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Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Night, Deadly Night

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Published by Dave IsGhost
The Ultimate Scream Writer: Week 2 entry. "Chase Scene"
The Ultimate Scream Writer: Week 2 entry. "Chase Scene"

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Published by: Dave IsGhost on Dec 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Silent Night, Deadly NightThe Next Scream Writer: Season 1 - Objective 2DaveIsGhost
We open on a small suburban community. Almost all of thehouses are dark except for the beautiful Christmas lightswhich shine brightly against the heavily falling wintersnow. The snow is beginning to quickly accumulate and we panout to see that the road has been poorly plowed. We thenturn to the other side of the street to see a house which islit up inside. We zoom in on the mail box at the edge of thedriveway to see the name "White".
CUT TO:INT: White Residence - Seconds later
We open the scene zoomed in on a beautiful Christmas treewhich twinkles in the dim surrounding light. We zoom outturn to see a beautiful living room. Christmas decorationsline the walls as well as the mantle above the fireplace inwhich a small crackling fire is burning. "It’s A WonderfulLife" plays on the large flat screen television which ismounted on the wall. Just then we hear foot steps. We turnto see JESSICA WHITE(seventeen, tall, brunette, slim, verypretty) making her way into the room with a bowl of popcornin one hand and a cell phone in the other.We watch as Jessica puts the popcorn down on a small tablebefore sitting down on the couch. A smile spreads across herface as she brings the phone to her ear.JESSICAOkay, I’m back. Sorry about that.VOICE(O.S.)Its about time bitch! i thought Iwas going to have to send out asearch party.JESSICA(laughing)No need for that Ash, I was starvinlike Marvin!ASHLEY(O.S.)Lay off the weed! Maybe you won’thave the munchies so much TommyChong.Jessica lets out a small laugh as she turns in her seat toget comfortable. She then reaches out and grabs the remotecontrol off of the table in front of her and begins to flipthrough the channels.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.JESSICAUgh.. seriously!? There are noother Christmas movies on besides"It’s A Wonderful Life"? ItsChristmas Eve for fuck sake.ASHLEY(O.S.)I noticed that too! Fucking lame..I was hoping for "ChristmasVacation". That movie is amazing.JESSICA(with redneck accent)"MERRY CHRISTMAS!! SHITTER WASFULL!"A snorting laugh rings out through the phone.ASHLEY(O.S.)So did you ever hear from Ricky orJenny? Its kind of like they justdisappeared off the face of theearth.JESSICAEhh.. don’t think to much of it.They are probably shacked up insome hotel somewhere.Jessica looks at the clock above the mantle.JESSICAShouldn’t you be leaving for theparty soon? I bet the whole town isthere by now.ASHLEY(O.S.)Yeah.. I’m leaving soon. Why don’tyou quit being anti-social andcome! Everyone will be there. Plusno one wants to spend Christmas Evealone. Just go with me.JESSICATown Christmas party? My Daddancing and embarrassing me? NOTHANKS! I’m fine right here with myChristmas movies and popcorn.ASHLEY(O.S.)Fine.. but if you change your mindthen come party! I’ve got to giveyou your Christmas present anyway.(CONTINUED)

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