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Merit Based Economics vs. Socialist Base Economics

Merit Based Economics vs. Socialist Base Economics

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Published by Acharne Dokument
Americans are all born to equal opportunity in education regardless of family income.
Americans are all born to equal opportunity in education regardless of family income.

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Published by: Acharne Dokument on Dec 10, 2011
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Merit Based Economics vs. Socialist Base Economics
Merit Base
: Freedom (power to the populous, less to government), Liberty, unrestricted earnedopportunity by choice, limited regulation of Capitalism, Free Markets, restricted government byconstituted doctrine, and civil Liberty by choice then by government rights. The right of ownership in income and possessions. Corruption controlled by checks and balances indivisional departments, and no one individual has power over another.Nations with similar forms of government:
United States, The early republic of Rome(1),Socialist Based (2):
Large entitlement base system; extended regulatory governmentcontrolling all commerce and income; restricted and limited representation by excessiveexecutive powers rendering democratic procedures useless; power to Unions, religious andpolitical organizations; opportunity based on government affiliations then merit andachievement. Income disbursement by reprimanding productivity to fund under achievers.Power, wealth and corruption entrenches the executive branches do to the expansion of power.Government regulates and takes possession of ownership: personal income and assets.Nations with similar forms of government:
North Korea, Greece, Italy, Cuba, Iran, China,Germany, former Soviet Union, former East Germany and most ancient forms of civilizedgovernment.American income Class based on Merit not entitlement
 Americans are all born to equal opportunity in education regardless of family income.Government grants and loans secure college education for low income. Lifestyles that creates a
system in a nation of equal opportunity and Liberty are by percentage: drug use,laziness, incompetence, teenage dropouts, hard workers, college educated, career oriented,entrepreneurs, business owners, inventers, politicians and risk takers: All examples of choice.Since Americans have no sectarian class system, those who consider themselves lower classwill at one point become the upper-class due to education, determination, or inventiveness.Those who are considered upper-class can and do lose wealth due to failure, age, bankruptcyor incompetence.Income class, (excluding the handicap): business owners, employed, non-employed. The non-employed would consist of: children, college students, laid off un-employed, un-educated,
perpetual welfare recipients, retired, and dropouts. Out of the seven, only four will never rise to
a higher “class”: un
-educated, perpetual welfare recipients, retired, and drug addicts- allexamples of non- productivity and of choice. Out of the 4 million youth, 3 million graduate fromhigh school, and only 2 million attend a college or trade school. Out of the 2 million freshmen incollege, only 1 million will graduate. Out of the 1 million, only a fraction of these grads willbecome the 1% to support a nation of dependents. The statistics: there are more Americansborn each day in need of entitlements then a population to provide them.The US Constitution was written to include all Americans as equal. By the declaration that all
mankind are created equal in America’s independence, slavery of any kind was abolished, civil
rights were constituted, and equal opportunity to education and innovation guarantees anyonesuccess regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. Income and success are not granted bygovernment, it has to be earned by dedication, risk, and hard work. This includes dedication toeducation, work ethics, entrepreneurship and moral aptitude: none are a factor of race or gender but a factor of personal ethics and determination.The reasons America has income imbalances to the top earners in a recession are simple,when companies downsize, they eliminate semi-skilled and labor before the talented and
productive employees…hence the educated and motivated are the higher earners for they are
p the corporation solvent. In the 1960’s blue collar jobs aligned with low tech white
collar.Jobs today have limited low wage blue collar jobs and a growing highly skilled, college educatedwhite collar opportunities. Most high skilled positions are now outsourced to foreign markets dueto the lack of educated and skilled Americans. With the combination of an increasing poorlyeducated and unskilled American population, the separation of income will increase. The clashin lifestyles will always lead to violence by the under earners and under achievers for they willtake, destroy or tax what someone else trained for, risked for or worked for. Americans are equal opportunist to choose a
” lifestyle
that either provides or takes; like a
to that of a
; one who needs taxes and government subsidies to the one who hasto provide the subsidies. America started as an aristocratically lead society, with the powerful and influential leading thepeople to revolt against tyranny. These leaders tried to create a government that was fair. Theypaid much more attention to giving power to the people, stopping tyranny, and almost none tomaking themselves powerful --
they were, without a doubt, America’
s greatest generation. Thisgeneration gave the world the first true, individual based, liberated democracy. The founders leftImperialist European Socialism so to create true Liberty, equality, opportunity and personalprosperity. Like Rome, American is in danger with the return of aristocratic based socialism andthe US Flag will no longer represent her Constitution.Socialism is the end cycle of successful Republics; when merit dissolves into dependency.Socialism is winning. Acharné-dokument

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