long term
thinking inuences how you develop a health system, how you
arrange a judicial system and how you plan for communities. Itprioritises investment in education and the early years parentingof young children, not just because such an approach makes
nancial sense but because Green thinking values those
riches in life that don’t necessarily have to bring an economicreturn. Part of that richness comes from the diversity of life inall its forms. That is what drives us to be a campaigning Partypromoting human rights for all.
Securing our naturalenvironment
Human civilization has developed over the last 10,000 years with
the benet of a benign climate and abundant natural resources.
 This secure environment is threatened unless we change howwe use those resources. We have the technological capabilityto switch to a more sustainable path as long as we develop thepolitical will to make it happen. Ireland is well placed to makethe transition. We have a moderate climate which is rich inrenewable power. We are responsible for a sea area which is tentimes our land area, which could provide abundant resourcesif it was managed carefully. We have enough land to providefood and water for ourselves, with a large surplus. If we canget our political systems right there is nothing to stop us usingInformation Technology creatively to help manage both ourenvironment and economy in an intelligent, sustainable way.

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