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Free Press 12-9-11

Free Press 12-9-11

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Published by hudgons

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Published by: hudgons on Dec 09, 2011
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See Ellenwoond on Page 15A
 by Andrew Cauthenandrew@dekalbchamp.comA Dunwoody womanis claiming that she had a13-year extramarital affair with Republican presidentialhopeful
Herman Cain
thatended just before the former  businessman announcedhis candidacy for the WhiteHouse several months ago.And that claim—alongwith sexual harassment alle-gations from other women— has caused Cain to end his presidential campaign.In an interview with Fox5 Atlanta,
Ginger White
,said that over the years, Cain bought her airplane ticketsso she could join him in suchcities as Palm Springs, Calif.,and Atlanta.“It was fun,” the 46-year-old White said. “It was some-thing that took me away frommy sort of humdrum life atthe time. And it was excit-ing.”Flatly denying the affair,Cain said White was a friendthat he was trying to helpfinancially. Cain’s lawyer is-sued a public statement thatincluded no such denial andsuggested that the media–andthe public–had no businesssnooping into the details of consensual conduct betweenadults.Cain’s candidacy wassoaring in the polls until hewas hit a month ago withaccusations that he sexuallyharassed several women andgroped one while he was a
County Line/Ellenwood community feels forgotten by DeKalb
 by Andrew Cauthenandrew@dekalbchamp.comLocated in the southern part of DeKalb County, along the DeKalb-Henry county line, is a community of residents who feel they are the forgot-ten ones. It’s the community that has to put up with the smells of the SeminoleLandll, where the county dumps itstrash.“We don’t get the help we’re sup- posed to get around here,” said 85-year-old
Dora Mae Johnson
, who has livedin the County Line/Ellenwood commu-nity her entire life.Johnson said she wants the countyto help her community hook up to thecounty’s water and sewer system. Cur-rently, the residents use septic tanks.“It seems like every year I have trou- ble with that septic tank,” said Johnson,adding that residents have signed several petitions about the septic tanks.
We need to get off them,” said
Ed-die White
, another lifelong resident of the County Line/Ellenwood community.Septic tanks are just one of the issuesresidents in the area want the county toaddress. Residents have been asking for a comprehensive recreational park sincethe 1990s.The only community park in the areais the 8-acre County Line Park located at4059 Old River Road in Ellenwood withlimited parking. Listed on the county’swebsite as a neighborhood park, the park has a multi-use eld, basketballcourt, tennis courts, multi-use courts, playground, picnic area and trails.“It’s a little neighborhood park,”said resident
Annie Johnson-Sinkfield
 about the park where the annual com-munity day attracts 2,000-3,000 peopleis held. “It’s too small.”“We need something like what other  parts of the county have,” Johnson-Sink-eld said. “There’s a great need for thatin this community. We need something bigger and better.”Residents in the community saidthey were promised that a second roadwould be built coming out of the park torelieve congestion. The road is supposedto be built across 15 acres and wouldleave the park in front of the landll,said
Ronald Johnson
, president of theCounty Line/Ellenwood Coumunitygroup.
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Serving East Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Chamblee, Clarkston, Decatur, Doraville, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Tucker and Stone Mountain.
Cain ends campaign after Dunwoody woman alleges affair
See Cain on Page 15AHerman Cain bows out of the race to be the country’s next president after allegations of sexual harassment and a 13-year affair derailsthe Republican’s campaign. Cain’s wife (below) is on hand for the announcement in front of supporters expecting to mark the grandopening of Cain’s Georgia campaign headquarters in DeKalb. Photos by Andrew Cauthen
Page 2A The Champion Fee Pess, Fiday Decembe 2, 2011
Bill could aid schoolboard’s downsizing
© 2011 Georgia Power 
What is it that makesus different here?
Maybe it’s just knowing when to help. Here in Georgia, some people arehaving trouble paying their bills. You can help us help them. Just makea small donation to Project SHARE on your next Georgia Power bill.Or give online at GeorgiaPower.com/ProjectSHARE. Together with theSalvation Army we can show everyone what makes us different here.
 by Daniel Beauregarddaniel@dekalbchamp.comA bill designed to helpthe DeKalb County SchoolBoard transition from nineto seven members recentlywas introduced in the Geor-gia Legislature.The new bill, HB 671,was pre-led by Rep.
MaryMargaret Oliver
(D-Deca-tur) and piggybacks legisla-tion introduced earlier thisyear. Under SB 79, any newschool board must have nomore than seven membersand any existing school board must be reduced toseven members by 2013.HB 671, Oliver said,would give local delegationsand stakeholders a chanceto discuss the best way tomake the transition.“HB 671 is for the pur- pose of local legislationto implement SB 79. For instance, it says which dis-tricts will be elected in 2012and which will be newlyelected because we did notwant to terminate anybody’sterm who was elected for four years,” Oliver said.DeKalb County is divid-ed into seven single-member school board districts andtwo at-large districts. Thus,each resident is represented by two board members, alocal district member and anat-large member.If passed by the GeneralAssembly, HB 671 wouldeliminate DeKalb County’stwo at-large districts and es-tablish a system for electingschool board members fromseven redrawn single mem- ber districts.“Reducing the size of theDeKalb School Board fromnine to seven members,along with our obligation todraw new School Board dis-trict lines, requires thoughtand input from voters andschool supporters,” Oliver said.According to the bill,local districts one, three,ve and seven, as well asat-large district nine, wouldrepresent the new single-member districts in whichthe board members live.Then, in 2012, the boardmembers representing localdistricts two, four and six,as well as at-large districteight, will run for election inthe remaining two new dis-tricts, resulting in a seven-member board by January2013.“I’ve gotten a lot of ques-tions about it and I thoughtthis would be a good way toget people thinking whichseats we’ll be drawing for 2012 and which will comeup for election in 2014,”Oliver said.
Page 3A The Champion Fee Pess, Fiday Decembe 2, 2011
CEO Ellis says only though partnership can county grow
Local News
DeKalb BOE amends Atkinson’s contract;system maintains accreditation
 by Daniel Beauregarddaniel@dekalbchamp.comThe DeKalb CountyBoard of Education unani-mously approved the rstamendment to Superinten-dent
Cheryl Atkinson
’semployment contract at aspecial called meeting on Nov. 30.Atkinson requested the board amend her contractso she would stop receivingher $750-a-month car allow-ance, according to schoolspokesman
Walter Woods
,“There are district eetvehicles here, so if she usesher personal vehicle andthose vehicles she’s notgoing to need a car allow-ance,” Woods said. “It’s go-ing to save the district in thelong run–$750 a month for the next three years.”Additionally, the boardapproved the hiring of search rm Ray and As-sociates, which the system previously used in its super-intendent search, to nd anew chief operating ofcer (COO) to replace
who recently re-tired.Woods said
is the interim COOuntil the system is able tohire a permanent one. Hesaid the approved contractwill allow the board to payup to $20,000 to Ray andAssociates for the nationalsearch.During the meeting, the board also voted to continue providing legal defense for seven former board of education members and onecurrent member,
Sarah Co-pelin-Wood
, named in thelawsuit against constructionrm Heery/Mitchell.The system also recentlyannounced it has maintainedits accreditation status withAdvancED, the system’saccrediting agency, as it prepares for the ve-year renewal of its accreditationin March.The Southern Associa-tion of Colleges and Schools(SACS), a division of Ad-vancED, recommended thesystem remain at the statusof “accredited on advise-ment” as it completes two of eight actions recommended by AdvancED in January.The system must addresscompleting its strategic planand establishing a clear lineof authority for its internalauditor before the accredit-ing agency’s next visit.“The strategic plan,which is ongoing, will benished early next year…We have an auditor whowas hired last year andwhat we’re trying to deter-mine is the best practicesof who he reports to. Heneeds a clear line of report-ing so there are checks and balances and he’s indepen-dent and objective,” Woodssaid.According to a pressrelease, AdvancED praisedthe system for completingsix of the eight actions thisyear, including hiring a permanent superintendent,approving a redistrictingand consolidation plan, up-dating operational policiesand improving communica-tions.The system plans to sub-mit a report to AdvancED by Feb. 15, documentingthe steps it has taken toaddress the remaining ac-tions. AdvancED will as-sess those steps during anon-site review of the schoolsystem’s ve-year accredi-tation status, scheduled totake place in March.Woods said the time-table for completing the
420-306218 12/8,12/15,12/22,12/26 NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER Georgia, DeKalb CountyBy virtue of a Power of Sale contained in that certain Security Deed from
Celestine Gregory, Bruce Gregory to Bank of America, N. A
., dated March 18, 2004,recorded March 26, 2004, in Deed Book 15948, Page 84, DeKalb County, GeorgiaRecords, said Security Deed having been given to secure a Note of even date in theoriginal principal amount of Two Hundred Six Thousand Five Hundred Twenty and00/100 dollars ($206,520.00), with interest thereon as provided for therein, said SecurityDeed having been last sold, assigned and transferred to
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
, AsTrustee For The Certificateholders Of Banc Of America Alternative Loan Trust 2004-5,Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2004-5, there will be sold at public outcry tothe highest bidder for cash before the courthouse door of DeKalb County, Georgia,within the legal hours of sale on the
first Tuesday in January, 2012
, all propertydescribed in said Security Deed including but not limited to the following described property:All that tract or parcel of land lying and being in Land Lots 21 & 44 of the 15thDistrict, DeKalb county, Georgia, being more particularly described as follows:To find the true point of beginning, begin at the intersection of land lots 44, 43, 21 and 22;running thence south 01 degrees 26 minutes 00 seconds east a distance of 103.20 feet to aniron pin placed and the true point of beginning; thence south 88 degrees 51 minutes 44seconds west a distance of 55.00 feet to an iron pin; thence south 89 degrees 29 minutes 56seconds west a distance of 292.36 feet to an iron pin; thence north 12 degrees 50 minutes 44seconds east a distance of 106.68 feet to an iron pin; thence north 9 degrees 26 minutes 21seconds west a distance of 303.99 feet to an iron pin; thence north 12 degrees 12 minutes 56seconds west a distance of 40.0 feet; thence south 89 degrees 22 minutes 45 seconds west adistance of 369.94 feet to an iron pin; thence south 01 degrees 26 minutes 00 seconds east adistance of 340.48 feet to an iron pin and the true point of beginning. the property hereindescried composed of 3.503 acres being designated as Tract 3 as shown on a plat of surveymade by HRT Environmental, dated November 24, 1997 for Jacqueline W. Turk; and beingimproved property known as 3921 Martin Drive, Ellenwood, Georgia 30294
according to themost recent system of numbering houses in DeKalb County, Georgia.Said legal description being controlling, however the property is more commonlyknown as
3921 Martin Dr, Ellenwood, Ga 30294
.The indebtedness secured by said Security Deed has been and is hereby declareddue because of default under the terms of said Security Deed and Note, including but notlimited to the nonpayment of the indebtedness as and when due. The indebtedness remainingin default, this sale will be made for the purpose of paying the same, all expenses of the sale,including attorneys` fees (notice to collect same having been given) and all other payments provided for under the terms of the Security Deed and Note.Said property will be sold on an "as-is" basis without any representation, warrantyor recourse against the above-named creditor or the undersigned. The sale will also be subjectto the following items which may affect the title: any outstanding ad valorem taxes (includingtaxes which are a lien, whether or not now due and payable); the right of redemption of anytaxing authority; matters which would be disclosed by an accurate survey or by an inspectionof the property; all zoning ordinances; assessments; liens; encumbrances; restrictions;covenants, and any other matters of record superior to said Security Deed.The entity having full authority to negotiate, amend or modify all terms of theloan (although not required by law to do so) is:Lender Contact: BAC, Loss Mitigation Dept., P.O. Box 940070, Simi Valley, CA 93094-0070Telephone Number: 800-720-3758To the best of the knowledge and belief of the undersigned, the owner and party in possessionof the property is Celestine Gregory, Bruce Gregory, Bruce Gregory, Celestine Gregory, or tenants(s).The sale will be conducted subject (1) to confirmation that the sale is not prohibited under theU.S. Bankruptcy Code and (2) to final confirmation and audit of the status of the loan with theholder of the Security Deed.Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., As Trustee For The Certificateholders Of Banc Of AmericaAlternative Loan Trust 2004-5, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2004-5As Attorney In Fact For Celestine Gregory, Bruce GregoryTHE BELOW LAW FIRM MAY BE HELD TO BE ACTING AS A DEBTCOLLECTOR, UNDER FEDERAL LAW. IF SO, ANY INFORMATION OBTAINEDWILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE.Attorney Contact: Rubin Lublin Suarez Serrano, LLC, 3740 Davinci Court, Suite 400, Norcross, GA 30092Telephone Number: (877) 813-0992 Case No. BAC-11-12572-1Ad Run Dates 12/08/2011, 12/15/2011, 12/22/2011, 12/29/2011www.rubinlublin.com/property-listings.php
 by Daniel Beauregarddaniel@dekalbchamp.comDeKalb County CEO
Burrell Ellis
told attendeesat a recent luncheon thatonly through public and private partnerships willthe county overcome thechallenges it faces in theupcoming year.Ellis spoke at the DeKalbChamber of Commerce’sFirst Monday LunchSpeaker Series on Dec. 5.With real estate values inmetro Atlanta continuing todecline “and far too manyAmericans still withoutwork,” he said the countystill had much work to do.“As important andessential as government is,it cannot and should not beexpected to carry its loadalone. This is reected in partnerships with the publicand private sector,” Ellissaid.Also present wereDeKalb CountyCommissioners
Lee May
Larry Johnson
Jeff Rader
.Ellis touched on severalcounty initiatives suchas ONE DeKalb Livesand ONE DeKalb Works,each time highlighting theimportance of working with both the public and privatesector to bring the plans tofruition.“Our latest program,the Good Neighbor  Next Door program,is making foreclosedhomes in qualityneighborhoodsavailable to teachersand rst responderswho can then apply for a 50 percent discounton the purchase priceof those homes,” Ellissaid of ONE DeKalbLives. He said theinitiative is the result of a partnership betweenthe Citizens’ TrustBank, the Federal Housingand Urban DevelopmentDepartment, ADP Solutionsand DeKalb County.Ellis also touched on thecreation of ONE DeKalbWorks, which is projectedto utilize approximately$1.4 million for water and sewer infrastructureimprovements to create jobs for local contractors.“In total, we’ll createover 4,000 new jobs between now and 2015 andthat’s a lot of jobs. ThroughONE DeKalb Works we’recreating jobs and buildinghope,” Ellis said.Additionally, the CEO pointed out recent efforts toimprove the streetscapes of Memorial Drive, Candler Road and Buford Highway.Ellis also praised thedevelopment of a new plantwhich converts landll gasinto fuel for vehicles.“This is clean, green,safe technology that willsave costs, generate revenueand enhance our quality of life for decades in DeKalbCounty,” Ellis said.Ellis warned ofcials andleaders in the communitynot be sidetracked by polarizing issues but tocontinue working towardsuccess.“Do not be fooled byschemes of divisivenessand polarization, so that wemight survive and thrivetogether, to be that greatDeKalb County that weinherited and pass on to our children,” Ellis said.Chamber President
Leonardo McClarty
agreedwith Ellis. “We all must pulltogether as one and not letvarious efforts divide all of our collective efforts as weseek to move the countyforward,” he said.

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